Woolworths Catalogue Grocery Sale 19 – 25 Jun 2019

Big Night In snacks is again a major subject of the Woolworths Catalogue grocery sale. Shop a range of snacks consisting of popular brands. Buy the items on pg 3 for half prices. Cadbury favourites will be $6 and you save the same amount.
Woolies has the pantry sale on pg 8&9. Vege deli crisps, Robert Timms coffee bags, and more items will cost half. Save with low-price-always items. Smith’s Chips or Red Rock Deli chips will be $5.50 this month. Also, note that some products are participating in the Big Night In event. belVita breakfast biscuits is one of them. Buy it for half, get a chance to win one of two prizes.

Grocery Sale by the latest Woolworths Catalogue

Cook something great with the pantry products. If you are making a homemade dinner involving a lot of ingredients together, using a type of oil is inevitable. Most Mediterranean doctors recommend olive oil over other oil types. A little research on the internet will show you that over 70% of olive oil is made of oleic acid. They say this substance is even good for the prevention of cancer. More benefits like antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory oleic acid. Basically, it’s a healthy choice to cook something with.

Check out Monini extra virgin olive oil, and more deals from the pantry on Woolworths grocery sale catalogue:

Frozen Foods and Ice Cream

Some of us are not fond of cooking. We’d rather have some frozen meals for dinner when we are busy. It’s a natural reflex to the crowded restaurants and consideration of the time that must be spent for cooking. Although they are not the best foods there is, you may want to check out a half-price deal range on pg 12-13. Buy ice cream variety of popular brands like Cornetto, too. Peters Drumstick is probably the most popular brand of ice cream in Australia. See that and more on pg 12-13.

Ice cream and frozen foods:

Dairy Products and Fresh Food

Fresh food people of Woolies like some cheese variety. Dairy category presents new products with introductory prices. You can buy dairyworks cheese block, Remedy Kombucha good energy, and more for the introductory prices. New items are viewable on the bottom of the pg 14. Fresh produce like Aussie tomatoes, mandarins, broccolini, washed red potatoes, and more are available on pg 16&17.

Woolies Catalogue highlights two recipes from its recipe page. Read about easy chicken parmigiana and quick pumpkin soup risotto. Buy some of the ingredients for these recipes at half prices. All recipes are readable on Woolworths.com.au/easydinner 15-minute recipes can show you a quick and easy way to cook wonderful dinner or lunch meals. A great recipe from that page is 15-minute beef roast with garlic mash. Learn how to make this food, and buy the ingredients on its page.

Fresh Meat, Bakery, Deli, And More

New products and deals on familiar items of these categories.

Browse many more products in the catalogue preview. Also, non-food part of it has plenty of things to offer. For example, you can buy mobile starter packs at half price. You can see food storage items on sale. A kitchen event will make everything 30% cheaper. You have more half prices on household-cleaning supplies like Fab or Viva paper towels. Don’t forget to see all these items and subscribe to the newsletter to get emails. You can follow us on Facebook and get notifications of these posts or catalogues via your browser.

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