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Australia’s biggest toy sale catalogues are browsable on this page. See the latest toy sale catalogues by the popular department and discount stores. Read reviews about Target, Kmart, Big W, ALDI catalogues featuring the best brands of all toys you are probably familiar with. Recently Marvel characters, LEGO sets, Bakugan, collectable toys like Shopkins, and more are very popular. Trends of toy retail in Australia can easily be trackable with the online catalogue sales or online pages of all these stores.

For example, you can browse the latest toy sale catalogues:

Target Catalogue Game Sale 11 - 17 Jul 2019 | Optus Smartphone

Target Catalogue Game Sale 11 - 17 Jul 2019This is the final week toy sale in Target Catalogue. You can browse a game sale and electronic category in this sale. Nintendo Switch and Xbox One S Bundle deals are probably that you will like if you are a gamer. Also, PS4 CTR bundle is also in this range. CTR Team Racing Nitro Fueled looks like a casual racing game that can be enjoyable in holidays. If you have been thinking of buying a new console like a PS4, this can be your choice. Buy the bundle products to get games much cheaper than they normally are. Game gear is also in this category. Buy headsets, controllers of PS4, and console games. The best games for 2018-2019 are there. I didn't spot a very new game in the catalogue.

Check out these game deals:

Smartphones and Electronics

Target Catalogue has Optus phones on pg 7. Samsung, Optus Oppo, and more smartphones are available on sale. Save $50 on Oppo AX5S. It has 8 MP front camera and 13 MP back camera. It has a 6.2" screen. Find more deals and savings on Target Catalogue. Buy in-car tech, HD TV, and similar electronics on pg 7.

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Target Catalogue Toy Story 4 - 11 - 17 Jul 2019

A new toy sale catalogue is out now. Find characters of Toy Story 4 on pg 5 of this Target Catalogue. Monopoly, Hippos, Mousetrap and more board games are also fun products in the new toy sale catalogue. Characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear are in Antique shop adventure pack. See more toys in this Target Catalogue and save more this week. That product is an exclusive toy.
Barbie dolls are also a part of the new catalogue. Check out a new toy from the Barbie category on pg 4. Introductory price of Barbie dream plane playset will be only $89. Barbie Sparkle lights mermaid is another toy that has a price of $24.
20% off NERF, Fisher-Price, and LEGO Toys is a discount that is viewable on pg 2-3. NERF Blasters are very popular action toys and LEGO sets are rich with the popular characters of beloved movies. Amusement pier, LEGO Movie 2, City set, and Harry Potter are available on pg 3.

Toy Story and more toys:

Discover more products of the latest toy sale catalogues like Target. Currently, Kmart, Big W, Myer, and more retailers have toy sales. June and July are two important months you need to pay attention if you want to save on toys.

Browse Myer Catalogue National Geographic Educational Kits July 2019

This is one of the biggest toy sale catalogues of 2019. A variety of toy categories are inside this catalogue. Board games and educational kits are a part of this major sale. Learn history and geography encountering unimaginable social habits of humanity and fascinating beauties of our world with National Geographic products. They have something for kids and those who want to learn. These are cool products to have to showcase, too. Dino fossil, Gemstone dig kit, volcano, shark tooth, and more products encourage people to dig in the archaeological facts. If you are a curious person who has a bit of interest in history, geography, and solely interesting facts, these kits can help you enjoy your time. Such toys and tools are also interesting for people who like to collect. If you like to create collections, you can start with something similar to these. Myer Catalogue National Geographic educational kits may be the fun and learning you need this winter. Moreover, 2 will cost $30 at Myer. There are surely more including board games and puzzles at Myer. See these toys and games on Myer Catalogue:

National Geograph products:

Board games:

The new Lion King movie is going to be on theatres soon. If you like Disney's classic movie, perhaps its toys will also be interesting to you. Furreal Simba is $149 at Myer. Visit pg 21 to see this toy and more toys like Detective Pikachu, Fortnite, Marvel Action figures, Transformers toys, etc.

Target Catalogue Game Sale 27 Jun - 17 Jul 2019

This is the latest Target toy sale and it has game consoles, Nintendo games, and game gear. You can also find Blu-Ray movies for 20% cheaper prices. Buy Captain Marvel, Five Feet Apart, Bohemian Rhapsody, and more Blu-Rays in this range. Seek and immersive game to spend this winter on your console. If you have a Nintendo, Super Mario and Pokémon games can be your boredom killers. Nintendo Switch and joy-con controllers are also available in this part of the catalogue. Buy game gear like gaming headsets of Turtle Beach on Target toy sale catalogue. Pay only $47 which is $20 cheaper than the regular price.

If you have been thinking of what to play on the console in 2019, I can make some recommendations regarding the games already released or unreleased ones. In September, Hideo Kojima and its production team will release Death Stranding. It's hard to explain that game but if you played a Kojima game like Metal Gear Solid, some concepts make sense to you. Kojima is one of the best producers in the world. I am sure he found a way to create an immersive story. Check out the trailer of that game. It'll be an exclusive PS game. The best game I can pick from the game sale in Target's Catalogue is Red Dead Redemption II. I didn't like the online gameplay because it is not as much enjoyable as the single-player story mode. Find the game on pg 34 and more console games. Anthem, Battlefield V, NBA 2K19, and more games are available on the same page.

Save with discounts on Spotify, iTunes, Uber gift cards at Target this week. Check out the final page of it to see Samsung Galaxy Tablet A 10.3" and more electronic products.

Kmart Catalogue Craft Toys 27 Jun - 24 Jul 2019 | Board Games

You can watch the videos by kids who reviewed these toys. Craft and Activity sets are a part of the latest Kmart Catalogue toy sale 27 Jun - 24 Jul. Shimmer 'N Sparkle ABC fashion bead bracelets are available only at Kmart. Check out the savings on these toys on pg 24-25. DIY bath bomb, art pads, jewellery designer, and painting toys are the options. DIY creativity is fun and takes a lot of time. Kids will spend hours playing these and they will be occupied with smart business. More time consuming and intellectual toys can be found in the Kmart Catalogue. Buy board games like scrabble, Jumanji, Taboo, Monopoly, LIFE, and more. Visit pg 26 to see some exclusive board games, too. People are hyped about video games on consoles lately, however, the social interaction that is brought by the board games seem to be still trendy. It's been over 6 years inspecting these catalogues I always witness a board game in a toy sale or a game sale catalogue by Kmart and other big retailers selling such products. Australia's biggest toy sale catalogues including Big W, Kmart, Target, Toyworld are browsable right now.

Board Games and more entertainment products for everyone:

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