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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

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ALDI Catalogue 25 April 2018 | Special Buys Week 17

Australian wool quilt, queen size products, flannelette sheet set and wool blend pillows. They are all awesome products that will be on sale as specials at ALDI Stores this week. However, you can see even more than that with the last part of the catalogue. The catalogue is divided into two parts.

In addition, sports outfit for ladies, fitness tights, yoga/fitness items, vibration trainer and fitness jacket. All the products will be the special buys in 25 April but you can see the entire catalogue for more.

Check out this list of products picked from ALDI Catalogue.

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ALDI Catalogue 18 April 2018 | Special Buys Week 16 | Apparels and Electronics

ALDI Special Buys Week 16

ALDI has a special sale for customers who would like to renew their entertainment technology at home. Aldi sells Bauhn 4K TV for only $399. It’s a 49″ big TV and ultra high definition display. Pretty much useful for many purposes. $399 is the price you have to pay for a TV you can use as a gaming monitor for your PS4 as well. You can run the media in your USB stick, or use the HDMI cable to connect with your computer. A decent TV from ALDI and Bauhn.

Also, Bauhn soudbar will be available on 18 April. Pay only $79.99 for that soundbar which will improve the quality of your film sound significantly. 1 Year Warranty is valid with this purchase. Google Home Mini, LCD brackets are also available.

Mens puffer vest, mens long sleeve top, jogger pants, casual joggers are some good deals from the menswear. Check out all the products for men on pg 4-7. Moreover, Mexican food is also one of the deals for that day. Special Buy sales which will be really interesting for many customers. Since, you’ll have such a low price range.

Furthermore, you can check out the details of deals in the preview of the Aldi Catalogue. Probably, you will explore more interesting things. Also, see the deals from Myer Mid Season Sale. 

ALDI Catalogue 11 April 2018 | Special Buys Week 15 2018

ALDI Catalogue priced quilted coverlet set only $69.99! Sheets, quilts and furniture are the majority of the special buys week 15. And more from this catalogue are available on 11 April. ALDI has some pretty things for your home and these products will be available on 11 April. It’s a great and low-price product list and I believe enthusiasts who like to renew their living rooms and bedroom furniture will find it really useful. Profit is not far from you when you are in an ALDI store. Extraordinary deals and top-of-the-line quality is their profession. Authentic patterns appear in the design of the outer surface of quilt covers and sheet sets. Please visit pg 2-3 to explore some good quilts and sheets. ALDI Special Buys is always interesting for those who like to save more.

Don’t allow pollution in your bedroom. Have small bins to collect the trash later easily. All the deals on trash bins and similar kind of products to make everything and make them look organised are available in the catalogue.

Store your clothing, sheets, pillows and other things in the drawers and cabinets. There are white furniture for your bedroom. 1 year warranty and applicable prices. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Cook better and stylish with the premium quality kitchen ware by ALDI. They are colorful. Green, red, blue pans and knives, food storage and more. Visit pg 8-9 for pet products. Make your little friend comfortable and well fed. My Dog 12x100g will cost only $9.99 and much more can be seen in these pages.

ALDI Catalogue 4 April Deals | Special Buys Week 14

ALDI’s irresistible and interesting products are again on stage. This week a few regular ones. Women’s wear that is both stylish and casual will appear on the pg 2-3. You can renew your wardrobe with these formal clothing items.

Also, elder care products like walking stick or wheelchair might help you. You can also make a gift out of it. Really comfortable products for elder people are really supportive of daily life. These products will be on sale on 7 April, Saturday. I think there is not so much after Easter. Celebrate Easter with the sweet candies from the other ALDI Catalogue. It has more deals on Saturday. Moreover, don’t forget to see the garden decoration which will be on sale on Saturday. Buy beautiful pots for your plants and more products for your garden.

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ALDI Catalogue Greek Food Sale

ALDI has a Greek food feast for everyone on 28 March. You can check out the deals on this Mediterranean dairy and packaged food on pg 8-9. Visit those pages to get a look at the best prices by ALDI on these fantastic food products.

Feta cheese, basically the white cheese, is a special cheese type that is best made in Greece and Turkey. In Denmark, they have a different kind of feta. That’s a thicker one compared to this Greek cheese. Baklava is also a very special dessert that is well made in these two countries.
These two products and Greek yoghurt are probably the most definitive food products to know about Greece. They are so popular in Israel, Egypt and other M. East countries as well. Taste this awesome food and have fun with your family or friends. I especially recommend white cheese with a fine drink from this geography. Raki is one of the most popular drinks that go with white (feta) cheese.

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