Priceline Catalogue Savings 11 – 24 Jul 2019

Priceline has one of the best health care catalogues with plenty of discounts that are hard to cover in a single post. You can find deals on Panadol, Hydralyte, Robitussin, Dimetapp products. Vitamins, cough medicines, sleeping pills, allergy or pain relievers are mostly the things to find savings of. Some of the products are pharmacy only deals. Note that not all the products of this catalogue are available in all stores of it. In order to check availability, please go to Priceline official site. You can see a lot on the first ten pages.

This week, Zovirax will cost $14.99. Before you purchase or use this product, consult a health professional or pharmacist. Save 20% off Hydralyte. Priceline Catalogue has also Priceline brand items like decongestant nasal spray value pack 2x20mL. Products like allergy and pain relievers are available on pg 4. You can find a lot more items browsing the catalogue.

You can also find baby formulas like Nestlé NAN supreme and organic. Baby care deals can also give you free gifts. For example, spend $25 on Gaia products and get a free set of Pram pegs. These are deals limited to stocks. Subscribe to get more deals from Priceline catalogue and other pharmacy stores.

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