Woolworths Half Price Specials 8th April

The new sale of Woolworths Catalogue focuses on the frozen food which are generally meet us in this time of the year. Woolworths Half Price Specials are available with full content featuring prices of the new products. Woolworths Catalogue 8th April 2015Mainly food, all kind of weekly shopping needs are mentioned in this Woolworths Catalogue. You can find Woolworths Half price specials for many products. See frozen food on pg; 4&5. These are the best from Woolworths aisles of food if you are looking frozen food. You may of course reach the product range with special prices.


Find seafood, desserts and sweets in this section of Woolworths. These are practical, quick-to-prepare and has many advantages for you. Woolworths Australia cares about your health so thah these products are selected with fussiness. You don’t have to care about this kind of stuff. Just shop at Woolworths for the low prices.
Fish Fillets $4.50 pg; 4
Sargents Party Pack $9.99
Cheesecakes or Bavarians 410 g $4
Woolworths Select Frozen Meals $3.50


These specials are priced for the second week of April. See new cheap cheap specials of Woolworths Catalogue. To see these you can visit pg; 8&9.
Coca Cola Sprite or Fanta Can varieties $16
Smith’s Chips 2 for $5
Sprite or Fanta Varieties $2
Golden Circle Juice Orange $2.70
Nestle Kit Kat Blocks $3
Mars Sharepacks $3
Kirks Can Varieties 10x375mL 2 for $11

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