Priceline Catalogue Pharmacy Sale 16 – 29 Apr 2020

Priceline Catalogue Pharmacy Sale 16 - 29 Apr 2020Find new health care products including medication and supplements in the new Priceline Catalogue. With the guidance of the deals from the new catalogue, you can save and buy what you need. Panadol Osteo caplets and Duro-Tuss chesty cough liquid forte, dry cough liquid forte are available on the first page. Get your flu shot at Priceline for only $19.95. Sure throat medicines are on sale. New prices of products to disinfect your throat from bacteria are viewable on pg 3. You can buy Difflam plus anaesthetic sore throat lozenges for $6.99 now at Priceline pharmacy. If you have a sensitive throat or working at a dusty place, sometimes it’s inevitable to have a sore throat. Cough pastilles can help with that, too. I read so many times about honey and its benefits for throat. You can eat some honey, and have some black tea with it.
For those who exercise or dance a lot, it’s always a possibility to feel muscle pain or have a sore body after exercise. It’s only natural. But if you don’t want to feel that, some muscle pain reliever might help. Check out pg 6&7 for related products. And see these prices of Priceline Catalogue Pharmacy Sale 16 – 29 Apr 2020: