Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 7 – 13 December 2016

Coles spared a big place for Christmas food in the latest published catalogue. Especially recipes and half prices draw attention.Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 7 - 13 December 2016 The best of what you usually love to take home are now specially priced with Christmas sales of Coles. Apart from that half priced snacks, classics of Coles specials, were not skipped. Favourite brands of chocolates and confectionery have been contained by the new Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 7 – 13 December 2016 range. This week shop for everyday prices of pantry as well. Breakfast food like cereals, frozen food and more are among the products you can find on the catalogue.

Highlighted Products of Coles Catalogue Christmas Food

Pg 1-9 are full of Christmas deals. Sweet delights and Christmas chocolate variety including Toblerone, M&M’s, Kinder, Werther’s Golden mix and Lindt on pg 8-9, seasonal fresh produce that assures a fantastic view on your table in Christmas holiday on pg 6&7, classic seafood by Coles being an excellent choice of classy food in all holidays on pg 4-5, original recipe of Gazpacho cocktail prawns by Coles on pg 4, sides-sauce and dips on pg 2 and cover page highlights.

Kettle potato chips $2.20 pg 1
Coca-cola or Sprite soft drink 2L $2.05
Bonds Baby wondersuit $11 – half price
Cadbury scorched chocolates 320g $5

Glance over the sauces and dips on pg 2. Those could be perfect match to your favourite meal. In Christmas seafood ideas by Coles will give the idea that you need. Be creative, spend less and get quality at Coles.

Seasonal Treats and Fresh Produce of Coles Catalogue

See new sweets and fresh products you might then need when preparing sweets cream pie etc. Seek for the great prices of Coles on pg 6&7 for those products.

Coles salted caramel brownie bites 9 pk 210g $4 pg 6
Coles Finest Christmas pavlova wreath 400g $15
Coles Finest Christmas fruit mince pies 6 pk 410g $6
Coles bakery gingerbread stars 12 pk $2.50

Aussie strawberries $3 pk
Coles thickened cream 600mL $2.20
Coles Bakery pavlova 500g $8

Christmas Treat Gifts

Majority of gifts are actually consisting of treats and chocolate boxes in holidays. Not just in Christmas. Half priced chocolate boxes by Coles Catalogue and top brands on pg 8-9.

Cadbury Roses Tin 620g $10 – half price – pg 8
Cadbury Christmas baubles 126g $4 – half price pg 9
Toblerone milk chocolate 360g $4.95
Kinder Maxi mix $9

Coles Half Price Deals On Snacks 7 – 13 December 2016

The coolest snacks, favourite brands ! Find chips, coke, soda packs, chocolates, candies, conserved meat, fish, pizza, cereals, coffee blinking with half prices at Coles stores. Pg 10 – 20 contains fantastic range of products from these examples.

Schweppes soft drink, mineral water or mixers 1.25L $1.15 – pg 10Coles Half Price Deals On Snacks 7 - 13 December 2016
Mars or Nestle medium bars $1 – pg 11
CC’s corn chips 175g $1.60
Ocean Spray Fruit Drink 1.5 L $2.85


Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink 10x375mL $5 – half price- pg 12
V Energy Drink 4x275mL $4.67 – half price
Golden Circle fruit juice $1.90 – half price
Maryland choc chip cookies 145g $1 – everyday price

Pringles potato chips 53g – half price – $.95

Pantry Half Prices

Always Fresh kalamata olives $2.50 – half price – pg 15
Le Espanola olive oil 500mL $4.50 – half price
SunRice basmatic rice 5kg $9 – half price
Uncle Tobys Le Snak 132g $2.25 – half price

Briefly, this catalogue has all the needs for Christmas on sale.

Big W Catalogue Puzzle Toys Christmas 1 – 14 December 2016

Puzzle toys are the best among all type of toy product in my opinion. Others mainly focus on entertainment but puzzle toys educate your children and they have a lot of variety. Big W Catalogue Puzzle Toys Christmas 1 - 14 December 2016With a LEGO pack childre learn to construct, combine and build thinking creatively. That’s a very clever way to play with kids. LEGO packs may be suitable for certain age groups. Be careful about that. LEGO packs of Big W Catalogue can be browsed on pg 2-3. This week big packs are also featured. Special prices by “Save Big” discounts are also currently available.

LEGO is the major part of puzzle toys on sale by many different catalogues and Big W Catalogue offers them on pg 2-3. Star Wars lego packs on pg 2 and Nexo Knights, LEGO City on pg 3 are pretty nice options for everyone.

Assorted LEGO series is priced at $19 for a set. LEGO Friends can be purchased on pg 4 of online catalogue. Board games like Monopoly, Sequence, Cluedo, Guess Who, Articulate, Pictopia and many more are a save big deal. $24 for each !

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 49 Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts and decoration products are easy to find this week. All the major stores have got catalogues of Christmas products.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 49 Christmas Gifts ALDI is one of them and ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 49 Christmas gifts consist of toys, women’s beauty and active wear, swim wear and summer products, home appliances and electronic products. You can find power tools with the catalogue. Christmas meat products of festive lunch and more savings can be browsed via this new catalogue.

ALDI Special Buys Week 49 Highlights

Kids’ entertainment products on pg 2-3, ladies personal care and fitness outfit on pg 4-5, summer products and beach supplies and musical instruments or equipment are all on sale on Wed 7 Dec. ALDI offers some of the best toys for kids. Other than that browse kitchen appliances on pg 10-11, bike gear and accessories on pg 12, drones and security electronics on pg 13, men’s wishlist and pro tool on pg 14-15, festive meat on pg 17. Those products will be on sale on Wed 10 Dec.

Kids leather sandals $13.99
Minnie’s bow-tique sets $19.99
Mini colour watch $6.99
Kids sunglasses $5.99
Emboridered kids basketball cap $7.99
Die Cast motorbikes $7.99
Hot Wheels AI racing system $99.99
LEGO Visual guides or history books $24.99

ALDI Gifts For Her and Summer Products

In holiday there are plenty of gifts in each catalogue published this week. Don’t forget to see any of these Christmas catalogues. To see all Christmas catalogues please go to the Christmas page. For ladies active wear and quality personal care electronics on pg 4-5. See all details of summer products and serving ware on pg 6&7:

SodaStream value packs $8.99
SodaStream cool machine $49.99
Ice Tea and Fruit infuser jug $12.99
Decor Frosty mug $6.99

Novelty inflatables $16.99
Premium jumbo beach ball $7.99
Beach chair $12.99
Retro 17 L tinny cooler $39.99 $39.99

ALDI Craft and Gift Wraps – Musical Instruments

New year calendar, gift wrapping and stationery products have been contained on pg 8&9. Also see musical instruments and essentials to create awesome melodies.

Electric guitar $99.99
Nux-MG 100 Guitar modelling effects processor $89.99
Electronic drum kit $269
Sheet music books $19.99

Renew Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen appliances and luxury bathroom accessories with ALDI prices are on pg 10-11:

Hand towel 2 pk $8.99
Scented tin candle 420g $9.99
Reed diffuser 200mL $9.99
Luxury shower gel 250mL $6.99
Luxury hand cream 100mL $4.99
Jewellery case $24.99

1,7L Kettle $39.99 pg 11
2 slice toaster $39.99
Stand mixer $99.99
Hand mixer $19.99

Biking gear and security Products

On pg 12-13 there are pretty good bike gear sale and security cameras. A drone with latest technology is also on sale. These products will be available on 10 December.

Retro Roadster bike $199
Bikemate urban silicone bike lock $9.99
Bikemate LED micro lights $19.99

Solar Telescope $99.99
Compact Telescope $69.99
Cordless headphones $39.99
Sky Scanner HD Quadcopter $149

Coles Catalogue Christmas 30 Nov – 6 Dec 2016

Christmas deals of the latest Coles Catalogue are worth to see. Everything is in festive mode. Meat prices are down, deli meat and seasonal products are on the rise.Coles Catalogue Christmas 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2016 It’s possible to find out a huge sale by this Coles Catalogue. Half prices of snacks and confectionery, top brands you love, and Christmas decor. In this post I highlighted all the Christmas products from this catalogue.

Spotlight Deals: Coles Catalogue Christmas 30 Nov – 6 Dec 2016

This week you can find Christmas range from meat to lighting and a recipe of Coles for “salted caramel almond tarts” in this catalogue. Coles stores are ready to serve as a filter of the best products. Frozen food and treats, lighting products and decor are all in.

Christmas Treats and Chocolate Variety

It’s best to get these products from such catalogues. Online sales are always better and they mostly contain deals like half prices. Coles offers gifts, treats and chocolates on pg 12-13.

10% off gift cards pg 12
Cadbury Santa Jumbo stocking 244g $6
Hot Wheels monster jam car $8
Darrell Lea Nougat pudding 150g $7
Coles chocolate gold coins or Santa & baubles 75g $1

30% off universal DVDs is exactly what you would require for the holiday entertainment with the kin. Moreover, check out sweet delights available on pg 13.

Cadbury dairy milk gift box 175g $5
Mars celebrations tub 750g $12.50
Cadbury Roses boxed chocolates 450g $7.75

These are half priced products. Don’t skip these awesome things. It’s cool to have large variety of chocolates in Christmas. While glancing over, you may see a good one on pg 16 as well. Seafood mainly advertised, this page offers alternative side food.

Coles Frozen Christmas Food

Christmas deals were tried to be uniquely helpful for all customers. All related to the Christmas holiday have been featured. Check out turkeys, chicken and seafood and enjoy the shopping for the best prices of the entire country.

Steggles Frozen turkey breast roast 1kg $17
Steggles frozen turkey medium buffet 3.8 kg $40
Coles frozen cooked & peeled prawns 750g $16
Steggles frozen whole turkey 3.4 kg $22
By George frozen lobster tails with garlic butter 320g $30

Cakes, Pudding and More

Seasonal treats for Christmas and Christmas lights on pg 22 and pg 34-35 are must-see products. Please visit these pages to get detailed information about these products. Traditional and inspiring delights will meet your cooking intelligent. You will prepare wonders for all.

Coles fruit mince pies 6 pk $1.50
Coles Christmas pudding 700g $3.90
Coles finest Christmas luxury pudding 900g $10
Coles finest Christmas pavlova wreath 400g $15

Woolworths Catalogue 30 Nov – 6 Dec 2016 Christmas

Enjoy new product range consisting of Christmas gifts and treats covering favourite brands Cadbury, Arnott’s Tim Tam, Allen’s snakes alive, CC’s, and many more brands. Low Price Always deals of party supplies and the favorite beverage are being shown on pg 16&17. Woolworths Catalogue 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2016 ChristmasFrom pg 14 to pg 17 you can view all the best Christmas products. One of Woolworths Special is the price of S.Pellegrino packs (natural mineral water) viewable on pg 18.

In Woolworths Catalogue 30 Nov – 6 Dec 2016 Christmas sale you will find a large range of grocery products from pg 20 to pg 26. Pantry, baking, deli and “low price always” are mainly available products of Woolworths starting from today. Check out those pages to benefit the best food deals of the week.

Woolworths Catalogue 30 Nov – 6 Dec Highlights For Christmas Products

On pg 12-17 Christmas and party-decor needs are heavily being shown. Until the Christmas week shop for these goods to be well prepared.

Christmas Gifts and Toys – Woolworths Catalogue

Stuff the stocking with the favorite toys from Woolworths Catalogue.

Jumbo plush 100 cm $15 pg 12
Tool set $15 ea
Shopkins pk 12 $10
The Grossery gang pk 10 $12
The Grossery gang or zelfs surprise pack $2.40
Woolworths Christmas Nordic bon bons pk 6 $15

Woolworths Christmas decorations $2.80 pg 13
Woolworths assorted Christmas table top decorations $8.40
Christmas indoor fairy lights $8.40

Get 30% off artificial trees, decorations and lights this week.

Christmas Chocolates like Cadbury and “Low Price Always” products are featured deals as well.

Cadbury chocolate coated nuts 320g $5
Cadbury Christmas choc bags 144g $3.50
Cadbury Favourites 320g half price $5

Thins or CC’s corn chips 175g 2/$5
Coca-Cola Soft drink 2L $2.50
Pepsi, Solo, Sunkist or Schweppes traditional soft drink 1.25 L $1.10 ea – half price
Golden Circle drink 8x 250mL 2/$7

More of beverage and Christmas chocolates were covered. “Prices Dropped” and Lindt Lindor deals can be seen on pg 16&17. Within the party supplies range of Woolworths catalogue you can find favorite brands like coke, kirks, fanta and more. On pg 16 you can mix any 3 for only $18 !

Infuzions chips 110g $1.74 – half
Ferrero Rocher 375g pk 30 or boxed collections $11
Mars M&M’s peanut box 440g $5
Toblerone milk 360g $7

Other products like regular grocery products and household cleaning items can be found here. Keep tracking future posts to be aware of other highlighted products.