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Coles Catalogue 7 – 13 December 2016 offers half prices of snacks, favorite brand beverage, large range of fresh grocery and pantry and fresh cut meat products.

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Coles Catalogue Christmas 30 Nov – 6 Dec 2016

Christmas deals of the latest Coles Catalogue are worth to see. Everything is in festive mode. Meat prices are down, deli meat and seasonal products are on the rise.Coles Catalogue Christmas 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2016 It’s possible to find out a huge sale by this Coles Catalogue. Half prices of snacks and confectionery, top brands you love, and Christmas decor. In this post I highlighted all the Christmas products from this catalogue.

Spotlight Deals: Coles Catalogue Christmas 30 Nov – 6 Dec 2016

This week you can find Christmas range from meat to lighting and a recipe of Coles for “salted caramel almond tarts” in this catalogue. Coles stores are ready to serve as a filter of the best products. Frozen food and treats, lighting products and decor are all in.

Christmas Treats and Chocolate Variety

It’s best to get these products from such catalogues. Online sales are always better and they mostly contain deals like half prices. Coles offers gifts, treats and chocolates on pg 12-13.

10% off gift cards pg 12
Cadbury Santa Jumbo stocking 244g $6
Hot Wheels monster jam car $8
Darrell Lea Nougat pudding 150g $7
Coles chocolate gold coins or Santa & baubles 75g $1

30% off universal DVDs is exactly what you would require for the holiday entertainment with the kin. Moreover, check out sweet delights available on pg 13.

Cadbury dairy milk gift box 175g $5
Mars celebrations tub 750g $12.50
Cadbury Roses boxed chocolates 450g $7.75

These are half priced products. Don’t skip these awesome things. It’s cool to have large variety of chocolates in Christmas. While glancing over, you may see a good one on pg 16 as well. Seafood mainly advertised, this page offers alternative side food.

Coles Frozen Christmas Food

Christmas deals were tried to be uniquely helpful for all customers. All related to the Christmas holiday have been featured. Check out turkeys, chicken and seafood and enjoy the shopping for the best prices of the entire country.

Steggles Frozen turkey breast roast 1kg $17
Steggles frozen turkey medium buffet 3.8 kg $40
Coles frozen cooked & peeled prawns 750g $16
Steggles frozen whole turkey 3.4 kg $22
By George frozen lobster tails with garlic butter 320g $30

Cakes, Pudding and More

Seasonal treats for Christmas and Christmas lights on pg 22 and pg 34-35 are must-see products. Please visit these pages to get detailed information about these products. Traditional and inspiring delights will meet your cooking intelligent. You will prepare wonders for all.

Coles fruit mince pies 6 pk $1.50
Coles Christmas pudding 700g $3.90
Coles finest Christmas luxury pudding 900g $10
Coles finest Christmas pavlova wreath 400g $15

Coles Catalogue Christmas Deals 23 – 29 November 2016 Part II

Recipes, special desserts, Coles special products like Christmas chocolates, special deli products and enlarged Christmas decoration by Coles Catalogue Christmas Deals 23 – 29 November 2016 can be explored through this post. Coles Catalogue Great Deals 23 - 29 November 2016 Part IThey don’t only have a classic Christmas chocolates sale or something like that. They have meat, deli and dairy products to offer you the real food. They are all Christmas specials.

Outstanding example of these is chocolate chunky cookie dough cheesecake recipe readable on pg 14. Ingredients for this recipe are featured deals of Coles Catalogue Christmas. They have sweets for Christmas. Including Ferrero Rocher, you can find a shelf with classics.

Ferrero Rocher Gift box 24 pk 300g $11
Ferrero Rocher cube 18 pk $15
Mars Maltesers 360g, M&M’s peanut 440g $5 – half price


Meat and deli products have got as much attention as Christmas treats like chocolate boxes have. Take a look at pg 16&17,

Aussie Lamb cutlets $32 kg
Aussie Beef rump – $21.50 kg
Coles Australian lamb forequarter chops $13 kg


All the Christmas deals by Coles Catalogue. Moreover this is not enough for fun ! Christmas deli and dairy discounts might be interesting for you. They have a great price range on pg 20 for Christmas desserts.

Coles Fruit mince pies with bundaberg rum 6 pk $3
Coles matured Christmas pudding 700g $7
Coles Christmas Meringue Baubles 90g $5
Coles mini Christmas puddings 9 pk 180g $7

Furthermore check out some prices on pg 24-25. Considering you will gather with family, these special food from deli will be tasty for everyone. Their prices are especially what makes this catalogue interesting.

Turkey Prices from Coles Catalogue,

Steggles Frozen Large whole turkey 5.2kg $45 ea
Steggles Frozen turkey headquarter 2kg $10
Ingham Frozen Turkey breast roast 2kg $32 ea
By George Frozen Lobster Tails with garlic butter 320g $30

And a half price deal of Chobani dip of 150g is $2 on pg 25. Coles Specials of this catalogue for Christmas are BePrimo packaged meat products are available on pg 26. And Christmas decoration offers can be browsed on pg 30-31. Any essential for Christmas decor can be supplied from Coles stores.

Coles Catalogue Great Deals 23 – 29 November 2016 Part I

Here is an awesome product list, deals and maximum savings you can get from a Coles Catalogue. Coles Catalogue Great Deals 23 - 29 November 2016 Part IThis post may give you two major things. Special deals and Christmas Products or recipes by Coles Catalogue 23 – 29 November 2016. Firstly, you must know that unreal deals are even better than half prices. The products presented on pg 1 were covered by this “unreal deals” telling you that they are even reduced by over half 50% ! Other than this, half price snacks and beverages on pg 2,3,5 and Coles specials on pg 6 will be available for you from Wednesday. Apart from Christmas products, there are huge sales for pantry products as well. Check out pg 10,11 and 13 for these products. I listed some of the good ones for you.

Coles Catalogue Christmas sales in November – Snacks,

Pringles tortilla corn chips 130g $2
Peckish rice crackers 100g $1.10
Maximus sports drink $1.50
Lipton Ice Tea 1.5L $1.90

Doritos corn chips 105g $1.65
Pepsi or Solo soft drink 2L $1.62
Golden Circle tetra fruit drink 1L $1.07
Fantastic delites rice snacks 100g $1

Take a look at few of the deals of beverage and snacks on pg 4-5,

Lindt Lindor assorted cornet 375g $10
Arnott’s cheds crackers 250g $1.90
H2Coco Coconut water $3
Pepsi Max or Solo soft drink $14

On pg 6, you can find a new Coles Special. If you are tired of paying too much for silly shopping for regular pantry products, you can accept the support by Coles half prices. Go to pg 11 for great deals on some regular pantry.

Gold Choice Canola, Vegetable or Sunflower oil 4L $9
Betty Crocker baking mix 350g $2.60
Maharajah’s choice basmati rice 5 kg $8.75
Moro El Primero extra virgin olive oil 1L $8.49

Your favourites for breakfast and daily nutrition mix on pg 13,

Twinnings tea bags 10 pk $1.35
Uncle Tobys muesli bars 185g $1.99

Coles Catalogue 16 – 22 November 2016

Christmas treats, half prices of chocolate boxes like Cadbury dairy milk, Lindt Lindor, Cadbury Roses and more can be browsed on pg 7. Coles Catalogue 16 - 22 November 2016Beverage products are Coles specials on pg 6. Furthermore Coles Catalogue 16 – 22 November 2016 is full of half prices and Christmas treats or decoration. Meat prices are staying down on pg 15. Aussie cooked silverside and Aussie lamb loin chops have been included on pg 15. Seafood offers by Coles can be browsed on pg 16.

The desserts are essentials of Coles desserts. Tropical cake, mince pies, Christmas luxury pudding were contained by the catalogue. More than this food for your freezer and appetizers for Christmas celebration may also be your favourites in Nov-Dec 2016. These great products will be on sale starting on Wednesday.

If you are looking for wrapping gifts, lighting products, Christmas party supplies are featured on pg 26&27. Some good half prices and nice deals on the first part of this catalogue.

Aussie beef porterhouse steak $32 kg
Cadbury Medium bars 30g $1 – half price
Cadbury Favourites gift box chocolates 540g $9.50

Sweet Treats HALF PRICES

Lindt Lindor Christmas tin 460g $15
Cadbury Dairy milk gift box chocolates 175g $5
Lindt gift box chocolates 147g $6.30
Cadbury Roses boxed chocolates 450g $7.75

Fanta,Sprite or Lift soft drink 1.25L $2
Fanta,Sprite or Lift soft drink 24x375mL 2/$28

A recipe is readable. Instructions for Christmas peppermint fudge can be read on pg 12. Nestle cooking chocolate, desicated coconut and Nestle sweetened condensed milk that are in the ingredients of this recipe. On pg 12 these products are on sale.

Aussie corned silverside $9 kg
Aussie lamb loin chops $20 kg

Coles Seafood

Seafood deals are contained on pg 16. John West, imported seafood and more products may also be found.

John West fresh salmon portions with lemon & herb crust 2 pk $11 pk
Imported smoked cod thawed $10 kg
Imported vannamel prawns thawed $15 kg

Tassal sliced smoked salmon 200g $9
Australian cooked extra large black tiger prawns thawed $26 kg
Imported raw garlic or chili prawn skewers thawed $1 ea

Desserts for Christmas are available on pg 18. Tropical cake, mince pies, luxury pudding are among these desserts. My favourite is Coles finest tropical cake which is priced $8. Special Christmas products from deli and frozen food:

Sakata rice crackers 90g $1.75
Oliving twiggy sticks $15 kg
Semi dried tomato or Tuscan antipasto mix $20 kg

Coles Grill RSPCA approved chicken skewers $6 kg
Coles bakery stone baked batards 260g $2.40

Chicken, Meat and Turkeys:

Coles Frozen cooked & peeled prawns tail on 750g $16
Steggles frozen whole turkey 3.4 kg $22
Steggles frozen turkey medium buffet 3.8 kg $40 ea

Coles Catalogue 9 – 15 November 2016

Coles Catalogue 9 – 15 November 2016 is one of the fantastic catalogues that might be the source of saving for you. While shopping for the weekly needs you will be able to enjoy and save more with catalogues like Coles. Unreal Deals on the cover gives more examples and ideas for what we are talking about here:Coles Catalogue 9 - 15 November 2016

Solo, Pepsi, sunkist or Mountain Dew soft drink 1.25L $1
Heinz full of beanz or Heinz Sphagetti 400g $.80

Are two party supplies. Of course Heinz is not a kind of party type but it is really good when you don’t want to cook and keep the party going on. Aussie Beef rump steak was priced at $21.50 per kg and it’s on the cover as well. That’s the beef and it’s one of the most important for gathering the family or friends.

This week Grainwaves chips 175g was priced by half. Check out its price starting from Wednesday. Coles Specials of this week are available on pg 4. Those are on sale. Oreo cookies and more products have been put there while you can read the recipe of Mint Cheesecake Cadbury Flake (only at Coles).

Half Prices of Coles on pg 5:

Peckish rice crackers 100g $1
Mars or Nestle Medium Bars 35g $1
Monster Energy Drink 4x500mL $5.85
Tyrrell’s hand-cooked crisps 165g $2.25

belVita breakfast biscuits was half priced at Coles Catalogue. Later on we may talk about all the half prices that will be available with this week’s sale.

Coles Christmas Treats and Recipes

Check out pg 8&9 to discover new Christmas products by Coles.

Mars Celebrations boxed chocolates 540g $9
Cadbury Favourites or Mini Blocks boxed chocolates 320g $6
Cadbury dairy milk advent calendar 90g $3
Toblerone milk chocolate 360g $4.95