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Check out the latest Myer Catalogue, read the reviews on new deals. Myer sales can offer great deals on the product range of all categories that the brand offers. Clothing trends, seasonal fashions, new deals on home appliances and toy sales are possible categories in the Myer Catalogues. The online sales can also be about Christmas and similar festive days. Find Fathers and Mothers day gifts, Valentine’s day specials, and much more in these catalogues. Moreover, you can follow our Facebook page to get notifications or allow your browser to notify you whenever an update is posted here.

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Myer Catalogue Stocktake Sale June 2015 Clothing and Home Products

Myer Catalogue presents the biggest stocktake sale including women's clothing, men's clothing, entertainment products, bedding and living room furniture.Myer Catalogue Stocktake Sale June 2015 Clothing and Home Products See home appliances, and top quality home products as well. Myer Catalogue Stocktake Sale June 2015 will give customers a $150 M savings on this product range. See all of them on the preview page of the Myer Catalogue. You can also check out the category.

Myer Catalogue Stocktake Sale June 2015 Products

Myer Catalogue Stocktake sale covers huge range of products. You can reach a significant amount of savings, great deals, rare products, top quality and popular items. Myer fashion prepared for ladies from previous season is readily presented on this catalogue.

Myer Women Clothing Stocktake Sale


Myer Kids Clothing and Footwear

Find out new prices of kids' clothing items with the perfect pricing by Myer Catalogue. Choose the best fit and don't pay a fortune. From pg; 18-19 you can see this product sale.

Myer Stocktake Sale Men's Clothing

Men's clothing is focused on casual wearing. Alo formal wear of the latest season. With stocktake sale prices you will get a $35 jeans, $30 sweat , and from $55 knit wear, 30% off on formal wear. Suits and shoes on pg; 23.


If you are in need of support in professional area or looking for an entertainment product among the latest technology electronics like notebooks, desktop computers, Apple's fantastic designs of electronics check out pg; 24 - 25 of latest Myer Catalogue.


In this month you can see more home appliances catalogue in the main page. Keep following new posts as well.

Myer Catalogue Mothers Day Gifts 29 April 2015

A perfect range is available at Myer's new catalogue. Myer Catalogue Mothers Day Gifts 29 April 2015Myer Catalogue Mothers Day gifts are elegant, emotional, retro, high quality and they are priced at values you will love ! Myer offers good prices for top quality.
Among these products you can find clothing, kitchen ware, sleepwear and dozens of more products which I belive your mum will love. In this special day don't make it with only a gift. Don't send the gift you should absolutely visit them. Parents must be the value we always remember and gifts are only the bridges that may or may not work. But it does not matter. What matters is the love between you and your mother. In these days some of youth are being in the wrong of such sitation.



It might be most interesting of all. You can check out this range and reach the best prices of elegant selection of fragrances, some accessories and sunglasses. It is a true gift sale by the retailer.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" $599 pg; 4
Guess Viva Watch Gold $349
Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal Eau De Toilette $85
Jo Malone London Peony & Blush Suede Cologne $180
Blueberry Sunglasses $320 PG; 5
Ralph Sunglasses $219

From pg; 6 to pg; 11 you can browse these fragrance range of the Myer Catalogue. Don't miss out this great chance to save on an high quality gift range with Myer stores. Please check out main page to see more of the Mother's Day gift catalogues.

Myer Catalogue Mid Season Sale 1st April 2015

Big deals by Myer Catalogue Mid Season Sale starts on 1st April. Myer Catalogue Mid Season Sale 1st April 2015Myer Catalogue Mid Season Sale included women's clothing, men's clothing, kids' clothing, home appliances, electronics, bedroom products, underwear, Apple's electronics, and furniture variety in April.


Myer Catalogue Mid Season Sale offers fashionable variety of clothing for everyone. For everyone original ideas are featured on new Myer Catalogue. In April you will save a lot at Myer because of the savings you can see on pg; 2 with summary as well. In this week $70 M discount by Myer is available.

Myer Women's Clothing

Seasonal offers of underwear, casual and formal wears of women are available starting on pg; 4. Example offers are:
Women's Knitwear Madonna Knit $69.96
Jeans on pg; 4
Tops and Knits on pg; 5.
Bonds Knit Pullover $35
Underwear items on pg; 6.
Bras with available sizes pg; 7.
Footwear on pg; 8.
Casual wears like trench coat, cardigan etc. on pg; 9.
Accessories e.g. sunglasses, handbags, and high heels&socks on pg; 10&11.
Also see cosmetics, beauty products and health products on pg; 12. Electrical products like hair dryers are also featured Myer Catalogue on pg; 13.

Myer Kids' Clothing

See seasonal kids clothes started to be viewable on pg; 14. High quality sleepwear and casual products are priced at suitable values.
Baby clothing, pants and sweats for boys and girls on pg; 14.
Sleepwear and shoes on pg; 15.

Myer Men's Clothing

Underwear, formal wear, casual look products, jeans and pants, electrical personal care items for men are sale on pg; 16-21.
Trunks, shoes and other underwear items on pg; 16.
Suits, formal shirts, and great deals on pg; 17.
Casual wear for young gentlemen on pg; 18.
Jeans and tops on pg; 19.
For middle aged gentlemen casual wear on pg; 20.
Electronic shavers, and grooming products on pg; 21.


Visit pg; 22 for electronics like cameras, action cameras, bikes, and similar sort of accessory items that are supposed to be needed in a short term trip are available with new values. Example offers:
Sony 18.2 MP compact camera $296 pg; 22
GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition $549
Holysmoke Urban Kick Bike and Action Camera $299
American Tourister spinnercase 82 cm $169 pg; 23
Monsac Litestream Spinnercase Large $159


HD TV models, headphones and indoor home entertainment products, notebook varieties, and Apple's high end technology products are featured by Myer Catalogue April.
HD LED TV variety from popular brands on pg; 24.
Sound products like headphones on pg; 25.
Notebook variety on pg; 26.
Apple iMac 21.5" $1149 pg; 27.
See all Apple products by Myer on pg; 27.


Home appliances that will be good company in cooking, cleaning, making coffee, blending, boiling water, preparing and processing fresh food, frying, and similar sort of activities in your kitchen and whole house are featured products.
Breakfast kitchen appliances e.g. toaster on pg; 28.
Kettles and juicers on pg; 29.
Coffee machines and other coffee accessories on pg; 30-31.
Food processors, compact kitchen electronics, blenders on pg; 32-33. (WITH GREAT DEALS LIKE UP TO 45-50%)
Sandwich press, bakers, steamers and discounts for these on pg; 34.
Cooking appliances on pg; 35.
Cookware like Jamie Oliver, Maxwell, Tefal non-stick frypans on pg; 36&37.
Glassware on pg; 38-39.


Home appliances like irons, vacuum cleaners of high technology are featured on pg; 40-41. Perfect prices of them are featured on this catalogue. Myer Catalogue Mid Season sale is an ideal place to fill your house with the best products.

Also see furniture on pg; 42. Set comfortable furniture in your living room and amaze your guests. Also see bedroom products like mattresses on pg; 43. More of bedroom products can be seen on last part of the Myer Catalogue Mid Season sale.

Myer Catalogue Travel Products March 2015

Music is the best companion when you are alone in a long travel. Your luggage must consist of stable products of course. Myer Catalogue travel products are the sale of this type of products you can now find on the preview page.Myer Catalogue Travel Products March 2015 It is easy to view new products of Myer. Travel products of Myer Catalogue is a new sale of this week. Durable items of hard cases for your luggage in a long travel are your assistance to make your travel safer and more enjoyable.


Today we are able to view new headphones at Myer Catalogue. Great deals for them are featured on this catalogue. Check out the products of wireless headphones on pg; 2-3.

To capture exciting moments during your travel GoPro Hero 4 is a very well product. Myer offers new laptop and tablet PC varieties are new sale. These products might be really good for your travel if you like to write down your observations. Especially a smartphone is very practical when you need to take a shot quickly.


Little accessories of compatible things with your major electronics like iPhone or your Tablet PC are life savers during your travel. When you need to recharge your phone or things for similar purposes are available on new Myer Catalogue.

Full sale of Myer Catalogue is available. You can browse all old Myer Catalogues as well. Dozens of products from this Myer Catalogue and other travelling products on the official page of the retailer are available.


Classic design radios and turntable are sale on pg; 10&11. This special product sale of Myer made me very happy. Amazing products in fashion between 50s and 00s and today's sound products are featured by Myer Catalogue. Myer Catalogue March 2015 sells these amazing products for suitable prices.
Crosley Mini Jukebox $199
Crosley Lancaster Entertainment Centre, $199
Crosley Portable Briefcase styled 3-speed turntable $149

Myer Catalogue February Online Sale Clothing For Women

Casual dresses started to be showed on the latest Myer catalogue February online which you may browse on the preview page is a new popular online shopping place for customers looking for variety of casual dresses. Myer Catalogue February Online Sale Clothing For WomenFeatures of the catalogue allows you to combine a real nice selection of varieties of the top quality dresses which you may prefer to wear casually. Comfortable selection of Myer is rich in offering different sizes. It is also a good introduction of new season for customers looking for bigger sizes. fashion will get you excited with original cuts of the soft touch of high quality material. Myer online clothing range is good advice to save.


Myer online clothing selection on the new catalogue has a sharp and strict lines. See new casual cami, and cardie excellently tailored just for Autumn. Look at the image to notice the harmony between the shoes and that pants.
* Marley and me pant, $99.95 pg; 4
* Ray of light tunic, $89.95 pg, 5
* Estelle namiki dress, $159 pg; 6
* Piper seam detail jumper, $79.95 pg; 7
view pg; 8 for the brands that are discounted by Myer on the new online sale. Retro cuts met modern age and new style of powerful women was born. To reflect your true style visit Myer to choose correct dresses. Don't spend a fortune, instead prefer Myer Catalogue and follow the deals. Myer clothing offers are for kids on the other catalogue.
* Mink Denim floral square tuck side tee, $39.95
* Sundays cross over drape skirt, $79.95
* Hand drawn floral fleck tee, $49.95
* West coast print dress, $149.95