Woolworths Catalogue Spring Cleaning Products 23 – 29 Aug 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Spring Cleaning Products 23 - 29 Aug 2017As Spring is approaching, you need to clean your entire house. There will be lovely sunny days but it must be clean everywhere. Woolworths drops the prices of most cleaning items. High quality material is available. Top brands like Dynamo, Omo, Fairy, Morning Fresh, Chux, Dettol Glen 20, Vanish and more are among the products. Half prices are valid this week.

Find all these products on pg 32-33;

With correct equipment, effective chemicals and easy-to-handle tools there is nothing that stops you achieving anything. Don’t forget to check out Woolworths Catalogues before you go to store. It’s possible to have all the nice things for cheaper.

ALDI Catalogue JukeBox 26 August 2017

ALDI Catalogue JukeBox 26 August 2017Classic juke boxes were coin-operated music players. People still love them because they are so cool. Classic ones had numbers and when you inserted a coin, entered a number, they would start to play the music. It was awesome and jukeboxes usually had the songs earlier than most places. Its history was started back in 30s. And even older ones were possible to find in books. From 40s to 60s these were so popular. Records were directly going to these jukeboxes. We can suggest that their popularity was really a thing starting in the 20s because people loved to listen to music wherever they go. There are sites you can learn much more about jukeboxes. One of them is tomszone.com and jukeboxhistory.info can help you about the history of jukeboxes. Some of the popular brands were AMI, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer.

Today’s technology made them a regular music player with cool looks. What ALDI sells is a Bluetooth mini jukebox. It has USB/SD function and CD Player. You can listen to the radio with this and 7 different colours of changing lights.

ALDI Catalogue will be valid on Saturday. Today’s deals must be expired in most places. In the next post, check out professional tools and work wear.

Myer Catalogue Fathers Day Gifts 22 Aug – 3 Sep 2017

Myer Catalogue Fathers Day Gifts 22 Aug - 3 Sep 2017Get a nice Polo Ralph Lauren micro suede moccasins or Tissot watch for nice prices by Myer Catalogue. Check out fragrance and accessories on pg 3. Dior EDT is only $149 at Myer this week. Formal wear for men is available on pg 4-5. Business shirts, tie and socks. The belt is on sale. Myer price for Calvin Klein business shirt is $67.46! Another good deal is for Van Heusen Business shirt that will cost you only $44.96. Bags and elegant grooming products on pg 7. Hugo Boss, Jeff Banks, Van Heusen and more. Classic looks, high-quality material and really nice design.

Myer Fathers Day Gifts

Hugo Boss Weekender and more fragrance products with cool flavors and luxury design. Check out a classic fragrance range for men on pg 8-11. View nice brands of polo shirts, casual clothing and all you need to gift your Dad. Visit pg 12-19 for men clothing deals. Classy watch offers and sunglasses are on pg 20-21. TW steel brown leather band watch is only $549. Emporio Armani sunglasses can be purchased for $199.95 at Myer Stores.

Jimmy Choo, Versace, John Versatos, Ralph Lauren, Issey Miyake and Paco Rabanne fragrance range, on pg 10-11, with the awesome pricing of Myer. Shop for men’s polos for 25% off prices. Tommy Hilfiger will cost $82.50 and short is only $120. Myer offers only the best brands of the world. Mossimo, Calvin Klein shorts and polos for the new season will be perfect gifts for Dad.

You can also think of wearable technology for gifting your Father. In the Father’s Day there will be an increase in trade of wearable technology for people love to use them as accessories. Smart Watch, earphones, and fitness watch of Fitbit. A lot of different products are possible to spot.

Even more products are in this catalogue. Follow for more deals before Father’s Day 2017.

Target Catalogue Fathers Day Gifts 23 – 30 August 2017

Target Catalogue Fathers Day Gifts 23 - 30 August 2017Casual clothing for men by Target Catalogue is available on the pg 1-15. 40% off Bonds underwear this week. You can find Maxx underwear including trunks, socks, singlets. Shop for polo shirts, chinos and Australian Cotton products that are viewable on pg 2-3. Visit these pages to get detailed information about the products. Polos will cost only $20 and variety is satisfying. A wide range of products is featured for the whole week.
Washed polo top S-XXXL is a $20 nice casual piece. Check out Australian Cotton polo S-XXXL is also the same price. Find t-shirts on pg 3-4. Festival shorts are again in this catalogue. They are only $10 each! Really comfortable and high quality. Print tees can be purchased for only $10. The list of products on pg 1-4;

These are Australian products. Men’s shirt and tees are featured deals on pg 6&7. You can get Australian Cotton tees for $12. And men’s shirt is only $20. Australian Cotton long sleeve shirts could be a casual formal choice for your Father. Long Sleeve print shirt is also comfortable to wear for work. If you like to choose short sleeve ones, that’s not a problem. They are also on sale. Pay only $18 for the short sleeve casual shirts.

Kids’ clothing is designed for Father’s Day. Gifts for kids can be found on pg 11. Shop for indoor clothing for men. Gown, boxers, Maxx underwear, are all in the exhibited products of Target Catalogue on pg 12-13. Accessories like belt and slippers can be good ideas for your gift plans.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review 2017 | Harvey Norman Catalogue Fathers Day 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review 2017You can find this product on Harvey Norman Catalogue pg 7. That’s the catalogue for Fathers Day 2017. When we looked at the previous models of the family, we saw two different screen sizes. The Tab S, which comes in two different models with 10.5 inch and 8.4-inch screen size, leaves its place to different screen sizes this time. In Tab S2, 9.7 inches to 8 inches are preferred. This, of course, also changes the viewing rate. While the Tab S2 to 4.3 image size is available to users, of course, both the capacity and models with Wi-Fi and SIM card are on separate shelves.

The Tab S2 looks quite stylish with its design. The tablet, presented with a plastic body, is very thin and lightweight. The model in our hand weighs only 389 grams. On the other hand, it has a thickness of 5.6 mm, which clearly makes it very thin. It is possible to say that this measure is lighter than Apple’s iPad. It is necessary to acknowledge that the fact that it is light is due to the plastic structure of course. But even though the back of the tablet is covered with plastic, the tablet framework is covered with a metallic material.

Although the Tab S2 has a plastic surface, the feeling it gives you in your hand is certainly not bad. Because the quality is not compromised and it is in your hands very well with its smooth structure.

When we look at the back of the table, we see two little dots here. These points, as can be predicted, are specially designed for those who want to use the Tab S2 with a keyboard accessory. On the right side of the tablet, we see the power and volume buttons. Just under the microSD card slot. Let’s also say that micro USB and headphone jacks are on the lower edge. In the meantime, the speakers are also placed on this side.

The display has Super AMOLED panes as can be guessed. The resolution is 2048×1536 pixels for both tablet models. In Tab S, the resolution was 2560×1600 pixels while the aspect ratio was 16: 9. In Tab S2, the aspect ratio was changed to 4: 3, which was accompanied by resolution. Obviously, we think that this aspect ratio is more accurate for a tablet. It is obvious that it behaves more user-friendly while browsing web pages. In addition to the super AMOLED panel, the Tab S2 offers a very sharp and saturated colour.

Under the screen, there are capacitive keys like the one we used in the previous model. One of these keys allows you to manage one of the other open applications while the back button is on. The physical button in the middle serves as a fingerprint reader. Even if you are having a hard time making fingerprints, you need to place your finger properly on the screen to unlock it.

When we look at the technical staff of the Tab S2, we can not see very large changes in the predecessor model. However, I also have to say that it gives very satisfactory results in terms of performance. The new tablet uses Samsung’s Exynos 5433 processor. We know this processor from Samsung’s Note 4 model. The processor, which consists of two different frequence working in the 4’er core, works at 1.9 GHz and 1.3 GHz frequencies.

We will not say that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 brings big improvements compared to Tab S, if we will. But with its varying dimensions, it can certainly be thought of as an alternative to the first model.