Priceline Catalogue Half-Price Deals 21 May – 3 Jun 2020

Priceline Catalogue Half-Price Deals 21 May - 3 Jun 2020There is a lot of new half-price deals on Priceline Catalogue. It’s a good source to find new prices of the store regarding beauty and health care products. Skincare creams, face masks, anti-ageing creams, cleansers, fragrance, basic makeup tools, self-care electronics like shavers, conditioners, hair colours, and more are in this Priceline Catalogue. In a part of this catalogue, you can find half-price deals on regular personal care products like Dove moisturising body wash. Priceline Catalogue Half-Price Deals on the cover page are vitamins, hair care products of TRESemmé, and more products. Priceline Pharmacy sale offers Ostelin Calcium & Vitamin D3 250 tablets for only half the regular cost this week.

Check out these items of Priceline Catalogue Half-Price Deals this week:

See and buy a lot more products at half prices in the Priceline Catalogue. If you follow our social pages, you might see similar deals on your feed. More importantly, you’ll hear from the catalogues on time.

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