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Coles Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016 offers half prices of snacks, favorite brand beverage, large range of fresh grocery and pantry and fresh cut meat products.

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You may find selection of the best deals from Coles catalogue updated today. Updates can be your main guide to follow these savings. Coles Catalogue generally offers and features on weekly basis : 


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Coles Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016

Coles Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016 Halloween spooky deals can be seen on pg 7-9. Coles Catalogue 26 Oct - 1 Nov 2016When in Halloween you need masks, posters, costumes, accessories, for fair prices. They are easy to find on weekly catalogues. As usual Coles has a brilliant range of snacks, beverage and confectionery selection for you. Lean Cuisine, 12 Mars, Dr Oetker Ristorante, Kellogg’s Dr Oetker Nutri Grain, TRESemme on cover page summarize all the stuff of snacks etc. Again breakfast and nutrition for your daily life has come with this catalogue. Kellogg’s coco pops was priced at half. Check that out on pg 11. Moreover pantry sale including pasta and pasta sauce like Fountain Tomato sauce and more can be found on pg 12-13. SunRice medium grain grown or white rice, Heinz classic creamy pumpkin, Kalamata olives are all in with half prices on the newest Coles Catalogue.

Coles Chocolate and Candy Sale

Check out pg 3 for chocolates and snacks. Crackers, Kettle Sea Salt, and half prices of these products can be browsed on pg 4-5.

Mars or KitKat $1
Arnott’s Shapes $1.50
Lipton Ice Tea $1.90
Just Juice 6x200mL $2.35
Smith’s Thinly cut potato chips 175g $1.65

Are few of the half priced products by Coles.

Halloween Products

All the favorites of Halloween like chips, snacks, M&M’s crispy mint, Mars celebrations gift box, Kinder Little ones 16 pk 200g, Arnott’s multipack Tiny Teddy, Smith’s potato chips, Cadbury Favorites chocolates gift box and many more products.

Jack O Lantern pumpkin $2.70
Halloween pumpkin pail or treat bag 6 pk $2
Halloween shaped silicone chocolate mould or felt treat basket $4
Halloween witch hat with hair $5
Halloween children’s costumes $12
Halloween silicone baking mould $6

From pg 10 to pg 15 you may browse a good pantry sale. Many of the products have been half priced. Kellogg’s Coco Pops, Fountain Squeezy sauce and other conserved products.

Kellogg’s Coco Pops $3.50 half price
Fountain squeezy sauce 500mL $1
Zoosh Mayonnaise 200g $1.65
Heinz Classic soup 535g $1.74
L’OR Espresso capsules 10 pk $3
Sandhurst kalamata olive sliced 300g $1.78

SunRice medium grain brown or white rice 5 kg
Cobram Estate extra virgin olive oil 750mL $6.49
Edgell corn kernels 420g $.88

Fresh meat, fresh produce, fresh seafood can be found on pg 16-20. Bakery sales of Coles has been contained on pg 20. colesFarmers Kensington pride mangoes, Australian topless pineapples, sliced cup or flat mushrooms are available on pg 16.

Kensington pride mangoes $3
Red or Gold Perino tomatoes 200g $6
Australian topless pineapples $2.80
Australian sliced cup or flat mushrooms $4.50 pk

Coles fresh meat dept. offers you a large selection on pg 17. Spring Lamb, whole chicken, chicken kababs, beef oyster blade steak and more meat offers have been contained in this catalogue. Coles is an exceptional one among all the weekly catalogues. Seafood like salmon skin on portions, primo cobanossi, raw banana prawns thawed, Coles family hot roast chicken are available on pg 19.

Coles Catalogue 19 – 25 October 2016

Coles Catalogue 19 – 25 October 2016 has been a good shot. Coles Catalogue 19 - 25 October 2016You can save a lot of money if you shop for your weekly needs via this catalogue. Firstly check out the unreal deals on the cover page. Snacks, chocolates, coffee range have been placed for the cover page of the Coles. Unreal deals are better than half prices. Even over 60% price drops can be the discounts you can browse on the Coles Catalogues. Unreal Deals of the cover page of latest catalogue are:

Sakata rice crackers 90g $1
Moccona freeze dried coffee 200g $9
Red Bull energy drink 4x250mL $5
Cadbury Sharepack 160g – Mars Medium funsize 144g, Nestle fun pack 140g $2.30

Some snacks, chocolates and candies as giftables as well, can be purchased for half prices on pg 3. Cadbury Twirl, Cherry Ripes, Frantelle Spring Water are half priced on pg 3. Gatorade sports drink can also be seen on the same page. Leading brands of snacks, soft drinks and so on can be browsed on pg 4-5.

Deals of Halloween decoration including Lindt Lindor chocolates and Cadbury Favourites that have been advertised on pg 6&7 are another worthy thing to see in this catalogue. Trolli multi-mix, LED candle, decorative accessories can be browsed at Coles Catalogue.

Halloween hanging decorations
4 spiders & webs $3
Halloween pumpkins sipper with strow $2
Halloween LED Candle $5

Coles Specials on pg 8 are Red Rock Deli chips priced from $3.50 to $4 for 2 ! This special deal currently is valid. SunRice Basmati rice of 5kg has been priced at half value. $9 is the only price you need to pay to get that.

Pantry sale of the Coles Catalogue is what you basically need probably. To get the true results after cooking, applying the new recipe you just read, you will need the correct quality of the ingredients. Coles always offers the premium quality of the these ingredients. Pantry products of the Coles and Woolworths are always the premium quality.

Cadbury dairy melts HALF PRICE $2.09
Campbell’s chunky roast chicken & vegetable $2
Dolmio extra pasta sauce 2/$5
Heinz Full of Beanz or sphagetti 420g 2/$3

Coles Catalogue Half Price Selection 12 – 18 Oct 2016

This catalogue is full of half deals and I felt that I needed to post a single one about these. There are a lot of them. Snacks, soda packs, breakfast, pantry and you name it ! Coles Specials like everyday prices, fresh fruit&veg and many more without any limit are also featured in this sale. Awesomeness awaits for all customers of Coles.Coles Catalogue Half Price Selection 12 - 18 Oct 2016

Of course, unreal deals are better than half prices. They reduced some of the price below half of the regular prices. Fill your list with Coles Catalogue Half Price selection 12 – 18 Oct 2016!

Pepsi Max or Solo soft drink 30x375mL $14
Cottee’s cordial 1L $2.50
Gatorade Sports Drink 1L $2
Solo Soft Drink 30×375 mL $14

These are special half prices for beverage on pg 3. Secondly you have breakfast snacks and 2 great everyday price deals on pg 5. New product of this week is Kettle Sweet potato chips.

Mars Maltesers 360g, M&M’s peanut 440g $5
Prima Fruit drink 6×200 mL $1.72
belVita breakfast biscuits 300g $2
Golden Circle tetra fruit drink 1L $1.07

Monster Energy drinks have been repriced on pg 6. 4x500mL is 2/$14 and 500mL is 2/$4 that is available on pg 6. Half price of pantry on pg 7:

Moro El Primero extra virgin oil 500mL $4.99
Fantastic Noodles cup or bowl 70g $.80
Maharajah’s Choice Basmatic Rice 5kg $8.75
Gold Choice canola, vegetable or sunflower oil 4L $9

Green’s cake mix 395g $2 pg 9

Some packaged nutrition like Lo Carb are half priced deals on pg 11.

Kraft hazelnut spread 700g $3.90
Uncle Toby’s Le Snak 132g $2.25
Aussie Bodies multipack 120g $4.49
Uncle Tobys Muesli bars 185g $1.99

Frozen food shelf of the catalogue are browsable on pg 23. There surely are some good half prices. Let’s list them here:

Vegie delight classic not burger 340g $3.24
Steggles Chicken breast goujons 1kg $8
Balfours premium potato pies 2pk 440g $2.62

Put these in your fridge and enjoy the nice Spring days ! Have a nice shopping today !

Coles Catalogue 12 – 18 Oct 2016 Unreal Deals

Coles Catalogue 12 – 18 Oct 2016 that contains UNREAL DEALS has been published. Coles Catalogue 12 - 18 Oct 2016 Unreal DealsThese deals are better than half prices. Prices have been dropped by over half of previous values ! Kirks soft drinks, Doritos corn chips, Bulla Ice cream multipacks are among the unreal deals on cover page. Also half priced products of Solo beverage, Pepsi Max, Gatorade sports drink, Cottee’s coola lime and many more are featured in this catalogue.

Mars Maltesers 360g, M&M peanut, or celebrations 300g $5
Golden Circle Tetra fruit drink 1L $1.07
belVita breakfast biscuits 300g $2
Prima fruit drink 6x200mL $1.72
Kettle sweet potato chips 135g $3

Energy drinks of Monster are available on pg 6. Half priced offers of Coles Catalogue like chicken noodles by Fantastic, Moro El Primero extra virgin olive oil are among the pantry of what you may find on pg 7. Heinz sauces have been featured on pg 8 as well.

Half prices of Kraft hazelnut, Uncle Tobys le snak, Aussie bodies multipack and more can be found on pg 11. Check out pg 12-13 for pantry and bakery. Bakery rolls 6 pk has been priced $2 everydy for 2 pk. Fresh fruit & veg can be purchased for the prices shown on pg 14-15.

Australian asparagus bunch $1
Coles Australia baby rocket 120g $3
Australian baby broccoli bunch $2
Corella pears $4
Mushrooms 200g pk $2.50

Meat offers of Coles Catalogue are also awesome this week. Spring lamb deals and RSPCA approved meat can be found :

Aussie lamb leg roast $9 kg
Coles Australian beef BBQ round steak $17 kg
Coles Australian lamb leg steaks $20 kg
Coles beef burgers 500g $5 pk

Recipe of Chilli-rubbed salmon and pearl couscous salad has been described and instructed for online customers of Coles. Don’t forget to check out pg 16 for this recipe. Dairy and breakfast nutrition is one of the essentials of weekly catalogues. You all know it’s always better to have protein rich food than eating fat-rich or sugar-rich products. Now everybody tends to be suppressing their hunger with protein-rich food like cheese block, tasty cheese block, Vitasoy soy milk and variety.

Devondale cheese block 1kg $9
Devondale shredded cheese 750g $9
Devondale natural cheese slices 200g $4
Devondale spreadable blend tub 500g $4

In the rest of the catalogue you will reach packaged lunch meat, half prices of convenient food on pg 23 and many more weekly needs.

Coles Catalogue 5 – 11 Oct 2016

Half price snacks and candies are available on pg 2-3. Starburst, Cherry ripe and twirl of Cadbury are half price products. Your favorite brands of beverage and candies are all available on pg 2-3. Coles specials is Schweppes Indian tonic water, ginger ale, natural on pg 4. Prices for Schweppes is only 2/$3.Coles Catalogue 5 - 11 Oct 2016

Convenient food by Coles Catalogue like Heinz Big Eat meat, Campbell’s country lodle chicken, Heinz full of beanz and Golden circle beetroot slices are also featured deals on pg 6&7. This week you can shop for Leggo’s Bolognese, roasted garlic for $2 ea ! Kan Tong Hokkien noodles was half priced on pg 9. Purchase 1 for only $1.49 this week. Seafood conserved and everyday prices of San Remo La Pasta singles and Fantastic 2 min. noodles are available on pg 10.

SunRice ready meal 350g $4
John West red salmon $7
Aussie Lo Carb $2.50

Back To School snacks, breakfast and lunch packs including Kellogg’s Just Right, Sultana Bran priced at $6 are on pg 12-13. Prepare the list of lunch and breakfast food for your kids for them to be safely and effectively grow up. Don’t forget to save while doing that. Of course Coles and Woolworths Catalogues may be really helpful for you.

Uncle Tobys Oats $5.50
Sanitarium weet-bix $5
Uncle Tobys choc chip $5
Bega Cheese block or grated 500g $6
Berri Australian grown juice 2L $5

Recipe of Garlicky lamb chops is a brilliant idea for today’s meal ! Read it on pg 18. Meat and fresh produce offers by Coles Catalogue can be browsed on pg 20-21. Avocados, cherry tomatoes, baby cot lettuce, red onions are featured on this aisle.

Coles Australian beef eye fillet steak $36
Lilydale free range whole chicken $5
Coles RSPCA Approved chicken breast fillets skin off $7.50

Half price of SFC chicken nuggets, take home boneless bucket, chicken breast poppets are available on pg 24. McCain family pizza, Connoisseur ice cream 1L, Sargents Traditional meat pies are three good deals from packaged food variety on pg 26&27.

Also see beauty sale, personal care, dental care, Telstra mobile phones are on sale !