Woolworths Catalogue Deals 4 – 10 April 2018

Half-price deals on McCain family size pizza, Nescafe Cappucino, and more products on the cover page. Aussie raspberries, broccolini, grapes, apples, broccolini, seedless grapes and more fresh, healthy food are featured products on pg 4-5. Woolworths sells chips, chocolates, basically the elementary snacks that would be your option to go with whenever your favourite TV show starts to broadcast. Half-price deals are promoted.

Coca-Cola has a limited edition raspberry flavoured coke. This new flavour is another attempt that serves probably whatever and who-knows-what aim they have. 25% less sugar! Of course… Sugarless sugary drinks actually use a different type of herbal like stevia that is 35% more concentrated than glucose so as the consumer takes less amount of it with nearly the same taste. However, there is always something flawed. For example, stevia has a part of it that is bitter and it changes the taste. This is the new flavour of coke. Hope you enjoy the new products. More snacks with prices-dropped deals can be found on pg 9. Check out the half-price sale below for good examples:

Woolworths Catalogue has more in the content. Prices dropped for Coca-Cola regular flavour and Cheezels on pg 9.Big Bag of cheezels will cost only $4. That’s another new product. Check out pantry products including wholefoods products and breakfast ideas. Make your mornings a boost for an efficient working day. It’s possible to reduce your costs of weekly shopping significantly when you are on a Woolworths Catalogue.

Furthermore, you’ll discover the rest of the catalogue as you go on. Follow our page on Facebook for more Woolworths Catalogue deals.

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