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Coles Catalogue Deals 22 – 28 Aug 2018

Coles Catalogue Deals 22 – 28 August 2018 is a very well source of half-price deals and a wide grocery products range. Coles Little Shop participating items are also featured deals in the new catalogue. Also, fresh food category offers quite a good sale for all customers. Porterhouse Steak which will cost $27/kg and it’s just one of the products from the fresh sale. Snacks, biscuits, chocolate, candies, soft drinks, chips, popcorn, coke and more products are in the junk food category of Coles. One of the half-price deals is Ferrero Rocher chocolates gift box that is only $6.30 at Coles this week.

½ prices:

Cadbury Oreo coated biscuits have a mint flavour and I think it will be a nice experience. Preciously many chocolate products tried the mint flavour but this should be one of the remarkable ones like chocolate flavoured biscuits that are chocolate coated and mint cream.

An interesting deal on coke for Coca-Cola soft drinks of 30x375mL which is a $16.50 saving. Pay only $22.50 to get this pack of coke. Canned food, packaged ready meals and pantry products are visible firstly on pg 9-10. Half-price deals from this category:

Recipe of cheesy burrito bake from Old El Paso that will give you the product which will be ready in 30 minutes. Cook 10 burritos in 30 min. Necessary products for this recipe are available on pg 10. Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain and Coco Pops will cost $3. More breakfast, bakery, pastry and more products are featured in this sale. Almond Breeze almond milk and Barley Muesli are half-price deals. Another half price deal is Mayver’s peanut butter smooth that will cost $2.50.

Most people like to eat yoghurt and it’s good for your body. One of the most traditional ways of making yoghurt is Greek and Turkish style. Chobani is a world-wide brand producing that kind of yoghurt. Visit pg 17 for fruit flavoured yoghurt of 170g tubs that will cost only $1. That’s a half-price deal. Find all dairy products, milk, flavoured milk, cheese types, olive grove spread and more can be seen on pg 16-17. Father’s Day celebration cake and more relevant products are also a thing at Coles supermarket this week.

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 22 – 28 Aug 2018

The latest deals from the supermarket are available on Woolworths Catalogue. Half-price deals on Finish All in 1 Max pk 53, Bonds underwear, Oral-B dental products and Kitkat are on the first page. Find Aussie blueberries that will cost only $3/pk. New seasonal products from the fresh produce section is available on pg 2. Mandarins, Apples, Blueberries and more are on pg 2-3. You can make a great profit out of this saving. More half prices promoted in the deli sale are on pg 4-5. “Low Price Always” and “Prices Dropped” deals are again on the stage.

Browse products like beef rump steak, mid loin chops, packaged chicken and more products on pg 6, which is the meat sale. Meatballs, sausage, beef burgers, party meat and more will get cheaper this week. Try new products and pay lower for them at Woolworths. Go to pg 7-9 where fresh cut salad kit, fish fillets crumbed and more seafood and packaged vegetables are available. For example, beef mince heart smart, Annalisa bean mix, Greek style yoghurt are good deals.

If you are fond of seafood products, I also recommend the deals on pg 11. Extra Large raw prawns, fresh tassie salmon, Ocean Blue smoked salmon, Crumbed whiting fillets, prawns and more are on pg 11. You can save much with these deals, too. Make a chicken pesto pasta with Australian RSPCA approved chicken and Barilla Pesto. That’s a pesto I use in my mozzarella sandwiches for lunch and I am sure it’s perfect with pasta, too. Woolworths has a place of easydinner and you can read the recipe of this meal there.

Buy 6 packs of Espressotoria Vittoria coffee capsules to get Coffee Machine for free! Lindt Lindor 123-130g will be $5 that will save your $2. More half-price snacks are available on pg 15.

Some products like Kit Kat Gold Bar are exclusive Woolworths products. Notice the labels on the items in this catalogue. Go to pg 18-19 for the deals on pantry products including Green’s chocolate mud cake. Prepare your sweets with these practical packaged products and sauces. Go to pg 18-19 to see these:

Frozen deals are exciting, too. Sara Lee Ice cream, Peters Drumstick, Peters Maxibon, Lean Cuisine, Birds Eye deli chips and more on pg 20-21. And we can see a nice half-price frozen products range on pg 21. Herbert Adams Artisan Pies will be only $7.50 that is $2 cheaper this week. Other than that, Heinz steam fresh vegetables, I&J light & crispy fish fillets are two “prices dropped” deals.

Mozzarella is a wonderful type of cheese. It can make pizza and pasta delicious and it’s healthier than most foods. Perfect Italiano mozzarella and Bega block cheese will cost $6. Vaalia for kids yoghurt pouch are 10 for $10 which will be $6. Kerrygold spread of 250g pack is ½ price. Pay only $3 this week. One of the “Low price always” deals is Parmesan of Perfect Italiano. More “Prices Dropped” deals on Edgell, Moro Olive oil, Campbell’s real stock, Fountain tomato or BBQ sauce. Woolworths has a special section for Spring cleaning. Chemical cleaning products, mops, pet products, Father’s Day gifts and more are available in this catalogue.

Myer Catalogue Demi Jumpsuit Spring Season August

Nothing beats the comfort a jumpsuit in summer. It looks really natural, reflective of nature. If you are planning to go to a holiday place around the globe, these dresses will complete your style. Myer Catalogue Spring Season dresses are exactly the way I am talking. Moreover, not only dresses, but also underwear have its place in this catalogue. For example, go to pg 24 -25 for Sass and Bide bodysuit in blue. The product is available in S size. Pay only $129.95 for this piece. Black is the hottest colour in all underwear types. You should see the prices of black bra and brief products on pg 24-25. Chloe and Lola Eloise contour balconnet bra will cost only $39.95!

$20 off shoes on pg 22. Buy Basque portia nude leather sandal for only $129.95! Earrings of Myer Catalogue can be seen on pg 23. Prices vary. Let’s focus on casual wear like denim jeans and jackets next time we have this catalogue.

Kmart Catalogue Living Room 2 – 22 Aug 2018

Kmart Catalogue Living Room 2 – 22 Aug products are available on pg 20. There are really cool cushions, black theme, elegant fashion and more products. The catalogue actually is a wonderful place to find prices and deals on products like these. For example, framed jewel canvas is a piece of art that will embellish your wall while steadiness of your living room gives you comfort. It’s always nice to make your home wear something in contrast to its completeness. However, you must never forget your flooring. If you leave it empty, most of the times it results in a poor look. See your wall and floor as edges of the finish of your home decoration.

Bedroom, kitchen, servingware, floor, and more parts of your home are also subjects of this Kmart Catalogue. You need to recheck some things in this catalogue if you did not yet. You may follow our Facebook page where we share the updates.

Aldi Catalogue 22 August 2018 | Clothing, Electronics

Aldi Catalogue is really supportive of the special buys Week 34 deals. Men’s casual clothing products, cargo shorts, shoes and underwear are available on pg 2-3. They require fair prices for the decent quality. Polo shirts, jeans, and t-shirts are on sale this week at Aldi Find them on 22 August 2018.

Philips 22″ Full HD TV is a nice product to watch recently released Blu-ray movies like Avengers Infinity Wars and Deadpool 2. Bluetooth headphones is a thing at Aldi Stores. Find portable DVD player, tv brackets, and more accessories on pg 4-5. Aldimobile 2 year super pack will be a service a limited time. It will cost only $99 for 1 year. Find more mobile products at and see iPhone 6s 64GB that will be priced at $469.

Other special buys of Aldi Catalogue are burger and beer goods. Nice deals on our favourite type of food making stuff. Frypan, dinnerware, drink accessories and more.