Woolworths Catalogue Low Prices 25 Oct

Woolworths makes regular weekly shopping a joy for every customer of online shop of the retailer.Woolworths Catalogue Low Prices 25 Oct Easier way to see these catalogues is available here. Almost every product of the Woolworths can be found for lower value in these catalogues. Tomorrow Woolworths has a new catalogue and its prices will be effective from Wednesday. These prices on the catalogue which is available by a click on the image of the main page of the catalogue. I would like to emphasize on household supplies like cleaning products. You can use some lists below to make more profit out of this shopping. Type in your favourite product in the search box to find it. Via google search within the site database you can make an easy search.


Find these products on the latest Woolworths Special price range:

Ajax professional bathroom or kitchen trigger $4.50
Mortein NaturGard automatic indoor primar $20
Naturgard CIK eucalyptus $9
Kleenex Cottonelle toilet tissue $11
Biozet laundry powder $9.99 HALF PRICE
Supercoat Dry Dog Food $20
White King toilet powergel $3

Homeware items are not limited to these. See kitchen ware including bakery products like muffin pan, cake pan, baking dish and more. Some of stationery and small office accessories are featured on pg 36&37.

Wiltshire enamel bake baker $13.30
Pie dish 26 cm $8.40
Baking dish $10.50
Stonedine frypan $29.99
HP 564 Ink Cartridges 2 for $30 pg 37
NEW DVD Magic Mike XXL $20
Sharpie neon fine products are discounted by 30% off !

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