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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 13 – 19 Feb 2019 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. This page aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals from the retailer.

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Coles Catalogue Home Products 13 – 19 Feb 2019 | Food Storage

Buy practical products that are durable for a long time at Coles and learn about the half-price deal on these items on the latest Coles Catalogue. Décor match-ups purple oblong container and microsafe cupcake tray of 6cup are available for half prices at Coles this week. In the non-food part of this catalogue, you can see kitchenware and mobile services. Optus $30 SIM is only $9! Also, personal care products like shaving essentials. High-quality razors of Schick Xtreme 3 womens disposable razors, Schick hydro silk kit with blades and more items are on sale by half price discounts. You can collect 2000 bonus flybuy points on your purchases of gift cards including RedBalloon, Hoyts, Ticketmaster and more. Restock your personal care products and bathroom consumables including shampoo, soap, and explore new products like Rexona clinical antiperspirant deodorants on pg 30-31. Coles has deals on Blackmores and Cenovis on the health care section. Follow our Facebook page for more deals and the future catalogues by the supermarket.

Half-price deals on personal care:

That’s not all from this catalogue. Check out the catalogue page for all the deals.

Coles Catalogue Grocery and Snacks 13 – 19 Feb 2019

Uncle Tobys muesli bars, Vitasoy, Nice & Natural nut bars, are all on sale at Coles stores this week. Pay only the half price for most of them. Moccona freeze-dried coffee, Nescafe Blend 43, Nescafe Cappucino, V8, and more beverage products are in this part of the catalogue as well. Check out the snack range starting on pg 16-17 where you have a classic list of deals including Coca-Cola, Cottee’s Cordial, Cadbury Dairy milk, Kirks soft drink, V8 and Kettle chips. You can spot the half-price deal on 4 popular products such as belVita breakfast biscuits on pg 17. The details of products like Lipton ice tea, Pepsi Max, Doritos corn chips, and more snacks got featured on pg 18-19. Save $1.75 on Nutella Hazelnut spread. Pantry section of the catalogue is also interesting and profitable. Campbell’s Real Stock of 1L will cost only $3! Save $1 on that product. Restock your coffee and find the products like Moccona Latte and Cappucino on pg 20. You can save $4 on Nestle Milo. Another great saving is $2.45 on Moccona freeze-dried coffee. Remember you will win a stikeez for $30 you spend. There are 24 of them. Sunrice Australian medium grain, Barilla, Nice & Natural nut bars, Nature Valley and more practical foods for those who hate to waste time cooking or having poor cooking skills. Check out all the deals on Coles Catalogue grocery, follow the Facebook page to track the future deals.

Snacks and beverage:

Coffee and breakfast:

Packaged meals and ice cream:

New products are also available in this part of the catalogue. Streets Magnum 4-6 pack, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tub, Halo tub are the new offers.

Coles Catalogue Fresh Stikeez 13 – 19 Feb 2019

There is a chance to win a free strikeez for every $30 spent on products like deli foods, fresh fruits, bakery, frozen food, and more. Coles promotes the deal and products on the first part of the catalogue. Browse the entire Coles Catalogue for Valentine’s Day gifts. You will have only one day to shop these gifts since the catalogue deals are effective starting on 13 Feb. Ferrero Rocher heart, Hallmark Valentine’s Day card, Lindt Lindor chocolate gift box, and more are available on pg 14-15. One of the best deals is the half-price deal on belVita breakfast biscuits, Kinder and Cadbury chocolate bars, Real Foods corn thins, Cheetos and Twisties. We can buy Nutri-Grain, Smith’s chips, Twinings tea pack, and Sirena Tuna at half prices this week. The deal has been advertised on the first page of the catalogue. Steggles family roast whole chicken is priced at $2.90! Coles became a good place to spend some time with your family. A lot of fun products, gifts, toys, special discounts and similar elements of joy are being featured in stores.

Fresh fruits and Strikeez:

Deli and bakery products:

A page of Coles Catalogue has only the half prices on Kellogg’s coco pops, FatBlaster, Hershey’s, King Oscar, Dole Pineapple, Robert Timms, and La Espanola olive oil, Pureharvest Coco Quench coconut milk and more products. King of Hearts bouquet and more Valentine’s Day gifts are available on pg 14-15. View pg 10-11 for dairy products and seafood discounts. You have banana prawn meat, Tassal smoked salmon, John West salmon with lemon at lowered prices. Yoghurt variety including flavored ones and packs of yoghurts are on sale, too. Check out pg 10-11 for all these new deals.

½ prices:

Coles Catalogue Household Supplies 6 – 12 Feb 2019

Buy chemical cleaning products at Coles supermarket until 12 Feb 2019. Check out the latest deals on Omo, Dynamo, Air Wick, Morning Fresh, Cold Power, and more products from the cleaning section of the Coles Catalogue. Sorbent toilet tissue will cost half this week. Downy fabric enhancer liquid 800mL is one of the popular products priced at $8.80! Pet products are also on sale in this part of the supermarket. Optimum dry dog food can be purchased for only $24! Canned pet food variety can be browsed on pg 35. You can see the brilliant ideas by Coles if you want to save the maximum amount you can from the weekly shopping. Seek and find a nice deal on cleaning chemicals on pg 32-33 of the Coles Catalogue 6 – 12 Feb:

Coles Catalogue Personal Care Products 6 – 12 Feb 2019

Coles Catalogue has a special corner for the half-price deals on Nivea products including deodorant, wrinkle night creams, facial wipes, shower cream and more. You can find more half prices on many health cares, shampoo, hair colours and dental products in the non-food part of this catalogue. Go to pg 30-31 for Swisse tablets of sleep, magnesium, and wild fish oil. Colgate’s mouthwash and toothbrush are also half priced. Coles has special offers in chemical cleaners, laundry products, and more household supplies. Coles prepaid services for mobile phones and some very low price smartphones are also possible to find on pg 36.