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Browse the ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 34, which is valid for 21 Aug and 24 Aug 2019.

The current products are available in the catalogue where you can see all these special buys. ALDI’s product range is uniquely chosen and they are only available 2 days a week. They have not a great number of stocks when they bring these products.

Anything can be a subject of an ALDI Catalogue. You can often see brands like Bauhn TV and electronics, Crofton home products, Crane sports products, and more. An HD TV, laptop, game console, toys of popular movie characters and numerous more. If you are familiar with ALDI stores, it’s easy for you to spot a good deal in the catalogues, too. Follow our Facebook or Twitter page to track the future Aldi deals and special buys weeks catalogues.

ALDI Special Buys are published with a number equal to the weeks of a year. So, there will be totally 52 ALDI Special Buys weeks including ALDI snow gear sale.

Moreover, you may share your opinions about stores and reviews here. Discuss the deals, check out your favourite products online.

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ALDI Gift Card and Mobile Plans Catalogue Aug 2019

You can browse ALDI gift card deals and mobile plans on pg 16&17 of the latest ALDI catalogue. You have especially important deals on pg 16 for restaurant gift cards. Redballoon and the restaurant gift cards will cost 15% off this week. The deal is valid on 14 Aug - 27 Aug 2019. Moreover, ALDI Gift Cards are available online or in-store. You can buy $20, $50 ALDI gift card variety on pg 16. Visit the official page of them to learn details. If you are looking for an on-budget mobile plan, these ALDI prepaid plans may be suitable for you. For example, 60GB data and unlimited international calls to 15 selected countries will cost you $55. That is a jumbo prepaid plan and you also get an extra 400 minutes and 50 SMS to 35 more countries. If you have an international or remote job, these plans might work for you.
Moreover, you can auto re-charge ALDI mobile plans. They have a 30 days expiry period. Also, there is no need for a contract. Plus, all these come with 4G technology. ALDI advertises these on its catalogues because these are boosted data packs and new products. Visit pg 16-17 to see gift card and ALDI prepaid mobile plans today:

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ALDI Batman Mug and Father's Day Clothing Gifts 21 - 24 Aug 2019

Discover quirky gifts on ALDI Catalogue for Father's Day today. One of the coolest gift selection for Dad's day belongs to ALDI. On 21 August, you can buy a Batman mug, R2-D2 or Chewbacca coffee mugs, and even Stormtrooper are there in the ALDI Father's Day gift selection. Besides, the prices will never be expensive in an ALDI store. Other products like classic men's personal care items are also gifts. For example, you can buy men's manicure kit 9 pieces for only $7.99. One product is as much interesting as these mugs. Consider reviewing Master hardware tool gifts from which you can choose 12-in-1 multifunction tool, 9-in-1 adjustable wrench, and more products. ALDI Catalogue offers a range of beautiful gifts for all. Check out these items of class, usefulness, and fun gifts:

ALDI Men's Clothing Gifts

Buy tees, sports shoes, denim jackets, and chino shorts for Father's Day at ALDI on 24 August. Classy and casual products are on sale. You can get licensed fan products, too. Buy a Hulk PJ set for dad. Nowadays, Marvel characters are popular since Endgame DVD has been released and new movies like Spider-Man Far From Home is on theatres. Soon, there will be a fuss about Disney's Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker. I am one of the fans waiting for the movie.

ALDI Smart TV Father's Day Gift Catalogue Deal 21 Aug 2019

Special Buys Week 34 are Father's Day gifts consisting of electronic entertainment and phones. Gift packs of BBQ sets are also interesting and most men love this stuff. ALDI Catalogue shows a smart TV deal on pg 2. The standard TV is expected of some things like being smart enough to run apps like Netflix or Youtube. Being full HD is the #1 specs of a TV like the one on pg 2. Buy a 40" ALDI Smart TV for Father's Day. ALDI will have that product on 21 Aug.

- Full HD Res.
- Pre-installed Netflix and Youtube.
- 1 Year Warranty

Are the important specs of this product. ALDI Smart TV deal is also combined with more electronic gift ideas such as Wireless Powerbank, wireless charging, and a headphone on pg 2. Browse ALDIMobile deal as well. Motorola smartphone is gonna cost $279 at ALDI. That's a decent phone and it's one of the good ideas of Dad's day gifts from this store. One of the most interesting gifts there is Vinyl Records. I particularly liked Rock 'n' Roll Classics record. You will find songs of Guns 'n' Roses, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and more legends in that vinyl record. Pay only $14.99 for such a gift. But obviously, you will need a turntable. Well combine the turntable with a briefcase and that record to make a perfect gift idea.

Moreover, besides the deals like ALDI Smart TV, Motorola smartphone, and more stuff from this catalogue, you can also see BBQ gift packs. Check out pg 4-5 to see BBQ snacking gift packs like jerky or biltong, Maltesers, and sauces or seasonings. Lots of favourite snacks are available as gift ideas on pg 4-5. More gifts like grooming products are also available this week.

Have a look at these products on the catalogue:

Also, check out ALDI Special Buys Week 33 catalogue.

Workzone Tools ALDI Catalogue 17 Aug 2019

If you are setting up a toolset, an angle grinder is one of the most important power tools you need. This power tool is used for polishing, cutting, and it has many types. Basic things should be known if you are about to buy one. For example, you need to know the size of the disc which is correlated to the power of the motor. Consider the power and speed of the tool. Rotation of the grinder must be taken into consideration. Also, it must be easy to handle. Workzone Tools of ALDI Catalogue is a range on the latest special buys sale. Browse pg 12-13 for Workzone tools and find the 1200W Angle Grinder which will cost $29.99! It comes with a 1-year warranty. The product will be on sale on 17 August and you can find more ALDI power tools deals. If you are familiar with Workzone Tools, I think you will find these prices affordable.

ALDI Outdoor Furniture Catalogue Sale 17 Aug 2019

Shop ALDI outdoor furniture sale that is available on the latest catalogue. Special Buys Week 33 deals on a lounge chair, timber day bed, poolside furniture, and more are available on pg 8-9. Moreover, ALDI Catalogue gardening deals are also possible to see today. A long-time is available for you before these deals go valid. I personally love the retro garden furniture like metal chairs and tables. Vintage patio wasn't looking comfortable but it looks really hot at the time. Especially, compared to modern furniture, I believe that 90s and 80s garden style should come back at some point. I always look for bistro furniture in cafes with gardens. In Paris, you can find some of these. People love wooden products, too. The latest ALDI Catalogue has some wooden modern outdoor furniture for you. Visit pg 8-9 to see these items:

ALDI Gardening Tools - Summer Garden Care

As the summer months are approaching, you might want to create a checklist for the jobs to care about the problems in your garden. Furnishing it aside, there may be lots of works to do. For example, mulch is one of the first things to consider. Spread some mulch over your soil as an essential task at first. It's something like protection against the sun. Mulch is made of organic products like leaves. Also, don't forget to remove pesky weeds off your soil. They will steal the moisture from other plants. They especially tend to grow in summer. Use ALDI gardening tools to take care of the weed problem.
You can add colorful blossoms to your garden. Think of Lantana, Angelonia, Pentas, Salvia, and similar heat-loving plants.