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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 16 – 22 Oct 2019 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. This page aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals from the retailer.

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Coles Food Container Half-Price Sale October

Solve your problems with storing food or leftovers with practical products like Coles food container products. Plastic and durable products available in various capacities are half-price deals of the week. I think these are one of the most important non-food half-price deals of the third week of October. Considering more important events and Christmas are approaching, I think you might need some food containers for parties, events, guests, and every other occasion where you need to store your food. The biggest food container there has 4L capacity. Buy it for $5 which is half the regular cost. You should absolutely see that page.

Coles Health and Personal Care Products

The sale has not been launched yet but you can preview the deals on some personal care items such as dental care. Sensodyne toothpaste, Colgate toothbrush, and baby care prices are viewable on pg 30. This week you can browse half prices on hair care, too. Palmolive luminous oils shampoo or conditioner will cost $2.50.

½ prices from this category:

A greater range of half-price deals are possible to see on Nivea brand products. Learn their prices on pg 32-33. Moisturizing products, skin-care and more are available there. Also, household supplies including popular brand dishwashing liquids are half prices. You can really save something on the essentials.

Coles Halloween and Snack Sale 16 - 22 Oct 2019

Various snacks are on sale this week at Coles. Start browsing on the first page where you can find Red Rock Deli chips for half price. The catalogue is also a good source of deals on so many grocery and pantry products. Easy meals are promoted items. And new recipes are in it. Coles Halloween sale is in the catalogue. Trick or treat candies will fill buckets of kids. You don't need to celebrate Halloween to like this sale. For it has the great brands of candies and chocolates like Snickes, Skittles, Freddo and more. They are half-price deals.
Visit pg 16&17 for some premium quality snack sale. Red Rock Deli deluxe potato chips, deli nuts, and more will cost half this week. Start shopping on Wednesday to buy these items for the catalogue prices. Sakata Rice crackers will be a $.50 saving. Buy it for $1.50. All these would be better with some proper soda of your choice. Some of the popular brands of soda packs are also on sale at Coles supermarket this week. Buy Red Bull and Gatorade at cheaper prices. Gatorade is a half-price deal. You can subscribe to Coles Catalogue and get notifications or emails about such deals.

Coles Halloween and snack sale:

Half-price snacks:

Coles Easy Meals 16 - 22 Oct 2019 | Grocery Catalogue

Easy meal recipes are one of the most searched dinner ideas on the internet. When you search for it you will encounter some blog posts that contain over 20 easy recipes that will take probably 30 or 40 minutes to prepare. Most of them require maybe 10 ingredients or fewer. I believe that's the reason the highlighted subject on the recently published Coles Catalogues is easy meals. But this catalogue is not only for browsing easy meals, but it also contains a considerable amount of savings on Halloween products. You might not like to celebrate it but some products are cheaper so it's a win-win.

See these Coles easy meals recipes on pg 2-3:

  • Mexican tacos
  • Prosciutto chicken
  • Thai-style chicken stir-fry
  • Ricotta & spinach pasta
  • Beef & Thyme burgers

Coles has a recipe page called "What's for dinner" and all recipes take only 30 minutes. For example, Ricotta & Spinach Pasta only takes 20 min. and it requires only 5 ingredients. Coles also gives you the idea of drink pair for these recipes. You can even find Coles Made Easy meals that will be ready under 10, 30 and 45 minutes. Check out pg 6 to see these deals:

Coles Fresh Food, Meat and Seafood

Speaking of meals we should also mention the Spring lamb that has already been spoken before. The deals still go on at Coles supermarkets. Pay $11 per kg of Spring Australian lamb. Meat products are going to be on sale starting on Wednesday. Visit pg 7 to see them. Coles fresh produce sale has Australian made fruits and vegetables on pg 5. Eve apples are only at Coles this week. Promotional discounts on products like Tassal sliced salmon are available on pg 8-9.

Dairy Products Including Cheese And More

Shop flavoured milk and packaged cheese variety. The catalogue may be a good guide for every cheese lover. There are so many worth trying when the cheese is playing the leading role. Parmesan is on sale and you can buy 125g Parmesan for $3.29 every day.

Coles Halloween Products

Spooktober sale is also one of the headers in this content. It's a good discount for everyone even though they don't celebrate Halloween. Cool accessories and costumes are on sale, too. Witch Hat with hair will cost $5.

Half-Price Breakfast Sale

Coles has healthy breakfast food at half prices. Coffee, cereals, muesli bar, and more low GI products are better for your cardiovascular health. Your body won't store the excess energy from these products as fat. Prefer low GI products if you have concerns on body fat. Also, products like John West salmon can be interesting. Coles pantry sale including olive oil and canned products is also a profitable discount. Shop Campbell's and more brands in that category.

Stock Up Some Frozen Food

Buy some packaged frozen food or ice cream to fill in your fridge. Awesome products with tasty variety and long-lasting options for your dinner or lunch are available on Coles Catalogue. Birds Eye deli hoki will cost $5.60 this week. Subscribe to the Coles Catalogue or other catalogues to get similar deals of supermarkets.

Half Prices:

Coles Pantene Half Price Sale 9 - 15 Oct 2019

If you are looking for a range of skincare and opposition forces against the harmful impact of the transition of the season, you are in the correct place for a good price. In fact, Coles Catalogue half-price sale may help you save on many different categories including Pantene products such as shampoo or conditioner. Find them on pg 33. Pantene Masque moisture renewal treatment 300mL will cost $5 which happens to be half the regular price. More shampoo, baby care, skincare products are available on the same page. Coles personal care range has more than that. Shop half prices of Vaseline, Mitchum, Aveeno, and similar products in the body/haircare range. Lowering the costs of such products may only do good for you. Gillette skin-guard manual razor 1 pack is only $7.50 at Coles this week. If you are interested in buying some more from the beauty-health category, do your research and check out another half-price sale by Coles regarding the products of Ogx.

See Coles Pantene half-price sale and more:

Body and beauty:

Ogx products and dental care:

Coles Catalogue Halloween Snack Sale 9 - 15 Oct 2019

Buy your favourite soda packs at lower prices for Halloween at Coles supermarket. A special selection of Halloween candies, snacks, chips, soda, and more products are in this week's Coles Catalogue. Fanta or Sprite 1.25L will be 2/$3.30 on Wednesday. Buying soda in Summer can be costly. You always need to have some refreshment and if you don't act carefully you might end up spending excessive amounts during your shopping trip for the regular grocery products. I think browsing the Coles Catalogue before you go shopping can be a useful caution regarding that possibility. G Active electrolyte water of 600mL bottle is a half-price deal at Coles. Shop Powerade, Monster Energy Drink, Kirks Soft drinks, and more in this aisle. Find chips of Smith's, CC's, and candies like M&M's on pg 21. Coles snack range is relatively narrower than the previous week. Game snacks were a bigger hype than these.

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