Woolworths Catalogue 31 Aug – 6 Sep 2016 Half Prices and Prices Dropped

Browse a new list of the Woolworths for half prices and prices dropped for various products through the new catalogue. This week Woolworths Catalogue 31 Aug – 6 Sep 2016 is the reason to relax about expenses of food. A lot of deals are available in this catalogue. More affordable rates of each product will be the main focus in this article.Woolworths Catalogue 31 Aug - 6 Sep 2016

Read all catalogue for saving more money from your budget of shopping each week. Other than food and grocery you can find cleaning supplies and pet & home products on pg 24-25. Prices Dropped and half prices for Cold Power and Lucky Dog products are some featured deals. Pet supplies and food are on sale on pg 26&27. The list of products for baby and beauty are the deals on pg 28-29. Moreover this week you can shop for low price always deals for Baby Love nappy pants on pg 30. Spring Gardening products of Woolworths Catalogue can be browsed on pg 31.

Woolworths Father’s Day Gifts

20% bonus value iTunes gift cards deal is available on pg 33.

Telstra 4GX Plus $79
Telstra Cruise $14.50
Igloo ice cube cooler $25
Lynx africa gift pack $15
Father’s Day day cards $3

Woolworths Prices Dropped and Half Prices

Find bakery and frozen food with dropped prices on pg 2-3.

Wonder white bread $3.30
Chocolate, White or Caramel mud cake $4.50
Woolworths Iced fresh cream & Jam filled sponge cake $5
Sargents Traditional pies 700g $5

Low Price Always Deals on pg 4

Woolworhts makes original deals for this week. One of them is this one on pg 4.

Vaalia yoghurt pouches 140g 5/$8
Shredded cheese 250g $3.50
Tasty or Colby cheese block $3.50
European cheese slices $4.50
Cheese block 1kg $7.50

Mix and Match sale on pg 5 covers Sprite, Coca Cola, Fanta 3/$18 and more varieties inlcuded in this range. Any 3 can be purchased for the price shown on pg 5. New prices for treats on pg 8&9 are other things to see in this catalogue.

Cadbury Sharepacks $3.50
Skittles 200g $2.50
Nestle Sharepacks $3
Lindt Excellence, Creation, Lindor $2
Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Freddo $0.50

Half prices of sauces and convenient food of pantry shelf of Woolworths can be browsed on pg 10-11. Find more frozen food and ice cream on pg 12-13. This week’s deals are not limited to these. you can always find the preview of this Woolworths Catalogue. Don’t miss out anything from this new sale.

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