Woolworths Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec 2023

Have a look at the new specials of seafood, snacks, Christmas products, cherries, and many others for Christmas in the Woolworths Catalogue. The most beloved Christmas treats and sweets are available at this store this week at more affordable prices. Woolworths Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec 2023 offers a large pavlova base which you can decorate with your favorite toppings including fruits and its price is only $6. That pavlova can serve 12.

Woolworths Christmas Sale 20 - 26 Dec 2023

Browse an extensive Christmas feast sale in this catalogue. Lobster tail, oysters, Christmas pudding, and all the other stuff that will make your table look like a king’s table from medieval times are featured products in the sale. Save $2 per dozen of oysters at Woolies this week.

From the first page:

  • Woolworths Fresh Whole RSPCA Approved Turkey $9
  • Cadbury Favourites 520g $11
  • Woolworths Large Pavlova Base $6
  • Fresh Medium Cooked Australian Tiger Prawns $30 /kg
  • Australian Cherries $15.90/kg

Here is a great range of Christmas festive foods including ham, seafood, sweets, chicken, and more:

  • Fresh Australian Pacific Oysters $19/dozen
  • Woolworths Pigs In Blankets 400g $12.50
  • Woolworths Gold Pavlova Wreath Base $15 pg 3
  • Woolworths Gold Petite Dessert Selection Pk 20 $30 pk
  • Woolworths Gold Handcrafted Shiraz & Chocolate Pudding 700g $17

More deals are available in the Woolworths Catalogue:

  • Woolworths Fresh Whole RSPCA Approved Turkey $9 kg pg 5
  • Twice Cooked Duck Fat Potatoes with Truffle Butter 500g $7 pk
  • Fresh Medium Australian Cooked Crystal Bay Banana Prawns $30 kg
  • Woolworths Half Leg Ham $8 kg
  • Woolworths Seasoned Roast RSPCA Approved Chicken 2.5 kg $17.50 ea
  • Woolworths Double Smoked Half Leg Ham $12.50 kg

Christmas Bakery – Woolworths Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec 2023

Perhaps more important than Christmas hams to many. This part of the catalogue has the sweetest Christmas cakes like smash cake. You don’t have to bake doubting the result. Buy a cake from Woolies.

Few items from this part of the catalogue:

  • Wally the Wombat Cake 700g $25 pg 10
  • Woolworths Classic Berry Trifle 1.4 kg $27
  • Woolworths Christmas Smash Cake 1.3 kg $38
  • Woolworths Vol Au Vents Petite Pk 12 $5 pk pg 11
  • Woowlorths Petite Pavlova Pk 9 $5.50 pk
  • Woolworths Gold Pavlova Wreath with Daintree Vanilla $15

Most people already stocked up some candies. But there will still be time after 20th Dec for these Christmas confectionery:

  • Cadbury Roses 420g $9
  • Ferrero Rocher 375g Pk 30 $14
  • Darrell Lea Christmas Rocklea Road 300g $7
  • Cadbury Christmas Selections Box 415g $8
  • Cadbury Christmas Tree Mix Box 522g $11

Christmas Gifting

Although this is not a department store, Woolworths Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec 2023 can offer some gifts as well as gift cards. You can even save on some gift cards including Google Play, TCN Cinema. Gift Wraps, bags, etc. are featured deals. It might be a little late for some. Think of them as part of the last-minute gift shopping for Christmas.

Here are some items from the Woolworths Christmas gift sale:

  • MCoBeauty Christmas Make Up Brushes Pk 5 $17.40
  • Make Up Sponge Pk 3 $5.60
  • Nail Polish Set Pk 6 $4.20
  • Wahl Pro Series Trimmer $83.30
  • 10% off Google Play, TCN Shop or TCN Cinema Gift Cards
  • Over 70 brands of gift cards
  • 20% off Christmas Bags, tags or ribbon

Meat, Ham, and Seafood

I think it is a noteworthy sale and there are some must-see offers here. One of them is actually a meal suggestion for 4. Budget friendly meal will cost only $4.60 per serve. Woolworths Catalogue offers:

  • Macro Free Range Turkey Crown with Dried Fruit & Macadamia Stuffing $33/kg
  • Woolworths Gold Marinated Australian Barramundi Side 500g $22
  • Woolworths Tasmanian Salmon Side with Lemon Myrtle & Honey Marinade 500g $23

Check out more details on woolworths.com.au.

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