Woolworths Snack Sale 22 – 28 Apr 2020

Woolworths Snack Sale 22 - 28 Apr 2020Save on your favourite brands of confectionery this week at Woolworths supermarket. These sweet candies might boost your happiness during these hard times. Shop M&M’s or Maltesers candies for half price this week. Woolworths snack sale 22 – 28 Apr has more half prices than that. Some snacks can be alternatives to your breakfast routine, too. Vita-Weat original is a product on sale at Coles. I think it’s a great substitute for breakfast because it contains 11.4g protein per 100g. It’s mostly carbs but sugar is pretty low. It contains only 1.6g sugar according to Arnott’s official site. The reason I recommend is the fiber proportion. It contains relatively higher fiber so that you can digest it over a longer time. Additionally, it will keep you full for a long time. More biscuits and snacks of Arnott’s and half-price deals are available on pg 11.

If you are looking for some beverage deals, go to pg 12. Shop bulky this week. Coca-Cola and more soda packs (10x375mL) will cost $7.60 and that’s nearly half the regular price. See that product and the price on pg 12. New healthy snacks at Woolworths. Visit pg 13 for great substitutes to your daily routine. macro products and vegan mac ‘n cheese are interesting items of the new sale. Browse these items on Woolworths Catalogue:

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