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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

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ALDI Catalogue Deals Special Buys Week 42 2017

ALDI Catalogue Deals Special Buys Week 42 2017We previously discussed the upcoming sale of ALDI Catalogue for 18 October 2017. So let’s focus on the special buys that will be valid on 21 October. There will be mainly kitchenware. Tea towel, grill plate, multi food chopper, dressing mixer, and more from the kitchen range of ALDI Catalogue. Also, see power tools. For example, this week you will be able to purchase water transfer pump, metal cut off 2100W, and hand tools or small accessories. Xfinity tools and gardening products including lawnmower, drill drivers, mitre saw skin, cordless 2-in-1 pole pruner/hedger and many more products.

If you have a plan to change your kitchen or replace something in it, check out pg 6&7 which cover gadgets to handle fruits and vegetables and other small apparatus for every kind of work in the kitchen.

Professional tools can help you with DIY projects or allow you handle daily works in your garden or garage with simplicity. Make everything easier with the proper tools.

Spring gardening is an important subject in the year. You should care about your garden before anything messy happens to it. Check out the tools of ALDI Catalogue offered on pg 12-13 and subscribe to this category.

ALDI Special Buys 18 October 2017

Kids clothing sale will be one of the deals that will be available on 18 October. ALDI sells sleeve tee, wondersuit, singlesuit, kids sports socks, and more. Also, see Summer pyjamas sale that covers PJ set, slippers, summer slippers and similar sort of products. Halloween candies like Mars celebration, chocolates, Ceramic tea light holders, Haribo happy hariween, and more.

ALDI Special Buys 18 October 2017 1 ALDI Special Buys 18 October 2017 2 ALDI Special Buys 18 October 2017 3

Some good deals incoming:

  • Bonds Short Sleeve Tee $9.99
  • Kids Shorts 2pk $9.99
  • Bonds Long Sleeve Wondersuit $11.99
  • Kids Licensed Pyjamas $9.99
  • Kids Organically Grown Cotton Pyjamas $8.99
  • Kids Licensed Summer Slippers $8.99
  • Joocers Body Parts or Bugs ’n Grubs Fruit Flavoured Gums 250g/50pk $3.99
  • Haribo Happy Hariween 264g $2.99

Take a look at the images and click on them if you want to see the full size. Special buys of ALDI and ALDI Catalogues are so helpful to people who want to shop for the stuff at lower costs. The occasional sales of ALDI Catalogues might give you interesting ideas to replace something at your house. They also make catalogues of fashion and home fashion. Sometimes furniture is the keyword for a catalogue of special buy or it could be a cuisine from the world. Halloween and kids entertainment will be this week’s main topics.

I think the new catalogue will be out on Friday. Follow on Facebook or Twitter to get notifications. It’s possible to see almost all published catalogues whenever they get published.

ALDI Catalogue Home Appliances 14 October 2017

ALDI Catalogue Home Appliances 14 October 2017Special buys that will be on sale on Wednesday. ALDI home appliances are favourable for most online customers. Check out chest freezer, microwave oven, blenders, and more on pg 14-15. You can buy an HD TV with built-in DVD player at ALDI this week. Bauhn’s 32″ HD TV is not full HD but you can take this as a low budget alternative. iPhone 6 is going to be available on 14 October.

Energy Rating of 82L upright freezer is 3.5/5. That is a high ranking freezer when you consider the marketing prices of this kind of products. ALDI offers a huge sale with these brilliant products. Also, improve the sound systems in your home. Bluetooth soundbars with subwoofer, hifi system, remote control caddy and indoor antenna are featured products.

Grocery products, beverage, snacks, 7 day deals and more food products will be also on sale at ALDI.

In the food shelf of ALDI, Coconut water 1L is only $3, Westacre Colby cheese block is $3.99 and Simplicity foods sausage rolls 4pk is $6 and more products are available.

ALDI Special Buys 11 October 2017

Furniture is the main category that ALDI will try to sell on 11 October. Chair, sofa, rug, lamp and kitchenware are all included items of the next week’s ALDI Catalogue Special Buys. They focused on small things that you might consider replacing or renewing. Also, Indian food will be on sale. Find spice variety, curry, wrap kits, bread, Indian bowls and more products. You have the power to change everything in your life. Just a little push will make an enormous change. Think little by little and make plans. Without scheduling, you won’t accomplish anything. These small savings will mean a lot in the end of the year.

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ALDI Catalogues are a great support in saving and making shopping easier. Accent armchair is one of the products in the current ad of the upcoming sale. It is going to be only $129. ALDI’s furniture range is simple, modern and useful. That’s what most people actually want. Just check out the deals from this sale.

  • Buffet $129
  • Accent Armchair $129
  • 2 seat sofa $199
  • Newington rug $99.99
  • Stretch slipcover $59.99
  • Hall Runner $69.99
  • Byron table lamp $39.99
  • Cushion Assortment $24.99
  • Frying pan with glass lid 24 cm $19.99
  • Anti-splash lid $5.99
  • Ceramic Frying pan 28 cm $19.99
  • Assorted ceramic knives $5.99
  • Grill and Oven tray 2 pc set $4.99
  • Multifunction food grater $24.99
  • Patak’s Signature sauces 250g $2.49
  • Indian Bowls $14.99
  • Indian spice tin container $14.99

Many more items in this sale. Follow ALDI Catalogue on the Facebook or Twitter. You can reach all the details with the posts and preview of the catalogues.

ALDI Catalogue 7 October Deals 2017

ALDI Catalogue 7 October Deals 2017ALDI catalogue shopping items for 7 October are in-car products, car care and equipment for emergency. Gardening, lawn mowers, trimmer, blower vac, Workzone products and more are included in the special buys week 40 catalogue. Save with this catalogue. Find what you are looking for. LED lighting products including dimmable candles, LED downlight, night light, and more. You will save energy and money considering all these LED lighting products are made for saving energy. See a chart for how much energy you can save on pg 16. Equivalent effect of illumination, comparison with their consumption of energy in Watts and Lm. This catalogue also offers household items. Shop your needs for cleaning supplies. Finish Superwipes, cloth wipes, Vanish and many more products are on sale this week. Seafood, 7 day deals on food, and more are featured.

See gardening products:

Find professional tools from the ALDI Catalogue. In the pg 14-15 that contains proper working clothing and safety products, profession and powerful tools for your DIY projects, multi purpose mat, boltless shelving, stainless steel screws and many more products.