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ALDI Catalogue weekly special buys and read the reviews on products. All news about ALDI can be found on this page. Find out the greatest product range from ALDI Stores. Aldi special buys are featured on these catalogues. ALDI weekly specials are the products you can shop only at the specified dates on the catalogue.

ALDI Special Buys Week 3 2017 which is currently valid. Check out this week’s ALDI Catalogue for the best products of the week.

Check out Christmas Catalogues 2016

This week new Christmas decoration ideas and holiday or travel supplies might draw your attention.

ALDI Catalogue School Supplies 11 Jan 2017

Pencils, pens, calculators, note books, back packs and food containers for school by ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 2 2017 will be valid deals on Wednesday, 11 January. ALDI Catalogue School Supplies 11 Jan 2017It’s a great range consisting of all the needs for daily school life. Premium material made of high quality content that are all on sale. ALDI is famous with its occassional sales like this one.

ALDI offers pens and note books on pg 2-3.

Ballpoint pens 12 pk $1.19
Coloured pencils 24 pk $1.19
Highlighters 6 pk $2.49
Fineline pens 4 pk $2.99
Scientific calculator $6.99
Correction tape 2 pk $.99

Lever Arch folder or 2 ring binder $1.49
Hard Case portfolio $9.99
Pencil box case $9.99 ea
A4 paper refills 200 pk $3.49
A4 exercise or A4 binder book 128 $.47

Scrapbooks, markers, stationery products and pencils are available on pg 4. Check out backpacks and accessories on pg 5. Drink bottles, food containers, freezer bricks and like-class items have been contained by this catalogue.

ALDI Special Buys Wed 11 Jan School Needs

Sistema lunch tub 2.3L $5.99
Decor drink bottle 2 pk $5.99
Cool Gear sports drink bottle 532 mL $4.99
Kids insulated lunch case $5.99

400mL sandwich containers or 1.2L wrap container $1.99
Snack containers $2.49
Smash freezer bricks assorted $1.99

School shoes for kids and boys are featured on ALDI Catalogue. Don’t skip pg 10-11 for the best prices of the school shoes. Quality material made to manufacture these products. Most people love these products and their current prices.

Kids Leather joggers $19.99 pr
Kids leather school shoes $29.99 pr
Youth leather school shoes $34.99 pr
Kids basic joggers $13.99 pr
Shoe polish or shoe deodoriser $3.49
Youth basic joggers $16.99 pr

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 49 Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts and decoration products are easy to find this week. All the major stores have got catalogues of Christmas products.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 49 Christmas Gifts ALDI is one of them and ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 49 Christmas gifts consist of toys, women’s beauty and active wear, swim wear and summer products, home appliances and electronic products. You can find power tools with the catalogue. Christmas meat products of festive lunch and more savings can be browsed via this new catalogue.

ALDI Special Buys Week 49 Highlights

Kids’ entertainment products on pg 2-3, ladies personal care and fitness outfit on pg 4-5, summer products and beach supplies and musical instruments or equipment are all on sale on Wed 7 Dec. ALDI offers some of the best toys for kids. Other than that browse kitchen appliances on pg 10-11, bike gear and accessories on pg 12, drones and security electronics on pg 13, men’s wishlist and pro tool on pg 14-15, festive meat on pg 17. Those products will be on sale on Wed 10 Dec.

Kids leather sandals $13.99
Minnie’s bow-tique sets $19.99
Mini colour watch $6.99
Kids sunglasses $5.99
Emboridered kids basketball cap $7.99
Die Cast motorbikes $7.99
Hot Wheels AI racing system $99.99
LEGO Visual guides or history books $24.99

ALDI Gifts For Her and Summer Products

In holiday there are plenty of gifts in each catalogue published this week. Don’t forget to see any of these Christmas catalogues. To see all Christmas catalogues please go to the Christmas page. For ladies active wear and quality personal care electronics on pg 4-5. See all details of summer products and serving ware on pg 6&7:

SodaStream value packs $8.99
SodaStream cool machine $49.99
Ice Tea and Fruit infuser jug $12.99
Decor Frosty mug $6.99

Novelty inflatables $16.99
Premium jumbo beach ball $7.99
Beach chair $12.99
Retro 17 L tinny cooler $39.99 $39.99

ALDI Craft and Gift Wraps – Musical Instruments

New year calendar, gift wrapping and stationery products have been contained on pg 8&9. Also see musical instruments and essentials to create awesome melodies.

Electric guitar $99.99
Nux-MG 100 Guitar modelling effects processor $89.99
Electronic drum kit $269
Sheet music books $19.99

Renew Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen appliances and luxury bathroom accessories with ALDI prices are on pg 10-11:

Hand towel 2 pk $8.99
Scented tin candle 420g $9.99
Reed diffuser 200mL $9.99
Luxury shower gel 250mL $6.99
Luxury hand cream 100mL $4.99
Jewellery case $24.99

1,7L Kettle $39.99 pg 11
2 slice toaster $39.99
Stand mixer $99.99
Hand mixer $19.99

Biking gear and security Products

On pg 12-13 there are pretty good bike gear sale and security cameras. A drone with latest technology is also on sale. These products will be available on 10 December.

Retro Roadster bike $199
Bikemate urban silicone bike lock $9.99
Bikemate LED micro lights $19.99

Solar Telescope $99.99
Compact Telescope $69.99
Cordless headphones $39.99
Sky Scanner HD Quadcopter $149

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 48 2016

Products for this week are generally here for you to prepare summer and Christmas. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 48 2016Large sale including product range from air conditioners to summer casual wear can be browsed. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 48 2016 prices make every item even more attractive. Find casual wear for summer, electronics like air conditioning, pool entertainment and swim wear or accessories, Christmas treats, special European treats of Christmas and many more within the ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 48 2016 !

In the first part of this catalogue (pg2-7) you can reach Christmas side dishes, desserts, cakes etc. From Europen and Aussie traditional range, there is a great choice from each type of sweet. All these are actually needed when you have a party or guesting people in Christmas. On pg 2-3 truffles, olives, cheese variety and more on sale:

Castello white with truffle 150g $6.99
Arnott’s Cheeseboard cracker assortment 250g $4.99
Unicorn ash brie half wheel 500g $11.99
Picasso olives 1 kg $9.99
Fresh Antipasto 1.2 kg $12.99

Seafood and special prices of sauces, dips, traditional side food can be found on pg 4-5.

Cooked Australian tiger prawns medium 1 kg $24.99
XL bulk spice grinders 270g $4.99
Smoked salmon 500g $14.99
Festive trays 550g $7.99
Gluten Free coconut macaroons 160g $2.49

Sweets like pies and everything to make a pie better are featured on pg 6&7. Check out the preview of the pages for details of products.

ALDI Special Buys Week 48 2016 – Christmas Biscuits from Europe tradition have been included. If you like to have an extraordinary range of treats for this Christmas holiday, you should browse products like these.

European selection tin 800g $11.99
Musical Tins with shortbread cookies 175g $9.99
Christmas baubles with cookies 60g $4.99
Nougat Limar tins 150g $7.99

Allen’s Lollies 1kg $9.99
Cadbury Favourites mini blocks 320g $5.99
Darrell Lea gift boxes 200g $6.99
Chocolate Lebkuchen Hearts, stars and Pretzels 500g $4.99

Stars of Christmas, the most favorite products, pies and cake variety from the ALDI special buys can be browsed through pg 10-13. Specially selected products like pudding and more.

ALDI Special Buys Week 48 2016 Christmas Decoration

Explore new craft and gift wraps, table covers, kitchen products have been contained within this range. Kids or adult chef sets are also on sale. Egyptian 3-piece tea towel pack, tea towel and kids or adult chef sets are among the products available on pg 14.

Stretch dining chair cover 2 pk $26.99
Christmas storage $8.99
Woven tapestry floor mat $5.99
Hand Towel 2 pk $7.99
Cotton Tablecloth $19.99
Poinsettia $8.99

Browse latest toys from ALDI Christmas Wishlist on pg 16&17. Kids’ favorite super heroes, top brands of toys and special prices of ALDI are available there. On 30 November 2016 you can shop for summer clothing for men and women. Stylish offers by ALDI Catalogue for men and women:

Ladies shirt dress $16.99
Ladies Kaftan top $16.99
Ladies short $12.99

Ladies pant $16.99
Ladies summer hat $6.99
Ladies leather sandals $19.99 pr
Ladies sleeveless top $12.99

Men’s casual summer:

Mens polo $14.99
Mens leather sandals $24.99 pr
Mens dress shirt $16.99
Mens crew socks 5 pk $6.99
Mens singlet 2 pk $6.99

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 47 2016 Christmas

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 47 2016 Christmas range is available in this post. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 47 2016 ChristmasThrough the product range, you will avail meat, serving ware, kitchen products, Christmas decor and home appliances. Limited Edition of ALDI Expressi is on sale. Check it out on pg 14-15 with its capsule variety. Meat prices of ALDI Catalogue might be also interesting for you. To explore delicious meat products from ALDI stores please go to pg 2-3. Exclusive prices, premium quality await all of you in stores on at the moment. Special Buys on sale 23 November 2016 were started to be exhibited on pg 4-5. Organizing the serving ware could be tricky. In order to utilize them with the maximum efficiency, you need perfect storage. However, it’s not the first thing to settle. First you need these beauties in your table. ALDI offers a lot of them on pg 4-6. You can also find Christmas design tableware on pg 7.

On 23 November 2016 – ALDI Special Buys – Kitchen and Servingware

Assorted Crystal glasses 6 pc $9.99
Dinnerware 4 pc $6.99
Cutlery Set 24 pc $19.99
Assorted wooden servingware $14.99

Cheese knife set 4 pc
Assorted marble servingware $9.99
Assorted wooden servingware $14.99
Trifle bowls $8.99

Christmas Decor and Serving Ware

Consider placing some of these products as decoration in your home. Before planning to party or gathering check out all catalogues that are specially prepared for Christmas.

Punchbowl set $24.99
Deluxe Christmas bon bons 6 pk $12.99
Christmas Bon Bons 10 pk $4.79
Christmas paper tableware $1.89

Rare deals by ALDI Catalogue has been included. If you want your kids to grow with improved Craft activities are really useful choice of job to give them. Buy some of these good products to help them grow in this way.

Klutz activity books $12.99
Wooden Craft set $9.99
Rock Painting kit $9.99
Tape-mania $6.99
Sketch portfolio $4.99

Spiral doodles art kit $9.99
Ezee beads kit $9.99
Crayola colouring assortment $2.99
Mega Craft Kit $9.99
Kids Chalk play mat $16.99

The products of ALDI consisting of mainly daily electronic products were highlighted on pg 10-11. They are not only essentials but they could be really good gifts in holiday. Don’t forget to check out this place as well.

Household Essentials – ALDI Special Buys 23 November

Make everyting simpler with the best quality of home appliances. Kitchen appliances, freezer, fridge and more were advertised on pg 12-13. More than these are available in the catalogue. ALDI Expressi sale has been launched. You will be able to shop for the new coffee machine on 23 November.

5.5 kg. top load washing machine $299
Upright freezer 183 L $299
Smoothie Maker $24.99

Expressi Aqua or Red Coffee capsule machine $79.99
Expressi bundle packs 6×16 pk $27.99
Expressi Large matte black milk frother $49.99

ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 46 2016 Christmas

The main focus of almost all catalogues except supermarkets are Christmas gifts and decoration deals. ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 46 2016 Christmas sale is one of them.ALDI Catalogue Special Buys Week 46 2016 Christmas Decoration and lighting products are the essential needs to decorate your home for Christmas. To celebrate in proper way you need a really good idea to renew your house. Lighting is in the centre of this business. You need to extra care about the lighting especially when you have a garden. Stocking deals, musical characters, markers, gift wraps and more on pg 2-5 may give you plenty of ideas. I am sure you will end up with a good result. Sweets like Christmas pudding, brandy snaps, European biscuit, Christmas tree cookies and more were advertised on pg 6&7. Truffles, chocolate thins, Christmas baubles, coated nuts are the best things that happened to ALDI Catalogues right now. On 16 November you may shop for these products.

LED Low voltage Christmas inflatable $79.99
Disney musical character $19.99 ea
Animated glitter decoration $9.99
LED Solar reindeer $29.99 ea

Jumbo Wrap 20m $3.99
Charity Christmas cards 10 pk $3.49

Christmas decorating and Gift Wraps

2m Luxury fabric ribbon 3 pk $4.99
Deluxe Christmas wrap 5m $2.99
Sticky tape dispenser and refills $1.99
Disney Cards, Bags, or gift tags $2.99 pk

ALDI special buys week 46 covers electronics and sound systems in which you can even find a turntable brief case. Retro style meets with modern technology. Retro bluetooth speaker, turntable with cassette deck and jukebox are the awesome products that could also be a decorative element standing cool in your home. On the other hand Bauhn black series has been priced at $999 !

Bauhn Black Series 65″ – 165 xm 4K UHD Smart TV $999
Retro Bluetooth speaker $49.99
Mini Retro jukebox $79.99
Turntable with cassette deck $59.99
Retro turntable brief case $69.99
Retro DAB+ radio/bluetooth speaker $79.99

Kids’ fun was also included by the ALDI Catalogue. On pg 12&13 you may easily browse wooden kitchen, playsets, story books and many more products. ALDI’s toy sale might be a good place to seek a cool Christmas gift for kids. And classic story books, music CDs are also browsable on pg 16&17.

Quality and promising material of summer products like floating island, kid’s sunscreen, softboard, kineboard and similar deals of ALDI are among the special buys that are shoppable on 19 November 2016. Gardenline gardening power tools and handy tools might be really useful in the new season. If you like to grow plants check out pg 22-23 in case you may like some plants by ALDI Catalogue.

1400W electric lawn mower $99.99
2400W electric blower vacuum $69.99
1200W electric lawn edger $99.99

5-in-1 electric garden tool $199
Ratchet or rolling prunning shears $8.99
Telescopic anvil lopper $24.99
Weed kill concentrate 2L $9.99
Garden hose 20m $14.99
Garden trigger nozzle $5.99

See the details about products on pg 20-21.

ALDI offers prices for inspect sprays that will be really needed in summer. Prices were compared to regular supermarket prices. Check out pg 24-25 for these. ALDI Expressi rich hot chocolate and chai latte are priced at $5.99 pk.

Kneeboard $99.99
37″ mini softboard $19.99
5’10” surfboard $99.99
Towable float $99.99
Banana boat kid’s sunscreen aerosol SPF50+ $9.99
Inflatable floating island $29.99