Coles vs Woolworths vs IGA Half-Price Specials 17 – 23 Apr 2024

Followers of these catalogues should know that they publish half-price specials every week. Let’s check out what all three major supermarkets have in their half-price sections. Aside from the half-price deals they promoted an important deal for the week.

Coles offers free ovenware if you collect enough credits. High quality KitchenAid ovenware will be yours for those credits. Buy participating products and get them for free. Every $20 purchase will give you one credit.

Woolworths continues to promote the Big Brand Value this week. These are interesting deals on most people’s favorite brands in every category. They promoted deals on Omo, Sensodyne, Rexona products from nonfood categories.

The Mega Deals Sale by IGA Catalogue is one of the important specials in all major supermarkets. If you like bargain hunting, you must be familiar with these highlighted offers of the week.

Woolworths Half-Price Specials 17 – 23 Apr 2024

Woolworths Catalogue has spared a big part for the half-price deals this week. Check out all items participating in Woolworths half-price sale. Our sales pages shows over 4000 items that are on sale from Coles and Woolworths every week.

Woolworths Half-Price Specials 17 - 23 Apr 2024 

Check out the half-price deals on Nescafé, Birds Eye Oven Baked Fish, and many more.

Woolies offers a lot of snacks and drinks at half prices. Sour Patch, Delites, Poppin, Coca-Cola, Thins, and many more are going to cost half this week at Woolworths.

The half-price deals are not the only things you must see in the catalogue. You can collect 10x points by purchasing some of the participating items. Have your breakfast with crumpets or take fresh-filled pasta for your lunch at the office. But before buying them, you should know about these deals.

Half-Price Specials from Big Brand Value

This tag on some products is an emphasized one. Their Catalogue promotes them along with the half-price specials. You can find some nonfood products from this part of the catalogue. Go to pages 6-7 to see them.

Collect 10x Points – Save Half

Hit two birds with one stone. You can collect 10x rewards while saving half on some of your favourite products. They have them on page 9-10.

Woolworths 10x Points Half-Price Specials

The first 10 pages of the catalogue are pretty much entirely about the half-price specials. But as you see more pages, you will see many others. They can help you save on groceries and nonfood products this week.

Woolworths Half-Price Nonfood Products 17 – 23 Apr 2024

Body care, beauty products, and household specials are also half-price offers at Woolworths stores this week. You will find also toys, pet supplies, mobile offers, and some of Big W’s deals in this week’s catalogue.

Coles Half-Price Specials 17 – 23 Apr 2024

Check out half-price deals on snacks, grocery, pantry, and many others on the new Coles Catalogue. As IGA and Woolworths, they have an extensive section for the ½ price specials this week. On the first page, they have Allen’s, Red Rock Deli chips, Up & Go liquid breakfast, Huggies Baby Wipes.

While saving half you can also collect bonus cookware credits. Coles offers free KitchenAid ovenware. You can get details on that on page 8. See that page to learn which ones will be free for how many credits. Also, check out the products below to see the half-price tags on some household supplies and laundry care products.

There are also bakery, breakfast, dairy products along with snacks that will be half their regular costs at Coles supermarket this week. You might consider adding some of these products on your shopping list this week.

Weet-Bix and other cereals are half-price deals:

Snacks, biscuits, cookies, and more, too, are among the deals you might want to see this week.

Cocobella Coconut Water, Powerade, Lipton drinks are going to be half prices on Wednesday.

Coles Pantry and Grocery Half-Price Deals 17 – 23 Apr 2024

Reduce the cost of cooking by half with the help of this week’s catalogue. A good simmer sauce can make a huge difference but you don’t have to spend too much on your grocery shopping. Take a look at this week’s Coles Catalogue. Coffee and tea category also have some ½ price specials.

Coles Half-Price Nonfood Products 17 – 23 Apr 2024

You can buy supplements, vitamins, personal care products, cosmetics, and others at half prices. Most of those items are available at the end of the catalogue after you pass the grocery section. You can use our smart viewer for Coles Catalogue and conveniently see the new deals.

Shampoo, feminine care, oral care, and more categories can be seen on the pages below. Also, new products have been introduced in the catalogue this week. Wait for Wednesday to shop for these items and save half.

IGA Half-Price Specials 17 – 23 Apr 2024

View the new IGA Catalogue for the half-price specials featured this week. It will guide you to the mega deals sale which is mostly a collection of half-price specials from categories of food and nonfood products. Products like Sorbent toilet rolls, Omo laundry detergents, and more are available there.

IGA Half-Price 17 - 23 Apr 2024 2

Also, check out the products from household category to save half on laundry care items like Dynamo Professional Laundry Liquid.

IGA’s Half-Price Snack Sale 17 – 23 Apr 2024

Visit an IGA store that is participating in this sale to see a bunch of half-price snacks. I think it is a great chance to stock up on some Thins chips or Pepsi, Solo, or Schweppes packs. If you already buy some ice cream or chips every now and then, consider this new snack sale at IGA one of the important deals for your bargain hunting this month. IGA Snacks Half-Price 17 - 23 Apr 2024

Go to page 13 for cleaning supplies like Bref cleaning gel toilet liquid and Dettol disinfectant wipes. The Oral-B Pro Health Advanced or 3D white toothpaste is also going to be 50% off.