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Coles Catalogue Half Prices 27 Jun – 3 Jul 2018

Omo, John West tuna, Dairy milk, Ogx shampoo or conditioner and more will cost half at Coles supermarket. And this is the preview of Coles Catalogue 27 Jun – 3 Jul 2018. Porterhouse steak is only $27/kg. Mars, KitKat, CC’s chips and Arnott’s cheds are among the snacks. Find half prices for Cadbury favourites, Kettle chips, Lindt Lindor and more snacks.
Cadbury Dairy milk Freddo is a new product at Coles Catalogue. Pay only the half price for that. The chance of finding one of your favourites in this catalogue is really high. Supermarket food like Maggi and Fusian 2min. noodles of 5pk. will cost only $3. Make your breakfast mornings awesome with Kellogg’s Sultana Bran. Nature Valley crunchy, Kellogg’s LCM’s and more breakfast food are also on sale.

Shopping can be easier and cheaper with the clever ideas. Down down deals soda packs of your favourite brands including Kirks, V and more. A mixture of randomness is available with the down down deals on pg 14-15. Continental pasta & sauce, Heinz Soup, Campbell’s are all in this category.

½ prices:

Expand your stocks of soda packs, and soft drinks with the lower prices by Coles. Pay half price for Powerade sports drink. It’s available with the new flavour now. A classic taste of refreshment, the Coca-Cola, with a 10x375ml offer at Coles will cost only $6.90.

Dinners are better with a higher quality of products. Use Coles Catalogue prices to achieve greater amounts of saving on pantry products. Coffee of Moccona, Nescafe Gold, and Twinings Tea are on sale. Moccona Coffee capsules of 10 pk. will be $3. Also, another morning product; Nestle Milo with a new flavour. This frothycino of 8pk will be $5. Peters Drumstick, Connoisseur, Peters original and more ice cream featuring down down prices on pg 16. You can get more frozen or packaged food products for half prices on pg 17. A heaven of simple meals including these products:

Read the recipe of Curtis Stone’s braised whole chicken chili verde on pg 22. Also, down down deal on beef corned silverside. Coles Australian lamb loin chops will cost $18/kg. Cheese is good any time and most of the times it’s enjoyable with a side product of refreshing drink. For breakfast and lunch, the idea of having cheese would never bore people. Devondale cheese slices of 500g is a $6.40 deal at Coles.

More ½ prices:

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Coles Catalogue Specials | Personal Care and Cleaning

If you want to see good deals on cleaning products, then you are on the correct part of anything related to Coles supermarket. Coles Catalogue can offer you top brands of cleaning items like the chemical cleaners at lower prices. You should check out the pg 41 for Cold Power, Vanish Gold, Omo and more brands. This week, Swisse pills are on sale. Get Swisse hair skin nails for only $11 saving $12! ½ prices are valid for other Swisse products as well.

Oral-B dental care products are an essential category again. You should see the best deals of Oral-B on pg 38. View toothpaste, toothbrush and more products for lower prices. Elvive hair care products are hype now. Trends in the hair care products and the category itself are available on pg 36-37.

Check out these popular snacks, beverage and food deals at Coles:

Personal Care Products:

Here are the prices for Oral-B products:

Cleaning Products:

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Coles Catalogue Deals 20 – 26 Jun 2018

You can save on the snacks and beverage, your favourite quick food and more at Coles supermarket this week. Coles Catalogue Deals Jun 20 – 26 covers half prices. iTunes gift cards will be 15% off this week. Lamb leg roast will cost only $9/kg. A wide range of half-price deals on products like Campbell’s soups, Twinings breakfast tea, SunRice Jasmine rice and more on pg 2-3. You can get Coca-Cola 24x375mL for only $18.60. Get your snacks ready for the games. Down Down deals on Kirks soft drink 10x375mL. Mizone sport hydration drink of 500mL bottle will cost only $2.15! Schweppes mineral water or mixers costs half the regular price. Save $1.08 on that product for the safety of your shopping budget.

½ prices at Coles:

A good snack list from brands like Doritos is available on pg 9. M&M’s block chocolate is $3. Shop Barist Bros flavoured milk of 700mL bottle for only $2.50! This is a new product at Coles. Campbell’s butternut pumpkin ladle soup is a nice and quick nutrition for long working nights or a regular day. Get it for only $1.75. Half prices for Continental pasta and sauce ($1) and Betty Crocker mug treats ($2.60). Moro El Primero Extra Virgin olive oil will cost $7-$12 depending upon the size.

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Coles Catalogue Deals 13 – 19 June 2018

Twinings tea bags, Lean Cuisine balanced serve meal, Uncle Tobys quick oat sanchets, Coca-Cola soft drink are among the half-price products from the latest Coles Catalogue. Also, Coles has the essential categories including snacks, beverage, breakfast food, down down deals, Heinz beanz, soup, creamy pumpking are the specials of Coles Catalogue. Continental pasta and sauce or rice value pack will cost only $2.50! MasterFoods recipe bases is another good deal and you can get it with down down price ($2 only).
The reason for snacks and beverage being so important in these catalogues is about the games. Learn about the deals on Pepsi Max, Eclipse, Arnott’s biscuits, Arnott’s shapes and CC’s corn chips that will cost only $2.50! Mars Medium funsize 144-216g will be only $3!

Buy V Energy drink of 4x275mL for only $5.25 at Coles this week. In the beverage shelf, find Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite soft drink of 10x375mL that will cost only $8.50. Sakata rice crackers are a popular snack from the range of all Coles Catalogues and perhaps you will be interested in this product. Pay only $2 for it.

Cottee’s cordial 1L is a popular drink and it is $7.50 for 2. Golden Circle fruit drink 6x250mL will cost only $7.80 for 2. Moreover, Lavazza a Modo mio tiny coffee machine, Nestle Milo and more breakfast material are available.

Half prices for these snacks and candies:

Find Kellogg’s special cereals for breakfasts. They will be down down deals at Coles. Also, Kellogg’s nutri-grain will be only at a half price that is $2.30! Find nice ½ prices of Pacific west cocktail spring rolls, McCain pizza na and the down down prices for more products.

Birds Eye golden crunch of 1kg is one of the popular deals that will cost only $3.40! You may also see the deals on Peters Drumstick, Bulla creamy classics custard 1L and McCain healthy choice wholegrains of 340-350g will cost less than regular.

Fresh produce like kiwifruit, lemons, pomelos, tangelos, tomatoes and more products are available on pg 19. Beef family roast will be $12/kg. Don Footy franks, king prawns thawed, family hot roast chicken and more seafood or meat products are on sale.

½ prices:

Dairy-free coconut yoghurt will cost only $6 saving you a $1. Bega cheese block or slices, Tasmanian heritage cheese and activa yoghurt are in the cheese range of Coles. You can win a share of 5000 return flights. Learn about this deal on Coles Catalogue pg 5.

Coles Catalogue Half Prices June 6 – 12, 2018 | Game Day Snacks

Coles Catalogue Half Prices and Snacks, Pantry and More

Coles Catalogue offers a significant price drop on many categories like snacks, pantry food, breakfast, game day snacks etc. You will be able to shop high-quality products in grocery, snacks, beverage, fresh food and more with Coles this week. If you like to watch AFL, there are really cool snacks that would be a perfect match for the game nights. You may purchase Pepsi Max, Solo or Schweppes of 10x375mL for $7 only. Doritos snack crackers, Arnott’s cheds crackers, Lindt Lindor chocolate bag are among the candies and snacks you can find in the new sale by Coles.
Win a share of 5000 return flights, save with down down deals and check out that new Edgell product on pg 10. Eat quality food at dinner. Continental pasta and sauce could make a great practical food and it’s only $1.05 which is the half price.

Half-price products like Basmati rice, Oreo cream biscuits, McVitie’s digestives nibbles chocolate and more from the fun part of the catalogue can be found on pg 2-3.

Snacks and Candies:

Those game-day snacks including Indian food like Majans bhuja mix,deli-stylee nuts and other products. All these might get your attention for a lower cost of the weekly shopping. Another half-price product is in the category of breakfast foods. Uncle Tobys chewy choc chip will cost half its normal price at Coles. Also, see the nutella, Weet-Bix bites, LCM’s value pack, Pic’s peanut butter and more products on the same page. Coles offers Lilydale free range chicken and more meat or chicken products on pg 20-21. Seafood, deli meat, bakery and other like-class products might be interesting to you.

More half prices:

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