Coles vs Woolworths vs IGA Half-Price Specials 24 – 30 Apr 2024

The half-price sale specials are the most highlighted deals in all grocery catalogues. We can browse the new half-price deals from Coles, Woolworths, IGA in their catalogues. Although, they are not the only big specials from these catalogues. Here are some important information you should know:

Coles Catalogue continues with the free ovenware campaign. Get more of them this week for free ovenware. They also have a back-to-school sale like other two stores. Back to school and Mother’s Day are two other promoted categories of specials this week. 

Woolworths Catalogue shows some goodies that will be useful for sporty folks. Protein bars, powders, ketamines, gummies, vitamins, and other supplements are half-price specials at Woolies this week. 

Mega Deals sale is what you can find in the new IGA Catalogue. The grocery is a half-price category as well as some household supplies. Check the link you are looking for all the half-price deals

Coles Catalogue Half-Price Sale 24 – 30 Apr 2024

Coles stores offer dozens of new half-price items in the catalogue like the previous week. Last week, they were promoting half-price deals on Red Rock Deli Potato chips, Allen’s Lollies, Sanitarium Up & Go, and more products.

Coles Catalogue Half-Price Sale 24 - 30 Apr 2024

Snacks, chocolate, chips, biscuits, chocolate bars, and more products are going to be half-price deals in the new Coles Catalogue. Find these items in the catalogue or see them here.

Personal Care and Vitamins

Personal care products and supplements are also half-price specials in Woolworths Catalogue. Nature’s Way products can be seen in the new catalogue. Don’t forget to check out these ½ price specials:

Don’t pass the back-to-school specials on page 6 – 8. They have Weet-Bix, Carman’s, Vita-Weat, Oreo cookies, and more products this week. The new half-price deals also include crumpet rounds.

Coles Mother’s Day Specials 24 – 30 Apr 2024

You can find some gift ideas in the Mother’s day section. Check out them on the new catalogue.

Coles Snacks & Drinks Half-Price 24 – 30 Apr 2024

Your favourite soda brand is probably on sale this week. Or you can save half on a chocolate bar. Toblerone, Sprite, Coca-Cola, Mount franlin are all half-price specials. Don’t forget to see these items.

Coles also sells Red Bull Energy Drink and Kirks Mixers for half prices. While you are browsing the products for their half prices, it may befit your aim of saving more if you also pay attention to exclusive products.

Coles Grocery Half-Price Specials 24 – 30 Apr 2024

Check out the new prices and half-price specials in the essential grocery section of the new catalogue.

Check out the butter chicken and tea bags.

If you like ice cream check out these half-price specials:

Coles Ice Cream Half-Price Specials Apr 2024

Coles Personal Care Half-Price Specials Apr 2024

Buy hand wash, hydration products, moisturisers, vitamin c, and more for your skin in the catalogue this week. You can save half off them. See them below.

Coles Household Sale 24 – 30 Apr 2024

There is just too many of them at Coles this week. Here, you will find the basics of laundry care, dishwashing tabs, and more products. Enjoy saving half on Omo, Harpic, and more products.

There are more in the catalogue. You can see them on the catalogue page or you can also take a look at the up-to-date sales & specials page.

Woolworths Half-Price Specials 24 – 30

Woolies and Coles have both deals for your body. Take care of it while exercising performance on it. Diet & Sports nutrition is gonna be half-price as well as health care products at Woolworths this week.

Snacks, cereals, chocolate, muffins, and more are going to be half-price deals. Find them on page 2 – 3. It is an extensive range of products and all of them will cost half.

The new specials may be a relief for your budget of grocery shopping. Some ice cream variety, yogurt pots, and chips are going to be half-price specials. Among them, there are Bulla creamy ice cream, old el paso dinner kits, and more products.

Woolworths Diet & Nutrition Specials 24 – 30 Apr 2024

Buy your protein powder from Woolworths if you want to save half this week. They have collagen, too. Whey protein, vital strength, creatine, electrolyte, pre workout and more are all great offers to find in the catalogue.

Also, Blackmores, Oral-B, Elvive products are going to be half-price specials.

Woolworths Cleaning & Household Half-Price 24 – 30 Apr 2024

The cleaning products are going to be half-price deals. Dettol has an effective multipurpose cleaner spray. It is a 750mL bottle of cleaner that will cost $3.50 which is 50% off.

Look for more affordable prices of breakfast food in the back-to-school sale from Woolworths Catalogue. You can find meat, produce, bakery, and seafood in the sale. Fresh Large Cooked Australian tiger prawns will be $30/kg.

Big Brand Value Half-Price Specials

Woolworths Catalogue goes on promoting Big Brand Value sales. This part of the catalogue have nonfood products at half their regular prices. Check out these specials.

In addition to these savings, you can save more with the everyday extra. The half-price specials include dietary nutrition & supplements. Cenovis Vitamins are half-price specials this week.

IGA Half-Price Specials 24 – 30 Apr 2024

Half-price deals also include IGA catalogue. The label of the sale is the same as the last week the week before that. Snickers, Mars, Dairy Milk, Coco Pops, and more products are half-price specials. Check out these specials in the first 5 pages of the catalogue.

View the new specials like Pringles, Nestlé Milo, Patties, McCain, Arnott’s Cream, and many others. Mega Deals Sale covers also household products like Johnson’s body care body wash, Palmolive liquid hand wash, and more products.

IGA Catalogue Half-Price 24 - 30 Apr 2024 3