Woolworths Catalogue Last Christmas Deals 2016 | 21 – 27 December

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Deals 2016 is the last chance for everyone to save on special holiday products. Woolworths Catalogue Last Christmas Deals 2016From the best of seafood to bakery products this the Christmas sale of Woolworths for the last time this year. Currently one more catalogue of Woolworths is also effective. It expires on 20th December. On pg 4-6 you can see turkey prices and chicken packs. They are the essentials of this part of the year.

Highlights of Woolworths Catalogue Christmas

In terms of food, you can find a lot of things. Along with that discover the new sales of the Christmas party size snacks and Christmas decor. The decor products and personal care, beauty gifts are available on pg 26-28. On pg 3 to pg 15 there are all the best food products for Christmas.

Seafood, Turkeys, Meat by Woolworths Christmas

Choose having light food for dinner and lunch with the Woolworths prices. You have a beautiful seafood sale on pg 3 of this catalogue.

Thawed medium cooked Aussie tiger prawns $24 kg – save $2.99 kg
Fresh pacific oysters $16 – save $.98
Large Australian Green banana prawns $18 kg – save $3.99 kg

Of course the main theme of the Christmas forms with the turkeys and delicious chicken.

Woolworths fresh whole turkey $7.50 kg pg 4
Woolworths fresh turkey buffet on the bone $11 kg
macro Free Range whole boneless rolled turkey – apricot & hazelnut stuffing $20 kg
macro Free Range fresh whole turkey $10 kg

Special meat offers on pg 6

Australian lamb forequarter chops $10kg – save $2.99 kg
Gourmet sausage range 520g $6 – save $1

Fresh Produce and bakery deals on pg 7-9. Beautiful products have been repriced for the Christmas. Aussie products are heavily available among these offers.

Christmas Candies and Chocolates

Drinks, party size snacks, chips, all type of beverage soda packs on pg 12-15. On pg 15 chips with half prices are available.

Lindt 100g – Nestle blocks $3 pg 12
Arnott’s milk arrowroot or nice biscuits 250g $1.80
Cadbury Dairymilk $3.50
Mars Large bitesize $5 – save $1.70

Lindt Lindor balls 142g $6 – save $6.50 – half price
Ferrero Rocher 200g $6.30 – save $6.30
Mars celebrations 300g $5 – half price
Lindt snowflake tin 455g $15 ea – only at Woolworths
Cadbury favourites bauble 700g $15
Mars Celebrations tub $12.50
Roses tin 620g $13.50 ea

You can find every kind of beverage on pg 14-15 on sale.

Bickford’s cordial 750mL $3
Lipton ice tea 1.5L $1.89
Schweppes soda 2/$7 4x300mL
RedBull Energy Drink 4x250mL $6- save $4.20

Cheetos, Twisties or Burger Rings 90g $.92
Kirks soft drink varieties 10x375mL $4.45 half price
Coca-Cola, Sprite or Fanta varieties 1.25L $1.42 – half price
Natural Chips company or CC’s 2/$5 – half price
Pringles 130g $2.50 – save $1.50

Christmas Serveware, 20% off Deeko disposable picnic range and Arnott’s Jatz, Shapes are all available on pg 16&17. Coffee, low price always deals, can also be found on pg 18 – 19. Half Price deals on dressing, cucumbers, kalamata olives, sauces on pg 21.

Gifts and Christmas Gift Wraps

Check out frozen food on pg 24-25. Turkey breast, drumstick ice cream, mars chocolates and more on the same page. For beauty and body gifts please check out pg 26&27.

MUD Nail polish 13 mL $2.50
Impulse body spray 75mL $4
Nurofen Zavance caplets or tablets pk 24 $6.50
Radox shower gel 1L $7

Low-price-always deals are available on pg 28.

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