Priceline Catalogue Pharmacy Sale 3 – 16 Oct 2019

Allergy relieves are on sale at Priceline stores this week. You can shop these prices on 3 – 16 Oct. Flonase allergy relief sprays will cost $9.99 this week. Zyrtec, Rhinocort, Beconase, Nurofen, and more items are available in the health care category. Not only essential health care items are the subject of this Priceline Catalogue. You can shop wellness products like vitamins, too. Half-price deals are pioneering deals of the latest sale. For example, Blackmores will cost half. Most products are 30% off. Priceline appears to be one of the biggest drug stores in Australia operating with over 1400 pharmacists. Buy cough & cold relievers at Priceline. Save 30% off Rempro wet cough. You need fiber to be healthy. That is a dietary nutrition that will ease your digestion. Benefiber is a popular product and now there is a 20% discount. Visit pg 9 to see the deal.
If you are exercising, you might need an external intake of products like Glucosamine, Vitamins, and orthopedic products like back patches. Try these new deals at Priceline.

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