Wellness Catalogue Jan 2020 | New Deals and Tips

Wellness Catalogue Jan 2020Chemist Warehouse Catalogue has a sidekick and it’s a quality content where you can read a lot about healthy life, beauty, pharmacy, and similar concepts. You can read about Back to school this week. In an article by Claire Burke, the importance of staying active and getting your flu shot for the incoming busy days were emphasized. Enough sleep, eating healthy, and preparing lunch bags will do the trick according to the article. Read it on pg 2.  Like many catlaogues,  Wellness Catalogue Jan 2020 has a part of fitness, too. After eating too much in the festive days of December, everybody needs a bit of action for a healthy body. Get tips about staying fit. Most Chemist Warehouse Catalogue contents are about pharmacy and makeup products mainly. There are also a serious amount of deals on vitamins and supplements. In the Wellness Catalogue there is a shift towards skincare products in the first part but this is a 32-page catalogue. For example, go to pg 6&7 for half-price deals on beauty products like Neutrogena sun protection and Regaine hair loss treatment.
If you are looking for multivitamin deals like Blackmores and Swisse, go to pg 16&17 directly. Sugar-free products, taste guaranteed Swisse products, and many more have been included in the catalogue. Read Wellness Catalogue Jan 2020 for much more than this.

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