Woolworths Snack Sale Catalogue Deals 9 – 15 Oct 2019

Find the details of new prices of snacks in this catalogue. Most people will like the Cadbury biscuit bars which seem to be very tasty to eat with some milk. I like such biscuits in the mornings but since they boost insulin synthesis in your blood, it makes you very hungry by lunchtime. Nevertheless, they taste better than most snacks and biscuits. Pringles minis are in a bag. Normally, you would find Pringles tubs but Woolworths Catalogue has the new and nice items for you on drinks&snacks category. Shop dropped prices from this catalogue and buy Natural Chip company chips and Maltesers. Coca-Cola Classic, Pepsi Max, Red Bull pack and more will cost cheaper at Woolies this week. Also, if you are planning to celebrate Halloween at the end of October, you might want to stock up some candies. The catalogue shows alternatives to stock up and these include some new flavours of already popular brands like Lindt Excellence and Cadbury caramilk. Caramel is one of my favourite things when combined with chocolate. But the best deals by the catalogue are viewable on pg 11 where Snickers and Mars are in.

½ price only from the Woolworths snack sale:

Find ice cream variety including Magnum classic tub on pg 12.

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