Coles Plus – For $19 Per Month – Free Delivery


Coles Plus

Let’s talk about Coles Plus. One of the first things to consider is the free delivery. Think about the time you spend at grocery store, standing in line, choosing what to buy, roaming around the aisles only to find out your favorite pasta sauce is out of stock. For just $19 per month, you get free shipping at Coles. I think that alone is worth something. But that’s not all.

  • Free delivery for min. $50 spent
  • More Flybuy points – Get 2x Flybuys Points in-store and online.
  • Buy liquor online – get 10x Flybuys points
  • Not valid only at Coles but also at Coles Express, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor. Unline Flybuys program, it doesn’t extend to Bunnings or other partner retailers.
  • Free Click & Collect Rapid
  • Try free for a month! 

You can learn more about supercharging your Flybuys points on Overall, if you regularly shop at Coles stores, it is at least worth knowing about such a deal.

The price information given in this post might change later. Be sure to check on their official website for official information.

I am not an expert in calculating how much you can save via rewards. You might wanna visit an article I found really helpful on where they say 2000 Flybuys points is equal to $10 off your shop. They also compare it to Woolworths Everyday Extra.

Enjoy the latest Coles Catalogue and see amazing deals you can use to combine with this program.