Use XSavvy App To Calculate How Much You Spend on Grocery Items

Do you often end up writing down the cost of what you just bought? Or maybe you just want to see the result of the sum of all of them. Well, XSavvy can help you see the deficit or surplus of your budget after you provide the information of what you spend money on. The mobile app has two tabs and one of them shows all the items you entered. Xsavvy is a complete personal finance app. It is simple and it requires no personal data from you. We made this app for you as we know everybody who visits here wants to spend as little as possible on regular expenses like grocery items. XSavvy might also be useful for keeping track of other financial assets. It is completely customizable. You can change the icons of each category.

Download XSavvy Personal Finance App on App store.

Download Xsavvy on App Store