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ALDI Catalogue is a weekly sale published by the store and you can mostly browse deals that are called ALDI Special Buys. It is easily one of the most beloved catalogues of people. We suggest that you use this page to do that because it is convenient and faster than any other tool or website.

ALDI’s retailing style is unlike many others and it has been copied by the major retailers in many countries including Australia and USA. They have a very effective way to reach customers and sell them products of home, electronics, clothing, toys, sports, and many other categories at affordable prices.

If you like unique specials you will love ALDI Special Buys. See the latest specials on a different group of products than the previous catalogue using the ALDI Catalogue this week. Some people call them the ALDI Best Buys but officially they are special buys.

There is no ALDI Online Shopping

ALDI does not offer online shopping nor do they have in-store pickup services. Also, you cannot pay with After Pay or Zip Pay. The store internationally is a little bit conservative for these things but that’s how you keep things affordable. Although, they do have a page with frequently asked questions about online shopping availability. Shopping at ALDI Online would be convenient. But I prefer cheaper products to convenience most of the time.

Stock Availability

There is a page to check if the stock is available at ALDI. Visit to search with a keyword and see if the special buys item is available in stock. ALDI Catalogues advertise these items but they don’t guarantee their availability due to hardships of delivery or stock shortage from suppliers.

Get official information from the link above. They have a page for customers who want to check the stock availability of a product. However, you can only search for a product after 1 day it appears in the store. It will remain visible for search up to 4 weeks after the first appearance. On that page, they have listed all products that are available in-store. So it is best to use their website which will ask you for a postcode so that you will get accurate information about the availability of the product.

Please be advised: just because something appears in the ALDI Catalogue doesn’t mean they are in stock or available immediately. In recent years, supermarkets and the supply lines have messed up a little bit. Despite that ALDI Special Buys remain to be some of the best weekly deals all around the world.

Super Savers

If you are looking for hot deals on some fresh items and grocery products it is recommendable to seek super savers. Weekly super savers are helpful for every deal hunter who loves to save on some chicken breast or a steak. They always offer one or two meat deals. Also, you can check out monthly super savers on the website or the catalogues.

Products to find in ALDI Catalogues

ALDI mostly sells its private-label products which are nothing short of market quality compared to national brands. The affordability of decent quality is what makes them attractive for most customers. Therefore, the ALDI Catalogue draws a lot of attention online. Sure you won’t find Adidas shoes in this catalogue but that makes it affordable for most people. However, they still keep a small number of other brands in the weekly catalogues.

Some famous deal types are usually what you can find in these catalogues. Aldi sometimes brings European snacks, Asian ingredients, and some other tastes from around the world. Christmas and Easter are two very hot topics when the season comes. Holiday toy sales and even Black Friday or “Black Wednesday” as ALDI calls it can be seen on this page.

Some product lists in these catalogues are trendy. For example, annually Aldi offers famous snow gear and professional degree snow clothes or skiing products can be seen in the catalogues. Sometimes bike gear is available. Another time you can find a dishwasher or a laundry machine. Bauhn TVs, games, furniture, and even a trampoline are possible to see in these weekly catalogues. These are arbitrary but mostly there is something useful and essential in the special sale catalogues. They don’t make these bargains just for the sake of it.


Special Buys products like Christmas gifts or toys are not the only things to find in an Aldi Catalogue. There are usually groceries and household supplies in them. Also, you can visit the groceries page on where you can find the extent of the product range. Stay up to date with the announcements you can find on the ALDI catalogue every week. Also, receive the ALDI Catalogue this week to see the upcoming offers and special buys.


Reviews are mixed. Not everybody likes everything from this store. As I was exploring the web, I came across with different opinions and criticisms, especially on fresh produce. However, if you want to read about what people like check out this Reddit post.  The post is a little bit old but not that old for the subject. Some people commented that they like ALDI’s hommus and one of the comments got the top upvotes. Cleaning products got a little praise. A comment praising their cheese got a decent amount of upvotes, too.

However, they have a low rating on ‘s Australia page. It looks a bit bad but I think there is a lot of rage ratings there. 74% of the votes are 1-star ratings which is often the rating people submit when they are truly upset with something. Some comments are talking about the availability and some are upset about fresh produce. Of course, some users are upset with rising prices. Food inflation has been a pain in the neck in a lot of countries including Australia. Even ALDI couldn’t keep everybody happy. That’s trustpilot’s page but there is more.

Visit for more positive reviews. ALDI’s score there is 75% but there are not as many reviews as Trustpilot has. The overall quality of ALDI is recommended by the users of

That doesn’t rescue ALDI from being disliked on review sites, though. is one of the popular review websites the score doesn’t seem too positive there. Comments don’t look good there, either. The rating stays under 2.5 over 5 stars. Recent comments are complaining about the product quality.

I want to remind you that most people give ratings or comments when they have a negative experience. It is less likely to see customers praise a brand for satisfaction. In general, the negative experience seems to be related to grocery shopping rather than Special Buys. I didn’t see people complaining about the ALDI Special Buys.

ALDI Christmas and Holiday Sale

ALDI Australia is probably one of the best places if you want to buy some classic Christmas treats. You will love what these catalogues can offer. Shortbread, Christmas pudding, pavlovas, classy drinks, German snacks, fruit cakes, brioches, tarts, Cadbury, Maltesers, Mars, Danish butter cookies, Turkish delights, Scottish shortbread fingers, Belgian waffles. They have sweets from all around the world.

ALDI Hours and Locations

You can find the ALDI Store Locator on It will also show you the ALDI Hours. They have a better system than Google Maps or any other maps you can find. We love ALDI. We also have a store locator that shows all the supermarkets that are near you. As of 2024, they have 570 stores in 6 states in Australia. Internationally they operate with fewer or more than 10,000 stores.

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History of ALDI Australia

The store has been competing against Coles, Woolworths and other major stores in Australia since 2001. It was a big deal when they came to Australia first disrupting the dominance of these two major supermarkets. Since 2001, they have been a strong rival of all grocery stores in Australia. As for the strategy, it doesn’t differ too much from the other countries the store is operating in. That’s a good thing for savvy customers for it indicates consistency and reliability in pricing and quality. ALDI Catalogue has been the centre of where people look for their specials.