Coles Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec 2023

Coles Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec is what you can see in the bigger part of the catalogue. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, entertainment, chocolates, desserts, gift cards, and gifts special for Christmas are all featured deals in the Coles Catalogue. You can also see the Coles half-price specials in this catalogue.

Coles Christmas Sale 20 - 26 Dec 2023

Everybody’s favourite chocolate brands, candies, ham variety are available at more affordable prices this week at Coles stores. I don’t know you but I am not satisfied with only a Christmas meal. I love my breakfast, lunch and dinner to be a feast during the Christmas holiday. Ham deals are only half of what you can find as major Christmas foods in these catalogues.

Check these out on the first page of Coles Catalogue 20 – 26 Dec:

  • Coles Australian Beechwood Smoked Half Leg Ham $8/kg
  • KB’s Thawed West Australian MSC Whole Cooked Rock Lobster $24
  • Australian Raspberries 170g Punnet $4 pk
  • Coles Pavlova 1 Pack $6

½ price specials of Christmas chocolate and candy are available in the Coles Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec 2023. You may wanna see these deals before you buy something:

  • ½ price Christmas chocolate: Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury favourites, Toblerone, Coke, Schweppes, and more
  • Christmas enteratining: buy fresh cooked tiger prawns for $30/kg
  • Coles Beechwood smoked picnic ham $9.50/kg
  • Christmas breakfast: Primo Rindless short cut bacon, croissants, smoked tassie salmon, and more
  • Meat sale: Australian Lamb Whole or half leg roast $8/kg
  • Thawed Raw Lobster Tail $8

Check out these Christmas ham and other meat products:

  • Coles Crackling Ham $23 kg
  • Coles Australian Lamb Boneless Shoulder with Greek Style Marinade $18/kg
  • Coles Thawed Cooked Large Black Tiger Prawns $28 /kg
  • Coles Fresh Salmon Side $36/kg

Birds and ham:

  • Coles RSPCA Approved Whole Turkey Medium 3.8kg $35
  • Coles RSPCA Approved Big Chicken 3.2kg $18
  • Coles RSPCA Approved Turkey Whole Large 4.6kg $42
  • Coles Finest Free Range RSPCA Approved Turkey Whole Large $53
  • Coles Brown Sugar Glazed Easy Carve Picnic Ham $10.50 kg
  • Coles Beechwood Double Smoked Half Leg Ham $12 kg
  • Coles Beechwood Smoked Leg Ham Portion $12.50 kg

You can also find delicious Coles Finest products. Don’t stop with the foods of the feast table. Explore the deals on Belgian Chocolate meringues, peach pies, tropical trifle, and more products. Furthermore, Coles Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec 2023 has a great selection of ready meals and ice cream. Go to page 16 – 17 for products like minted peas, French tartlets, Mascarpone Caramel & Brandy Snap, salmon side with crushed herbs.

Christmas Gifting – Coles Christmas Sale 20 – 26 Dec 2023

Beautiful gift wraps, gift cards of beloved brands and event sites including Choice and Active gift cards, toy gifts, and more also appear to be featured offers in Coles Catalogue.

  • Gift Wrap 5 Metre Adult or Kids $3
  • Festive Christmas Cards 25 Pack $4
  • Kraft Crackers 6 Pack $10
  • Luxury Crackers 8 Pack $15
  • Gift Cards of Amazon, Myer, airbnb, bunnings, and many more
  • 10% off Choice and Active Gift Cards

Christmas Gifts and toys:

  • Frozen or Spiderman Shower Pack $10
  • Mandalorian Can Cooler or Coffee Mug $6
  • Christmas Socks $6

Shoppable Recipes – New Coles Recipe Service

Introducing the shoppable recipes, I think the brand aims to redefine recipe-seeking. I always thought about this and finally somebody is doing it. If this will be successful, I think it is gonna be a hit. Go to for shoppable recipes. Find a recipe, go to the recipe’s page, and if you scroll down, you will see the ingredients as shoppable items.

If they can manage to list all the ingredients available in a recipe, it will be useful. Not even the full list is needed. For example, every household probably has necessary spices for most meals if the spice is not something too specific like a black cardamom.

Don’t forget to see Coles Best Buys Catalogue this week.