Woolworths Summer Specials 29 – 2 Feb 2016

SIMPLY SUMMER BY WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Summer Specials 29 - 2 Feb 2016

For simple summers, all you need is some chillers for yourselves to prevent hot weather which can make you feel burnt under the sun! You can enjoy with simple chilling drinks which is offered in Woolworths to you! You can have those amazing Schweppes varieties with its half price! It is amazing offer for all of us! We can chill those amazing sodas which can make us much more better under the sun! It is also tasty beverage that can make your days much more happier with its amazing taste of lemonade, or pepsi! You can enjoy with super beverages with its half prices! In Woolworths, amazing offers are available for you! Schweppes and Pepsi varieties are waiting for you with its half price ! Buy two in one price!

If you are looking for something to drink for your sports, Woolworths offers you Maximus Sports Drink 1 Litre with a great saving! You can get an advantage while you are jogging! This sports drink will make your performance increased and also it will let you to be the best! Enjoy your exercises with perfect solutions of Maximus Sports Drink 1 Litre! You are worth for those perfect varieties of cold drinks! Do not torture yourselves to prevent drinking some cold beverages. Think about your health!

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