Priceline Catalogue Sale 19 Mar – 1 Apr 2020

Priceline Catalogue Sale 19 Mar - 1 Apr 2020Panadol, Hydralyte, and Flu Shot deals are the main things to see on the new Priceline Catalogue. You can get a flu shot at Priceline pharmacy. Only $19.95. Buy some gummies for kids and be sure that they get the essential vitamins. Nature’s Way Calcium, cold & flu, multi-vitamin, and Vitamin C gummies are available on pg 2. The cost of them will be 2 for $15. Find the Pentavite and Biosource products for half-price and 25% off this week. Priceline Catalogue Sale 19 Mar deals are Berocca, Medlab, Bioglan products on pg 4. Keep your body stronger in these days. Some extra protein and vitamins might be good for both physically and mentally. If you are a regular shopper of these supplements or medications, you might find this Priceline Catalogue very informing and useful when you want to shop. The deals will be valid until 1st April.

Organic cotton tampons, oral health, baby care, and more items are available on pg 8. Check out these deals from Priceline Catalogue Sale 19 Mar:

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