New World Christmas 11 – 17 Dec 2023

Find some great offers of super savers like Coke, Castello blue/white, smoked salmon, and more items starting from the first page of the New World Mailer. Your favourite meat is probably on sale at this store. Using the help from these mailers, you will save a lot on Christmas gathering expenses. Find deals on snacks. Streets ice cream, Doritos or Delisio, Cadbury Dairy milk are all on sale.

New World Christmas 11 - 17 Dec 2023

New recipes are also available in the mailer. Pesto rubbed lamb leg with necessary ingredient: Lamb Leg Roast for $9.99 can be seen on pg 5 as the recipe of the week.

Shop super savers of fresh chicken and fish on pg 6-7. Fresh Tarakihi fillets catch permitting is only $38.99. You can save with seafood deals. Here are some:

  • Mooloolaba whole large raw king prawns $29.99
  • Whole cooked Tasmanian Cray Fish $99.99
  • Aoraki Pohutakawa hot smoked salmon fillet $26.99

Breakfast, lunch and dinner products are on sale. You will find quite a few deals on the items that are quintessential to your cooking sessions. Improve your skills before Christmas. Get more accurate results with high quality ingredients.

  • Fresh’n fruity yoghurt $7.49
  • Ben’s Original Express Rice 250g 2 for $5.50
  • Trident Two Minute Noodle 4 pack $3.19
  • Sizzlers 450g $5.99
  • Mother Earth Wellbeing Bars 5 pack $3.99
  • Cartel Burrito 200g $5.49
  • Beard Brothers Sausage Roll 450g $8.49 pg 16
  • Leggo’s Pasta Sauce $3.39
  • Ceres Organic Rice/Quinoa 250g $5.59

If you want to make some sweets for Christmas, perhaps the recipe for Christmas mince tarts with vanilla fruit will be a useful content for you.

Check out the new deals of Christmas hams on New World Mailer 11 – 17 Dec:

  • Freedom Farms ham cooked on the bone $25.49
  • Hellers Honey Baked Glazed Ham $17.99 kg
  • Grandpas half ham cooked on the bone $12.59
  • Huttons half ham cooked on the bone $13.49
  • Beehive. half ham cooked on the bone $15.29
  • Tegel Frozen turkey 3.75kg $54.99


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