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Big W Catalogue Christmas School Products 13 – 24 Dec 2018

Get a new headset as a Christmas gift this year. Every student needs one and they usually get old and broken in a year. So, I am sure at the end of the year many students will need a decent headset. Laser Bluetooth headphones will cost only $16 and more types of headsets are available. If you want to buy something from the school category, I also recommend you to see pg 11 where backpack, lunch box sets, and more items are on sale. Mambo lunch box sets will cost $15 this week. 

Books for kids, stories, boxed sets, Paw Patrol products and more are featured items that are on sale on pg 13. 

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Kmart Catalogue Christmas Nerf Toys 13 – 24 Dec | Outdoor Entertainment

Nerf blasters are one of best toys to enjoy outdoors and the best of them are on sale at Kmart right now. Kmart Catalogue Christmas has gone live today and many of the new products and exclusive items from the toy sale can be purchased now. We can see the best of NERF on pg 9. Save up to $10 on a single toy on the sale. Kmart Catalogue also has LEGO sets that are exactly the essential things to match with Christmas joy because Harry Potter is in these sets. Marvel Super Heroes and Jurrasic World sets will also be available with the prices shown on pg 8 until 24 December. 

It doesn’t end with these for sure. Pokémon and Fortnite toys are also great toys to be found on pg 10-11. Some of them are exclusive toys. Paw Patrol sub patroller, Building blocks, PJ Masks plush toys are great Christmas gifts. Let the children enjoy outdoors with trampoline, bumpers, wooden cubby house and more entertainment products. See these items on pg 12-13 with irresistible Kmart prices. 

Target Catalogue Christmas Game Sale 13 – 24 Dec | Nerf Toys

Summer is the best time when you have NERF super soaker soakzooka and more water arms! Target has the deals on these toys on pg 14. You can see the blasters on the pg 13. NERF’s best toys with amazing savings are available at Target stores or online this week. Save until 24 December. NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor, refills and more toys are available on pg 12-14 of the latest Target Catalogue. 

Target Catalogue game sale will be a valid deal until 24 Dec. No price was dramatically dropped but bundle deals are available. Also, console games like Fifa 19, Fortnite, Call of Duty BO4, Battlefield V, Red Dead Redemption II are among the game deals of Target. Don’t forget to see pg 10-11 for Spider-Man and Fortnite bundles of Xbox and PlayStation 4. Another good thing about this catalogue is retro gaming consoles. SEGA Mega Drive flashback HD game console will cost only $149 and it’s in stock. 

Coles Catalogue Mobile Deals 12 – 18 Dec 2018

Although Coles has the majority of grocery products in this catalogue, it’s possible to spot some good ones in the non-food part. Prepaid SIM deals and smartphones are on the latest Coles Christmas Catalogue. You can even buy a mobile phone at $9 at Coles this week. If you need something like this for a particular reason, you may check out pg 30 to see a suitable price. Coles Catalogue 12 – 18 December is always here in case you want to recheck the deals. 

Bunnings Catalogue Christmas Power Tool Deals Dec 2018

Ryobi One+, Ozito, Makita, DeWalt, AEG, and more manufacturers of power tools are the things to find on the new Bunnings Catalogue Christmas sale. You can browse these deals on pg 2-4. Make your product perfect with angle grinder, keep everywhere around you clean with high pressure cleaners, use the precise and high-quality hammer drills. Combo kits, circular saw skin and more items can be in your list if you want to shop for home improvement products this month. December’s Christmas deals are an additional motivation to shop.