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Coles Catalogue Snacks 22 – 28 February 2017

New Coles Catalogue is a usual grocery sale that that includes snacks featuring half prices, a wide range and many privileges you can get when you shop at Coles.Coles Catalogue Snacks 22 - 28 February 2017 Beverage, favorite brands, and all the things about snacks are available in stocks. Get half prices of brands like Pepsi and Thins chips. On pg 3 you will find those attractive deals.

Start preparations for Easter early. Get 25% off on Cadbury egg bag, chocolate bunny on pg 2. Lindt chocolate products, Kirks soft drinks and Powerade are also available. Golden Circle fruit drink is only priced at $2 ea this week. Coles offers special products for special prices.

Favorite candies, M&M’s, Red Bull energy drinks and more products are available on pg 5. Take a look at pg 5 for the details of chips and other products.

Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes Soft Drink 24x375mL $12 ea
Red Bull Energy Drink 4x250mL $6
Coca-Cola Soft Drink 12x300mL $10 ea

Half prices of snacks are also available on pg 6&7. Arnott’s salada, wagon wheel biscuits and many more deals are on sale by half prices.

Coles has pantry and convenient food at fair prices. You will find awesome things on pg 8-9. New flavour of Kitkat block chocolate is only $3 at Coles. Don’t miss out these deals. Leave your e-mail to get new deals in your inbox. Coles catalogue this week offers regular needs for all.

Coles Catalogue Half Prices 15 – 21 Feb 2017

Coles Catalogue offers new half prices this week. Check out half prices on the first part of the catalogue for food, snacks, chips, crackers, beverage, convenient food. Coles Catalogue Half Prices 15 - 21 Feb 2017On pg 1-5 snacks and beverage are featured. You may reach a nice selection of favorite brands. Aussie chicken thigh fillets is only $10.50 at Coles stores this week. Don’t miss out this new sale.

Stock up the savor for much less prices. Coles helps you find half prices with this catalogue. Pringles, Twisties, Vege, Solo and many more brands which you love and purchase frequently are all in the store.

Zico Coconut water 330mL $1.42 pg 2
Real foods corn thins 150g $1 ea
Lipton Ice tea 1.5L $1.90
Cadbury Coco 100g, Bubbly 155g or Green & Black’s block 100g $2 ea

Basmatic Rice is one of the most popular and delicious type of rice in the world. India is the biggest exporter of this rice. Easy to cook, long grain rice of 5kg is only $8.75 at Coles. That’s half of the regular price. Also check out medium grain rice by SunRice. Alternatively, Zafarelli pasta of 500g was included by this Coles Catalogue.

4 items of breakfast food on pg 11 are half priced. Lo Carb, FatBlaster XO Crunch and LCM’s of Kellogg’s are available within that range. On pg 10-13 half prices of more breakfast food can be found. This week Kellogg’s sultana bran is only $3.94 with half price deal. It’s available on pg 12.

Coles Catalogue Valentine’s Day 8 – 14 Feb 2017

Coles prepared a good Valentine’s Day gift list on pg 12-15. It contains a good range of flower bouquets and chocolate boxes. Coles Catalogue Valentine's Day 8 - 14 Feb 2017As classic supermarket Valentine’s Day sale, it generally contains these. To find a nice scent or a fragrance gift box go to the Myer, Target or like-class stores. Their catalogues might also help you in cosmetic products. However, Coles has plush bears, mugs, gift cards with 10% discount. All these can be viewed on pg 12-15. If you are in mood of cooking something there is a recipe too. Caramel Drizzled brownie-hearts recipe can be read on pg 14. Moreover, ingredients of it, are on sale at Coles stores this week. Start saving on Wednesday.

Lindt Lindor chocolates bag 100g $5 ea pg 12
Queen of hearts arrangement $30 ea
Coles mud cake 600g $4.50 ea
Ace of hearts $10 ea
Coles chocolate & salted caramel mousse slice 2 pk $4.50 pk

Heartfelt bouquet $35 ea pg 14
Six of hearts bouquet $25 ea
Cadbury roses boxed chocolates 450g $7.75g – half price
Guylian Les exclusive chocolates 305g $9 ea – half price
Cadbury favourites or mini block boxed chocolates 320g $6 ea – half price

These are only flowers and chocolates. To see new gift ideas including some make up products, mugs, cards, and gift cards please go to pg 15. Finding such products at Coles supermarket is an advantage because the stores only providing these items generally sell them expensively.

Valentine’s Day plush bear 30cm $10 ea pg 15
Valentine’s Singing lion 29cm $20 ea
Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards $5 ea
Valentine’s Day squeezer pals 13.5 cm $5 ea
Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream 50g $39 ea
10% off selected gift cards

Coles also offers a lot of half prices this week. For grocery, pantry, seasonal food, convenient food and snacks, there are plenty of these half price deals.

Coles Catalogue Specials 1 – 7 Feb 2017

First Coles special product is appearing on pg 14 when you browse this catalogue page by page.Coles Catalogue Specials 1 - 7 Feb 2017 Don’t skip that page because great deals are available on that one for you. You can save $6 per kg of Bertocchi sopressa. Bertocchi brothers special meat products are featured on pg 14.

Bertocchi triple smoked ham $22 kg
Bertocchi sopressa $23 kg
Bertocchi cold pressed silverside $18 kg
Beretta Matonella Prosciutto $40 kg

Healthy food sales of Coles, containing different products like Helga’s wraps and lower carb bread, can be seen on pg 16. With this special deal “everyday price” of Helga’s lower carb bread can be purchased for only $4 ea ! More everyday prices appearing on the catalogue on pg 17 are:

Coles bakery continental rolls 3 pk $2.50 pg 17
Coles bread $2 ea
Coles cupcakes 4 pk $3.50

Some food products are quick, practical deals which can be a help for your kid who goes to the school everyday. It’s a simple but useful lunchbox idea by Coles. See these products on pg 20.

Bega cheese block or slices 250g $4 ea pg 20
Bega stringers or sticks 8 pk 160g $4 ea

Don shaved meats 250g $2.75 pg 21

Coles Specials on pg 22 are ice cream products. Inclusive of Magnum, Golden Gaytime, calippo water ice and many more products are available in this range.

Streets Blue Ribbon Gelateria 900mL pg 22
Paddle Pop 10 Pack
Golden Gaytime 4 Pack
Blue Ribbon Oreo Tub 1.25L $5

Many more items of non-foods range of this Coles Catalogue can be seen as you go further. Starting from pg 26 you can see the deals of non-foods including personal care items.

Coles Catalogue Half Price 1 – 7 February 2017

Pretty nice deals and great half priced products at Coles Catalogue which will be valid starting from Wednesday is on your screen right now.Coles Catalogue Half Price 1 - 7 February 2017 Preview of this Coles Catalogue can be browsed through the display page that is the result when you click on the image here. Back to school is still on the focus. Beverage, soda packs, snacks, pantry and more products are half priced. On cover for example, 4 great products are being shown. All the half prices of Coles Catalogue can be seen in the catalogue this week. The lists below will demonstrate how much you can save with shopping using Coles Catalogue half price 1 – 7 February deals.

Mars or Nestle medium bars $1 ea
Heinz full of beanz or sphagetti 400g $1.05
Colgate advanced whitening & tartar control – $3.50 ea
Prawn gyoza – KB’s $8 ea

Other than half price products, pay attention to the occassionally appearing “everyday prices” too. If you are into making shopping lists before you go to stores, these catalogues are always useful for you. Subscribe to this category not to miss out anything from regular Coles sales.

Half prices of Coles Catalogue This Week

Breakfast food and drinks for kids within the Back to Scool range of Coles on pg 4-5. Fruit juice, peanut butter, cereals, sauce, pantry on pg 6&7 are currently viewable products of the half price range. Check out this list below to discover more products at 1/2 price and save more.

Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink $5.40 pg 6
Peckish rice crackers 100g $1.10
Smith’s thinly cut potato chips 175g $1.65
Golden Circle beetroot slices 450g $.90 pg 7
Green’s baking mix 395g $2 ea
Maharajah’s choice basmati rice 5kg $8.75
Dolmio extra pasta sauce $1.64

Tilda microwave rice 250g $1.70 pg 8
Trident coconut cream or milk 400 mL $.97
La Espanola extra virgin olive oil 1L $7 pg 9
Dolmio pasta bake 480g $1.89
Marion’s Kitchen meal kit $3.72

They are mostly from the pantry, dry food shelf. Arnott’s Marie or arrowroot is also on sale. Price of this product was dropped by 50%. More half prices are available on the packaged food sale. Convenient food is one of the most popular subject of any Coles Catalogue.

SFC sticky bourbon chicken wings 400g $5.50 pg 25
Pacific west salmon wellingtons with a cheese $4.89

Personal care products, inclusive of hair, skin, health products, can also be appearing with a new half price deal for you this week. 40% off Nature’s Own vitamins, half prices of household products on pg 30 are further deals from this new catalogue.