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Go to the preview of Coles Catalogue 12 – 18 Dec, 2018 to see what the deals are for this week. This is one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. Category of Coles aims to post about whatever the information we collect about hot deals of the retailer.

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Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 12 – 18 Dec 2018

Restock your breakfast supplies such as cereals, jam, coffee, and more on grocery part of the Coles Catalogue. Pantry products are at half prices in grocery. La Espanola olive oil, Continental standard pasta, and more products will cost half this week. You can find half-price deals like this one through the catalogue. Visit pg 20-21 for more pantry products and coffee. Nescafe Gold original, Lavazza A Modo Mio Tiny coffee machine are two coffee products that will make you feel alive every morning. Besides, they will cost half as well. Fresh fruits such as black grapes, iceberg lettuce, lychees, cucumbers and more are featured on pg 22. Stay healthy consuming more vegetables than fatty foods. Meat sale of Coles is also an important shelf and it gives ideas for Christmas as well. Chicken breast schnitzel can be a great choice. Pay only $9/pk for that product. Coles Croissants of 3 – 4 pack will be $2.50. The preview of the catalogue also shows cheese variety that can make your party platter. Mersey Valley cheese, Tasmanian Heritage products and more are featured in that section. Jalna Greek yoghurt of 1kg will be on sale. Pay $5 for that dairy good. 

Coles Catalogue Christmas Foods 12 – 18 Dec 2018

Merry Christmas to everyone. You can find a wide range of hams in the new Coles Christmas Catalogue. Single smoked half leg ham bone in, prawns, whole duck, crackling ham roast, cabanossi, salmon and more fresh produce, seafood, meat products on the first 10 pages of the catalogue is a great guide for what to buy this week. A lot of ideas can be created with the new products and awesome discounts at Coles. Coles Catalogue Christmas foods 12 – 18 December deals consist of such products. Also, you can make great party platters with snacks, cheese, deli meat, and other similar party foods. Visit pg 6-7 for details of some good examples of the new category. Coles Apple Sauce will cost only $1.80 this week! 

Coles Catalogue Snacks 

Fine chocolate brands, lovely prices by Coles Catalogue, popular Christmas treats and more recipes can be found on sweets and snacks category of the festive food range of the catalogue. You can find them on pg 10-17. Red Rock Deli chips is present with a new flavour on the catalogue. Also, deli popcorn, deli tortilla or potato chips, deli nuts, and more are featured on the same page. Visit pg 16 to see Red Rock Deli chips. Cheezels will cost half the regular price this week.  

Half-price deals on snacks and sweets: 

Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 5 – 11 Dec 2018

Restock what you already have or renew your pantry with saving more o7n products you can find on Coles Catalogue Grocery Sale 5 – 11 Dec 2018 preview. John West canned fish variety can be seen on pg 16. Special prices and half-price deal on John West products. Find oysters, mackerel, sardines, mussels, and more products. If you like pasta there are essentials including sauces like tomato sauce and mustard. SPC baked beans or spaghetti will cost only $3! Maggi or Fusian 2 minute noodles are $2.50 ea. More products like Sirena Tuna, Old El Paso soft taco kit, and half-price deals on Heinz.

Read the recipe of roast chicken with apple, sage and rosemary stuffing. The method is easy, the ingredients are available. Don’t miss out the meat deals from Coles. Visit pg 23 for delicious chicken and meat products. Australian lamb forequarter chops will cost only $13.50/kg! Coles Australian no added hormones beef t bone steak will cost only $21.

Fresh fruits including orange, apples, zucchini and more are on sale. Browse bakery loaf, croissants, jumbo rolls, Golden waffles and more products on pg 27. Coles offers everyday prices and a wide range of cheese in dairy category. Bega natural cheese slices of 500g pack is only $7. Daily Juice orange of 2L bottle will cost $5 that is an everyday price.

Coles Catalogue Festive Food 5 – 11 Dec 2018

Coles Festive Food Deals and Christmas Sweets

We are in for a great catalogue again by Coles supermarket. Christmas sales have a lot of nice grocery and snack items. The first pages of the new Coles Catalogue offer festive foods for celebration. And there is a lot of snacks on sale with half-price discounts. Ham and fresh fruits have a massive place in the category. Coles single smoked half leg ham bone in and Australian yellow or white nectarines are on the first page with lower prices. Check out the recipe on pg 2. The recipe for prawn, watermelon & feta skewers with mint oil. Pay only $29 for a kg of black tiger prawns thawed. More seafood deals are waiting for you on pg 3. Desserts, Christmas pudding, and other sweets are also on sale. Coles Catalogue has a place for the ham, too. Browse pg 6-7 for the best prices of ham and other Christmas festive food.

See the list of a few good ones from this category:

Christmas Treats and Candies

You have also half-price deals on candies. Cadbury favourites, Toblerone, M&M’s, Mars Celebrations tub, Raffaello gift box 24 pack are among the best products of these two pages.

½ prices:

You can also find Christmas gift wrap, gift boxes, and more festive products on pg 10-11.

Coles Catalogue Snack Sale

Find favourite snacks and beverages to stock up. Soft drinks like Coca-Cola, V Energy Drinks, Pepsi, Solo and candies such as The Natural Confectionery Co. products are available on pg 12. You can buy Powerade sports drink of 1L bottle for only $2.32 which is a half price. The weekly deals of Coles seem really nice and profitable compared to most other places.

½ prices:

Check out more products from the snack section. Visit pg 14-15 for details of KitKat, more Cadbury chocolate packs and McVitie’s half price.

Coles Catalogue Christmas and Grocery 28 Nov – 4 Dec 2018

Coles Catalogue Christmas Foods and Decoration

Get 10% discount on gift cards of Google Play, Restaurant, The Hotel Card, Hotel Gift Card and more on pg 9 of Coles Catalogue. Find new Christmas gifts including dolls, colour markers pack, Danish butter cookies, and browse the down down discount on Lindt Lindor limited edition round tin. Better deals than these are also available. Lindt Lindor chocolate gift box will cost half this week. Make brownies for Christmas with the recipe of very merry xmas tree brownies that will make great Christmas treats. Ingredients for that recipe is also available in this page. Coles also has Christmas food such as ham roast, salmon, sausage roll wreath, king prawns thawed and more. Visit pg 12-13 for great deli products. Christmas ham is one of the most popular foods when a new catalogue for Christmas is published. Steggles frozen turkey breast roast, lobster tails with garlic butter, Australian tiger prawns, and more products.

Decoration and accessories have a nice place in the catalogue. Get 20% discount on wreath, Merry Christmas sign, glitter reindeer with fur collar, tree topper star and more on pg 16-17. Christmas lights will be on sale this week.

Christmas foods :

Christmas decoration and accessories:

Coles Catalogue Grocery Deals

More half-price deals are valid on many grocery and pantry products. 8 of them are featured items on pg 19. Spam, MasterFoods squuezy tomato or barbecue sauce, Zoosh dressing, Uncle Ben’s microwave flavoured rice, Dolmio extra pasta sauce are great half-price products. All you need to stock up in your pantry are available on sale.

½ prices in the pantry:

You can buy a great Christmas gift on pg 22. Espressotoria black capino machine is only $49.50! Also, buy Espressotoria Vittoria espresso coffee capsules at half price. Check out frozen food, packaged meals, and more at half prices.