Woolworths Catalogue 9-15 January Food and Beverage Deals

Prices of  Woolworths Catalogue products are lower compared to regular trading. Likewise, best quality items of grocery, drinks, snacks, and pantry and more are available for you. Check out the half-price deals and special savings. The catalogue prices are valid until 15 January.

Fruits Vegetables Drinks and Snacks

First of all Woolworth’s special savings start with beverages. You can check sports drinks, spring water, soft drinks can varieties. Biscuits and crackers are the best friends of these drinks. Similarly, on page 19 you can see dropped prices. Summer is better with delicious fresh fruits like watermelon, strawberry, apples, apricots. As a result, high quality and affordable fresh food are waiting for you and your family.

Deli and Meat and Seafood

Probably best appetizers are made from octopus and calamari with fresh lemon and olive oil sauce. Your dinner tables deserve well-cooked Atlantic salmon and Crystal Bay Prawns. Seems like you can find all these seafood in Woolworths Catalogue seafood section. Also, the ones who prefer meat and deli instead of seafood, pages 11 and 13 are for you.

Bakery, Chocolate and Pantry

Do you smell the hot cross bun’s sweet flavour? Check out the homestyle bakery such as scones and Gluten-free raspberry cakes. Special edition dark ganache cherry ripe is waiting for your shopping list. Above all special savings on pantry category is there for you if you want to restock pasta, noddles, 3 kinds of sauces. Also, half-price deals such as Mexica meal kits, Pasta sauce varieties and tuna tempters are affordable for you.

Finally here are some good picks for you;

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