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Woolworths Catalogue 22 – 28 June 2016 top deals, overview of the catalogue range and half priced products.

Woolworths Catalogue features great savings every week. Follow this category page to save on weekly grocery. Red Spot Specials, Half prices, new items are generally announced in Woolworths Weekly specials catalogue. As an online sale this is one of the best supermarket catalogue currently. In catalogues you can generally find:


And even more. Also Woolworths Catalogues make deals on special days. Christmas, Easter, Seasonal food sale, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day etc. are among these. If you are in search for a good browsing system for Woolworths Catalogues where you can also share your opinions you may use this page.

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Woolworths Catalogue Jun 22 – 28 2016 Groceries

Woolworths Catalogue Jun 22 – 28 2016 is the latest discount range in which you may find half prices, astonishing low prices covering snacks, Woolworths rewards, pantry, recipes, frozen food, dairy products, fresh food, winter seafood, meat and deli. The more you browse the bigger chance you get to save on weekly shopping.

Woolworths Catalogue Jun 22 - 28 2016 Groceries

There is the list below of cover page half prices:

Nestle Kitkat $2.25
Golden crumpets rounds pk 6 $1.65
John West tuna 95g $1
V Energy Drink 4x275mL $4.66

Find Big Night In products to win a sports holiday to Hawaii. That chance for such holiday is the biggest thing that a supermarket would give you in this month. Half prices of snacks and candies have also been included by the catalogue.

Half prices on pg 2

Sunbites grain waves 175g $1.84
Cadbury medium bars 30g $1

Beverage and more snacks are on sale. Pg 4&5 offers coke, water packs, chips, and tea varieties. With a product range like this you will save a lot more on snacks. Half Prices of some candies and beverage on pg 5:

Nestle kitkat $2.30
Smith’s crinkle/Doritos chips 330g $2.94
Peckish rice crackers 100g $1.10
Thins chips 175g $2.50

Woolworths Rewards are extra savings to spend on more products. Earn more Woolworths Rewards on pg 7 with the products like salami, moove flavored milk and even a mobile phone. Nescafe coffee variety has been reduced by 25% this week. Visit pg 8 for the Nescafe savings.

Breakfast food like corn flakes, Heinz soup variety and more can be browsed on pg 10-11. Learn seafood recipes with SunRice on pg 12 and sweet potato noodles on pg 13. Even more half prices of Woolworths on Mars chocolates, chicken breast tenders, patties, sausage rolls and more can be found on pg 14-15.

Fresh Picks from this catalogue are:

Aussie potatoes $3
Aussie mandarins $3 kg
Organic kent pumpkin $2.90
Cup mushrooms 500g $4.50
Australian broccoli $2
Strawberries 2/$6
Aussie apples $2.50 kg

A recipe of smoked fish cakes can be read on pg 20 of this catalogue. And visit pg 20 for seafood marinara mix, salmon fish, prawns and basa fillets available as fresh seafood. In the catalogue page 21 you will find intro price of chicken tenderloins. Prices dropped on pg 21 where meat is the focus:

Australian lamb leg roast $10 kg
Bulk chicken drumsticks $3.50 kg

Woolworths Catalogue Jun 15 – 21 2016 Top Deals

Woolworths Catalogue Jun 15 – 21 2016 top deals are half prices, weekly specials, dropped prices and new items introduced this week. You can always find something to refill in your kitchen. Find them at lower rates with browsing Woolworths Catalogues.

Woolworths Catalogue Jun 15 - 21 2016 Top Deals

Woolworths Catalogue offers Big Night In offers on pg 2-3. This week when you buy 3 of participating items. Don’t miss out anything from half price products of Woolworths.

Half Price Items

Kettle chips 185g $2.10
Campbell’s Real stock varieties $1.99
Arnott’s chocolate biscuits 160g $1.82
Colgate Max fresh toothpaste 190g $3.50
Coke Soft drink varieties $14.09

The Natural Confectionery snakes $2 pg 3
Kettle new flavors 185g $2.10 pg 4
Cadury Favourites 540g $9.50 pg 5
Cherry Ripe, Dairy milk, Oreo, Lindt lindor 30-60g $1

All products are reduced on pg 1-7. Generally snacks and pantry. Also find breakfast food on pg 6-7 including cereals. Gatorade, Kellogg’s, Nestle Chunks and Uncle Tobys are among the discount products.

Prices Dropped and low price always deals within this aisle:

Lipton ice tea 1.5 L $3 pg 7
Berri Juice 2.4 L $3
Sanitarium Up&Go fridge pack $11.99 pg 9
Uncle Tobys oats 1kg $5.50
Winter vegetables 1kg $3 pg 10
Frozen meals 350g $3.50
tassal easy bake salmon fillets 260g $9.99

Dairy products and recipe of Ricotta Pancakes can be read on pg 12-13. That’s a generous discount by Woolworths. 3 popular products are on sale on pg 12.

Farmers Union Greek yogurt 1kg $5
La Famiglia garlic 400g $4
Bega Cheese block 1kg $9

Meat offers by Woolworths and recipe of Roast Lamb are classic dropped prices. Check out 16-17 for the latest deals on meat. Seafood is on pg 18 and you can win Quintrex Boat worth $32000 when you spend $15 on seafood. Details on pg 18.

Australian lamb leg roast $10 kg pg 16
Macro Free range bulk chicken breast fillets $14.99 kg
Beef heart smart mince $14 kg
Lamb rack roast, lamb cutlets $25.50 kg

Bakery products, delicious favorites and healthy breads including dropped prices are available on pg 19.

Tip Top Raisin toast 520g $2.70
Wholemeal raisin toast 600g $2.70
Golden crumpet breakst pk 6 $1.99
Large slice bread loaf 800g 2/$5
Soft/Crusty bread rolls pk6 2/$4

Deli dropped prices:

Country style roast chicken $7.90
Greek pitted black kalamata olives $19.95

Fresh fruits and vegetables on pg 22-23, pharmacy and personal care products like vitamins, dental care etc. on pg 24-25, 40% off on Olay, Dove personal care, Half prices of deo, body lotion on pg 26-27. Woolworths Rewards when you purchase the participating items on pg 28 and other discounts special to this week will be valid.

Woolworths Catalogue 8 – 14 June 2016 | Half Prices, Top Deals, Low Prices

Woolworths Catalogue 8 – 14 June 2016 half prices on cover are totally 4 items and strawberries are highlighted. You have the chance to win sports holiday to Paris. Candies, chocolates, Woolworths rewards and half priced snacks on pg 2-3.

Woolworths Catalogue 8 - 14 June 2016

All the essentials that could be found on Woolworths Catalogues regularly are again on sale.

Tresemme Shampoo/conditioner 750 mL $5.25
Decor Tellfresh oblong 1L $2.34
Sorbent toilet tissue pk 10 $3
Cadbury blocks 290g $3.15

HALF PRICES of favorite snacks :

Grain waves 175g $1.84
Smith’s thinly cut 175g $1.59
Cheezels 110g $1
Kettle Chunky Potato Chips 70g $1

Win sports holiday to Paris with the products on pg 5.

Powerade 600mL, coke, mount franklin 3/$6
Fuze Ice tea varieties 1.25L $2.50
Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta 10x375mL $8

Heinz beanz and big red soups, half priced packaged food on pg 8, 10. Classic tastes at new rates by Woolworths.

Heinz Baked HALF PRICE $1.09 pg 8
Heinz Big Red $1.15
Woolworths Instant soup 2 serve 50g pg 10
Woolworths Canned soup $2
Continental recipe bases 2/$3

The catalogue is very promising material for the new shopping week. Don’t miss out anything from the half price and low price always deals. In the content dropped prices of meat products will be extraordinary experience of shopping.

Australian lamb rump steak $10.49 kg
Woolworths Italian style meatballs 400g $4.50
Australian beef porterhouse steak $28 kg
Ingham chicken roasting portions $5
Bulk chicken breast fillets skinless $13 kg

Woolworths Fresh food offers were placed on pg 24-25 today. From Wednesday you can shop for Aussie orange, pumpkin, watermelon and more products.

Orange $1.80 kg
Aussie pumpkin $0.80 kg
Continental cucumber $1 ea
Cup mushrooms sliced $4.50
The Odd Bunch pears $1 kg
Gold kiwifruit $5.40 kg

From pg 26 check non-foods like household supplies, personal care, home products, baby care and many more. Half priced cleaning supplies, sponge, and Woolworths rewards.

Radiant laundry powder 2 kg $7.25
Vileda dual-action sponge scourer pk 3 $2.19
Easy Off active foam 300g $2.99

Woolworths Catalogue 8 - 14 June 2016 4 Woolworths Catalogue 8 - 14 June 2016 8 Woolworths Catalogue 8 - 14 June 2016 28 Woolworths Catalogue 8 - 14 June 2016 30 Woolworths Catalogue 8 - 14 June 2016 32 Woolworths Catalogue 8 - 14 June 2016 33

Woolworths Catalogue 3 – 5 Jun 2016 Weekend Specials

Woolworths Catalogue 3 – 5 Jun 2016 weekend specials have half prices on cover page. Check those products on sale between 3 – 5 June. On Sunday you can grab some deals from Woolworths. Check the list below to see whole product list by this weekend sale.

Woolworths Catalogue Weekend Specials 3 - 5 Jun 2016Woolworths Catalogue Weekend Specials 3 Jun 2016 2Woolworths Catalogue Weekend Specials 4 Jun 2016 3Woolworths Catalogue Weekend Specials 4 Jun 2016 4Woolworths Catalogue Weekend Specials 4 Jun 2016 5

Huggies jumbo baby nappies – or pants $25 66 pk – 45 pk
Better than HALF PRICE Pepsi, Solo, Sunkist – Schweppes 24x375mL $9 ea
HALF PRICE Dynamo laundry liquid 2L $8.24
Better than HALF PRICE Ocean Chef cooked cocktail prawns 375g $7
HALF PRICE Lindt block 100g $2

Australian beef rump steak $15 kg
RSPCA chicken thigh fillets $8 kg
Heinz little kids snack pouch 120g $1.50
Heinz baby food jars 170g $1.70
Farex breakfast on the go 4-6mth $1.50

Schick silk effect plus shower hanger $6
Dettol foam handwash 250 mL $3

With weekend sales you are able to add even more savings to your list of shopping. In Woolworths Catalogue currently valid now you are able to shop for winter products. I recommend you to check pg 24 for them. Slipper, shirt, sheets are featured items. Combine weekend sales and the current catalogue to add more items in your list.

Microfibre quilt cover set QB $12
Microfibre plain filted sheet set QB $12
Plain fitted – flat sheet QB $12
HALF PRICE Tontine allergenic pillow pk 2 $12

Slipper scuff size 7-12 $10
Men’s flannelette M-XXL $15
Men’s coral fleece robe M-XXL $25
Men’s 2 pocket flannelette shirt M-XXL $10

Take a look at that Woolworths Catalogue 1-7 June to see more products in groceries and other needs.