Home Improvement and DIY Products

You can view all home improvement and DIY products for your house. Bunnings is the leading brand of store for such products but Aldi also has considerable product range for power tools with their special buys weekly. Aldi doesn’t offer them every week but you can always find power tools range with reduced prices at Bunnings stores.
Bunnings DIY products can be used for the DIY projects you can learn from Bunnings official site. They got workshop of DIY projects you can do in your house. Home improvement products are of great importance in our site.

Bunnings Christmas Products 2015

Discover million ways to own extremely powerful tools to do everything yourself spending a lot less money. Bunnings Christmas Products 2015Bunnings Christmas Products 2015 in catalogue range is your tool to find tools. The centre of warehouse featuring the leader brands like Bosch, Ozito, Ryobi One +, Makita, DeWalt preferred by the professionals who know this business very well. Damn good deals are giftable ones perfect for Christmas. I loved the pg 2 with driver kits, hammer drills, screwdrivers and I don't want to skip this page. Brilliant options and wide variety are all yours. All the essentials at once and you don't need to go anywhere else. Special discounts and kits are easy to see on bottom of the page.
Ozito 850 W hammer drilli powerful as hell is only for $109 ! this week. Another monster is Li-Ion cordless reciprocating saw skin priced at $69.95 for Christmas ! See 3 products which are drill driver kit of Ozito, Makita job site radio, Ryobi one + drill driver kit (for $199).


If you need multi functionality skip to pg 3. Combination of powers will take you to the path of success. They give your mobility around your house and you can get more jobs done ! For cheaper prices Bunnings Catalogue have got some beautiful girls ON PG 3

Dremel 200 rotary tool - 125 W - $49
Ozito Li-Ion - multi function - $99
Ozito 400W JIGSAW - $44.95
Ozito Multi purpose saw - 500 W - $89


Please don't make cleaning a torture for yourself. Get a high pressure cleaner and vacuum to achieve greater results. Ryobi, Karcher and Ozito offers on pg 4 are some big deals by the new catalogue.

Ozito 20L Vacuum - wet&dry - $59
Karcher High Pressure 1.4kW - $98
Ryobi 1100W - petrol generator - $329


Get the best quality screwdriver set for only $29.90 at Bunnings. You can even find Swiss Army knife for $29.98. Spirit level, toolbox, plier set, Irwin xp clamp, wrench and more products are featured on this section.Trojan Screwdriver Set 2015 PG 6

Knife set - TROJAN - $14.98
File Set - $34.98
Bluetooth ear muffs - TACTIX - $69
Safety gloves - $29.98


Leading brands like Arlec, belkin, HPM and Brilliant are aimed to be the best for your celebration. All you need for installment of your lighting or any of the setup in need of power can be handled with these devices. Most of them are on sale. Great squad at Bunnings Stores will help you find a better solution.

Latest Bunnings Catalogue Categories Spring - Summer

Latest Bunnings Catalogue Categories Spring power tools, hand tools, gardening products that are the descent needs like watering, mixes, potting products, special good looking pots, extraordinary product selection and high quality hand tools. Latest Bunnings Catalogue Categories Spring - SummerThese are products made of high quality materials which will feel the extreme comfort while doing your regular job. Besides the lowest price range for these products are featured on the catalogue will allow you to shop online comfortably.


Bunnings Catalogue Spring Tools Latest Prices October 2015

Bunnings Catalogue Spring Tools latest prices for the power tools, hardware, gardening products and all the essentials of professional working zone from top brands are available on this post. Bunnings Catalogue Spring Tools Latest Prices October 2015Check out latest catalogue to have these good working and durable products in your collection. It is easy to find them if you use our browser. Preview of the products is linked to the first page image of the catalogue on the right.
Bunnings Warehouse Catalogue online is focused on the gardening tools, hand tools, power tools like lawn mowers, plants and many more essentials to make your life in outdoor joyful. Don't bother yourself with old useless products. Throw them away for greater performance. Visit Bunnings to save in this shopping. It is always more profitable than a regular warehouse. They got the stock and fast availability. You can shop online for lower prices.


We have listed the gardening products, tools and patio furniture in the previous review about the Bunnings Catalogue. Now you can see the list of the products from electrical, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, flooring, paints, high pressure washers, storage.

BATHROOM and toilet suite offers. Estilo, Flexispray, Mondella are the leading brands in this aisle PG 18
HOT WATER SYSTEMS and vanity units, mirrors, and most essentials for the bathroom PG 19
KITCHEN PARTS including sinks, gas tops, mostly stainless steel products, straight line kitchen PG 20
INDOOR cleaning supplies featuring mop, drain clean liquids, ironing boards, clothesline, steam cleaners and more PG 21

If you want to see more products from the professional working tools and similar sort of items you might get interested in ALDI catalogues. They have a special brand for this type of tools. Visit their latest catalogue on the ALDI Catalogue category.