Woolworths Catalogue Sale 13 – 19 May 2020

Woolworths Catalogue Sale 13 - 19 May 2020Fresh food, meat, grocery products and new prices by Woolworths Catalogue might be interesting if you like to hunt for deals online. They have new half-price deals which may be really helpful with the savings of the week. Buy Schweppes, Pepsi Max, and more beverages will cost half and that means its cost will be $2.95 only. Shop Back to school sale. Easy food products to pack your lunch food for school, juice variety, fruits, oats, breakfast food, and similar items will be on sale. They have a half-cost range there, too. Buy Uncle Tobys Muesli bars for only $2.50. Woolies is a good place to buy some snacks, too. Chocolate, soda, chips, and cookies are important products of that category. Keep receiving deals like Woolworths Catalogue Sale 13 – 19 May when you subscribe to the free newsletter.

Woolworths Pantry and Fridge Sale

The new catalogue is obviously a good source to find deals on foods of the essential categories, too. That sale includes olive oils, pasta, sauces, and similar products to add some flavour to your meat or vegetable meals for the dinner. Olive oil can also be great for your salad. Carbonell extra virgin olive oil 1L will cost only $8. You can save $4 on that. Woolies can offer some half prices on the coffee products, too. Brands of Vittoria Mountain, Rober Timms, and their coffee variety are going to be in your catalogue.

Woolworths Frozen Sale

Shop frozen pizza, fish, ice cream, and Toblerone sticks 400mL pack in the latest Woolworths Catalogue. You’ll be able to shop some nice prices on pg 12-13. All these products would be nice to find when you open your fridge. Also, they are great snacks when watching a funny TV show.

Woolworths Easy Meals, Meat, and Deli

Ready to heat and eat. Cook ready meals in packs are new at Woolworths. Check out the deals on these products. Everything is ready, the only thing you have to do is to cook them. Shop prawns, lamb, chicken thigh fillets, scnitzels, and more products in the fresh meat and seafood range. They even have turkish pide which is pretty popular among Muslims in Middle East during Ramadan. It’s also a popular type of food in Europe. Check out non-food products of Woolworths Catalogue Sale 13 – 19 May as well.

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