Woolworths Catalogue Latest Christmas Deals 2016 | 14 – 20 December

This is your last two catalogues to get Christmas food with low prices from stores like Woolworths and Coles. Woolworths Catalogue Latest Christmas Deals 2016In this catalogue, snacks, chocolates, seafood, turkeys, chicken, meat, deli and bakery-sweets and as non-foods, Christmas dinnerware, wraps, decor are being featured. Woolworths creates advantegous deals for customers occassionally. Gift cards, special rewards can be listed under that header. From this catalogue:

Apple music cards, save $24 on one-year subscription.
– Cover your family with travel insurance with special deals by Woolworths.

Drinks, Snacks and Confectionery by Woolworths Christmas

See new half prices of Woolworths for the drinks and snacks on pg 3. On pg 2, you can browse chips, crisps of some favourite brands. Everybody looks forward to their best collection of snacks. Party supplies must not be skipped.

Redbull Energy Drink $12 ea 6x250mL pg 2
Red Rock Deli Chips 165g 2/$6
Mount Franklin spring water 20x500mL $6 – save $3.99
Pringles 130g $2.50 – save $1.50

Kirks Can varieties 10x375mL $4.45 – half price pg 3
Coca-Cola soft drink varieties 30x375mL $17.22 – half price
Twisties, Cheetos or Burger Rings 90g $.92
Schweppes Mixers or Mineral Water varieties 1.25L $1.10 – half price
Ferrero Collection 172g $6 – better than half price

Look for the confectionery on pg 4-5. This is heavily mixed with Cadbury chocolates which were among the most popular chocolates of the last year Christmas. “Prices Dropped” deals on various brands of chocolates have also been contained by the Woolworths.

Cadbury Baubles 126g $6 – save $2
Cadbury Christmas sharepacks 200g $3 – save $2
Raffello Ballotin 230g $7.50 – half price

Drinks and other chocolates on pg 5:

Arnott’s Chocolate coated biscuits 160g $2.50
Arnott’s butternut snap or chocolate ripple cookies 250g $2.50
Lindt Block 100g $3 – save $1.25

Seafood, Meat and Chicken by Woolworths Christmas 14 – 20 Dec

Aussie, imported and all the delicious chicken, seafood and meat offers are available on pg 6-10. Seafood can be found on pg 6-7. Chicken and meat offers are available on pg 8-10. Make your dinner table beautiful with sides from deli. They made fantastic things for you.

Large Australian green banana prawns $19 – save $2.99
Fresh Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon fillets skin on $26 kg – save $3.89

They got frozen turkeys and special chickens that will be available on 18th December. Of course, enormous savings await for you in-store. This is probably the most savory and most saving deal by this Woolworths Catalogue. Really huge savings are being shown on pg 8-10.

Woolworths Fresh Whole turkey – $7.50 kg pg
Gold Turkey crown roast with chestnut bacon & thyme stuffing $20 kg

MSA Australian beef scotch fillet steak $31 kg – save $1.99
Aussie beef sausage mince 500g 2/$6 – save $1
Steggles festive family roast chicken $13 ea

Ingham frozen whole turkey no 50 $30 kg – save $19.99
Ingham frozen frozen turkey easy carve buffe $32 ea – save $11.99

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