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Snack Sale Comparison: Coles Catalogue vs Woolworths Catalogue

As we already know Woolworths Catalogue has its Big Night In prizes for customers who got the chance to win them after purchasing participating items. These products are viewable on pg 1-7 of the catalogue. On the other side, Coles has not a snack range as big. That is to say, in their catalogues. Still, you have new products at Coles. For example, Lindt Excellence extra creamy and 95% Cocoa chocolates. Also, Cadbury Dairy Milk mint and hazelnut flavours are two great new products at Coles. Speaking of new ones, the biggest new item on Woolworths snack sale is the Doritos Spider-Man packs. All superhero lovers will like this one. Doritos crackers, corn chips, and salsa sauce are in packs of Spidey now. Remember to buy 3 participating items to get a chance to win a prize. Unlike usual, not both catalogues have half-price deals on snacks. Coles has some half-price products from the snack range but they didn't highlight those offers. Instead, you can find them on pg 3. Oreo chocolate coated biscuits, Infuzions mac and cheese chips, Twisties, Burger Rings, Cadbury Favourites, and more are half-price deals. In fact, all of the items that you see on pg 3 of that catalogue are half-price deals.

Woolworths vs Coles Snack Sales:

- Woolies has the Big Night In snacks and it's way better than Coles Snacks this week.
- Woolworths has more half-price deals. That also includes frozen food snacks. 
- Woolworths has 7 pages with mostly snacks. Coles has nearly 3 full pages of snacks.
- Coles has better Coca-Cola deals.
- The cool Doritos Spidey products are on Woolworths Catalogue.
- You have a chance to win party prizes with Woolworths snack sale.

See these two half-price sales:



Coles Catalogue Snack Sale 12 - 18 Jun 2019 | Half-Price Sale

Snacks are spread all over the catalogue but there is still a part of the Coles snack sale starting on pg 14. You can browse a range of chocolate bars, candies, chocolate biscuits, potato chips, and more. A deal will be valid for Lindt Excellence variety. You can either buy 95% Cocoa or Extra creamy for only $3 and that means you save $1.25. Shop these products on Wednesday until next week on Tuesday. Save huge on Ferrero Collection. Buy 24 pack collection or 30 pack Ferrero Rocher for $11 and save $8.
Coca-Cola has three different items that are on sale. The drinks are available on pg 17. Coke, energy drink, sports drink, and water packs will cost lower. You can get a donation card at Coles. SecondBite donation card details are on the same page with these products. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow our Facebook page to these deals on your feed. Also, see Coles Catalogue grocery sale with plenty of interesting deals for the weekly food or non-food categories of shopping items.

Hair and body care, baby products, vitamins and minerals, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and more are the non-food categories in the latest Coles Catalogue. I believe you can find some really good saving in the catalogue. The list above is just example deals from the catalogue. To see the full product range, please browse the pages.

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 12 - 18 Jun 2019

Half-price sale of Lean Cuisine, Twinings, Continental, and Uncle Tobys products are on the first page of Coles Catalogue 12 - 18 Jun. Coles offers a half-price deal for many products from various categories. Buy coffee, coconut milk, cookies, and more snacks or pantry products from the half-price sale of this catalogue on pg 2-3. Visit the bakery place of Coles to discover 100% Aussie flour Sourdough Vienna, packs of rolls, bakery cookies at lower prices. Coles sells 2 of bakery cookies for only $5 this week. High Fibre low GI bread is highly recommended by professionals and medial people. Buy it for $3 at Coles stores.

Coles Grocery Sales 12 - 18 Jun

Coles fresh fruits and vegetables look pretty familiar. Buy Australian navel oranges for only $2.50/kg. 90% of what you see from the Coles fresh grocery range usually consists of the Aussie produce. The meat sale by the Coles Catalogue and seafood range are viewable on pg 8-9. You can purchase beef corned silverside for only $8/kg. Prawns, salmon, and more are also on sale this week.

Half-price sale on pg 2-3:

Breakfast, Deli, Bakery, Dairy

One of the Coles special sales is that of the Bertocchi deli products like leg ham, smoked ham, and more items. See them on pg 10. Beretta prosciutto will be a $1 saving. Buy it for only $6.50! Next, you have the cheese variety including Devondale dairy soft blend tub. Pay $4 and save $1.70 on Devondale product. High protein, sugarfree, and low-fat yoghurts are so popular as the people got informed about how bad the sugar is for your body. Of course, a number of carbs are essential for glycogen to surf in your veins, but a high protein diet will keep you strong as the main compound of the muscles are amino acids.

Breakfast and pantry categories have a considerable amount of savings, too. Heinz has a special place in the catalogue. Browse some of these items on the catalogue and get your favourites at lower prices this week at Coles.

Pantry Products and Frozen Foods

Cook your meals and lower the cost of the homemade dinner with becoming a savvy shopper. It's very much possible with the online sales and publishings like Coles Catalogues. You have Maharajah's Basmati rice, which is very good for your health, for only $9.50. That's a half-price deal and you have a range of pantry products starting on pg 21. If you are between choosing canola oil and olive oil, prefer olive oil if it doesn't harm the taste of what you wanna cook. It's like a juice of an olive. Extra Virgin olive oil of Moro El Primerio will cost $25!

More half-price deals from frozen foods:

Coles Catalogue Beauty and Body Sale 5 - 11 Jun 2019

Buy your needs like shampoo, body wash, moisturizing lotion, anti-wrinkle or anti-aging products at Coles for half prices. Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 Jun covers a considerable amount of items in the half-price range. The deals are effective until 11 June. Buy Blackmores fish oil, capsules, glucosamine products at half prices, too. If you need external support for your body, exercising very hard to a limit where you lack vitamins or minerals, you might need such products. Dental care is another subcategory in the personal care range. See the products of Oral-B, Macleans Extreme clean toothpaste, hand wash of Palmolive, and more on pg 29-30.
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More half-price deals by Coles:

Coles also has a health care and wellness section in the non-food part. Browse the end of this catalogue to see every item with its current price.

Coles Catalogue Snack Sale 5 - 11 Jun 2019

Stock up your favourites for the Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 Jun 2019 prices. Chips, energy drink, coke, candies, and more will be on sale at Coles supermarket. Visit pg 9-11 for a special sale of snacks and drinks. In most grocery catalogues, snacks are the promotional products for the games. Watch your favourite sports show while eating your favourite food. Everything is on sale, classic snacks are in the range. Coles has a relatively smaller part for the snacks in this catalogue. I recommend you to see it for yourself on the catalogue pages. Furthermore, you'll be able to track the future Coles Catalogue deals via a free subscription. Leave your email for us to send you the notifications about similar deals.

Here are some important snack deals from the latest catalogue:

Soda packs, candies, and more: