Woolworths Catalogue 9-15 January Back to School

Just to be aware of incredibly good prices on Woolworths Catalogue 9-15 January Back to School. You’ll definitely get better deal son already low prices.

 Stationary  Lunchboxes and Underwear

The leader of the sector Smash Lunchboxes has two alternatives, one of them is All In One, the other one is Bento Switch up model. There is one bottle choice of Smash,  Chevron Drinking Bottle. The underwear brand Bonds gives you the best deals. In this brand, the items are half priced. Boy’s body trunk and girl’s cotton brief, kids socks and for the ladies hipster bikinis are worth checking. Also stationary is one of the best deals of this catalogue. Crayola doodle pens, Pilot Frixion, Bic Geleocity pro items are giving you big saves.

Household Pet Care and Cleaning

Australian Day products such as thongs, balloons, napkins, plates, plastic cups, can coolers, backpack coolers have special prices while the stocks last. Above all, to enjoy the sunset you must have insect repellent items. Because of that, you should check page 26. Also, Woolworths cares about your animal friends. There are four kinds of pet food in the cataloge with high quality. Besides all these, kitchen tidy bags and paper towels offer the half-price deals. If you prefer laundry capsules, check the page 29.

Finally here are some picks for you.


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