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Coles Catalogue 25 – 31 January 2017 has been published. Preview of half prices, Australia day and regular grocery products. Don’t forget that one.

Coles Catalogue 11 – 17 Jan 2017 with its exclusive food range and attractive prices.

See Christmas Food by Coles Catalogue this week.

Christmas treats, half price confectionery, other regular products and non-foods by Coles Catalogue 14 – 20 December 2016 is browsable at the moment.

Coles Catalogue 7 – 13 December 2016 offers half prices of snacks, favorite brand beverage, large range of fresh grocery and pantry and fresh cut meat products.

Coles This Week’s Fresh Food. Read the latest post about Coles Catalogue.

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Coles Catalogue Australia Day Jan 18 – 24 2017

26 January is Australia Day and Coles Catalogue has brilliant products, awesome price drops and wide half price range.Coles Catalogue Australia Day Jan 18 - 24 2017 This is where you can easily find all details and price range of these products. Also see other catalogues like Woolworths to see more deals. Coles has flag printed products on pg 8. You might want to spend time with the kin grilling or partying outside under the sunshine. Check out meat prices on pg 9. Fresh produce, deli, seafood, Coles specials, conserved food, canned products, half prices and on these are among the food sales of the Coles Catalogue of this week.

Coles Catalogue Top Deals

Find special Australia Day products on pg 1-9. On pg 8 cooler, waver flag and other flag printed products are available. On cover page you can find the half price sale.

Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite soft drink $14.10 ea cover
Chobani yogurt pouch 140g $1.12
Starburst medium bag $1.40
H2Coco coconut water 1L $3

Mount Franklin Spring water $5 – half price pg 2
Smith’s Crinkle original potato chips – Doritos cheese supreme chips $3 ea – half price pg 3
Cadbury Favourites or Mini Block Boxed Chocolates $6 – half price
Mother Energy Drink 4x500mL $5.47 half price
Kettle potato chips $.95 – half price

You will find out the beverage you need for the outdoor entertainment. Awesome Coles Catalogue prices on pg 4-5.

Kirks Soft drink 10x375mL $4.45 pg 4 – half price pg 4
Paul Newman’s own dressing 250mL $2.20 pg 5 – half price
Pepsi, Solo, Sunkist or Mountain Dew Soft Drink 1.25L 2/$3
Schweppes mixers or Pepsi max soft drink $3.50 – save $1.65
Mars or Nestlé Medium Bars $1 ea – half price

Special Australia day products designed for you to celebrate. In celebration, cooler price has been dropped by half. Coles Catalogue also offers meat on the next page.

Willow cooler 25L $21 – half price pg 8
Australia day waver flag $1 ea
Australia Day beach ball $3 ea
Australia Day thongs $3 ea
Australia Day can cooler or bottle opener $3 ea
Australia Day paper plates or serviettes $2 ea

Coles Catalogue Half Price 11 – 17 Jan 2017

The type of products you will need for this week as food supplies, snacks, beverage and so on. are at half prices. Coles Catalogue Half Price 11 - 17 Jan 2017Price range on pg 1-3 are the suitable ones for the online customers who want to pay only the half of the regular retail ! Coles makes it straight. It solely wants to offer you the cheapest competitive prices for all the needs of yours.

Products you like to see on sale at Coles stores have been selected.

Lynx body spray 100g or antiperspirant 96g $2.99 pg 1
Peters drumsticks 4 pk $3.99 ea
Old El Paso soft taco kit $3.25
Doritos corn chips 150g $1.65

Grain waves chips 175g $1.85 pg 2
Tyrrell’s crisps 165g $2.25
Green’s drizzles cookies 200g $1.85
Pascall or sour patch $2 ea

Arnott’s family assorted biscuits 500g $2.25 pg 3
V Energy Drink 4x275mL $4.67
Ritz snackz crackers 100g $1
Cheetos, twisties or burger rings snacks $.91

These are some snacks and party supplies at half values of regular retail. In this week’s cycle more half prices are of course possible to find. Creative Gourmet, Castello creamy blue, are half prices on pg 6&7. More snacks and chocolates are half price deals of Coles.

1/2 Price:

Cadbury Favourites Boxed Chocolates 540g $9.50 pg 13
Cottee’s Cordial 1L $2.49
Maggi 2 minute noodles 12 pk $4.50 pg 17
Moro El Primero extra virgin olive oil 1L $8.50 pg 19
Golden Circle Beetroot slices 450g $.90

Ingham’s chicken breast tenders 400g $4 ea pg 20
Pacific west cocktail spring rolls 1 kg $5.77

Some more half prices from dairy products and ice cream on pg 22-23. Sara Lee French vanilla 1L can be purchased at Coles for half price.coles half price jan 11 17 2017

Sara Lee Ice Cream 1L $4.49
Nature’s Way restore daily probiotic capsules 28 pk $10 – half price $10 ea pg 26
Babylove cosifit nappies $11 ea – save $2.50

Some water bottles, food storage products and similar stuff are also priced 1/2.

Sistema to go gripper bottle 800mL $5.50 pg 31
Sistema to go lunch cube 2L $5

Find also Back to school products with Coles catalogue. On pg 35, half price range of some household products are also featured.

Oates tilt-a-matic squeeze mop $8.24 pg 35
Biozet attack powder 2kg $10 ea
Morning fresh dishwashing liquid $3.47 pg 37
Mortein peaceful nights mozzie zapper $10 ea

Cadbury medium chocolate bars $1 ea pg 40
Schweppes soft drink, mineral water or mixers 1.25L $1.15
Dynamo Laundry liquid 2L or professional 1.8L $8.75
Tresemme shampoo or conditioner 750 mL $5

Coles Catalogue Summer Deals 4 – 10 January 2017

Coles Catalogue summer deals 4 – 10 January 2017 is the first part of the latest catalogue of the retailer.Coles Catalogue Summer Deals 4 - 10 January 2017 It contains snacks including the chips you love, coke, pantry food, packaged products, breakfast, meat, deli meat, fresh produce, the best of cheese and half prices occassionally appearing through this list can be what you need to have for this week.

Highlight Deals of Coles Catalogue

Doritos chips, Smith’s chips and beverage you like to have in your fridge in most cases are featured on pg 2-3. These are the most popular snacks along with others that are available on pg 4-5. There is the half price range on pg 5. Few products at half prices and some at lowered prices can be found at Coles stores starting from tomorrow.

Smith’s Thinly cut potato chips 175g $1.65 pg 2
Kettle potato chips 185g $3
Doritos corn chips 150-170g 2/$5 pg 3
Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite Soft Drink 24x375mL 2/$30 pg 3
Kirks Soft drink 1.25L $1

Half Price Deals on pg 4-5 :

Golden Circle Tetra Fruit Drink 1 Litre $1.07
Mission Burrito Tortillas 12 Pack 576g $2.07
Gold Choice Canola, Vegetable or Sunflower Oil 4 Litre $9.00

Deli and Bakery Products

Mornings are always refreshing if you wake up really early. It doesn’t matter what the season is, mornings are always perfect to refresh your body and soul. That aside, breakfast food is the instrument you need to use for such purpose.

Coles Bakery Hamburger or Hot Dog 6 Pack Rolls $2.00 pk pg 7
Coles Classic Beef, Herb & Garlic Beef 560g 2/$10
Cook&Dine White Plastic Forks, Knives or Spoons 20 Pk $1

Meat Dept.

Lamb Whole Leg $9.50
Coles finest sausage 500g $7 pk
Coles RSPCA Approved Whole Chicken $4.00 kg
Coles Kiev 4 Packs 700g with RSPCA Approved Chicken $8.00 pk

Tomatoes mushrooms and other fresh produce products including packaged items and 100% Aussie grown can be found on pg 9. Deli products like Coles family hot roast chicken priced at $8 ea – everyday – and imported marinara mix thawed ($9.50 kg) are all available on pg 10. Furthermore, traditional dips, extraordinary prices on cheese variety you love, are the content of the pg 11 from this catalogue.

Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 2016 | 21 – 27 December 2016

From the latest Christmas range of Coles Catalogue we can see Christmas gift wraps, decor, half priced pantry, snacks and packaged food. Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 2016By the way few days are only left for the Boxing Day Sales or “stocktake sales” for some of the retailers name their catalogues with that expression. Coles Catalogue Christmas Food 2016 sales here is for the last week before Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas and enjoy shopping at Coles for the best prices in this market.

Highlights of Christmas Sales at Coles Stores

Christmas sales of Coles are not limited to food. In this article we only focus on the Christmas specials by the catalogue. If you want to go futher please check out the future posts in this category. You can easily subscribe to this category and get e-mails whenever a new post is published.

In the latest Christmas sale by Coles you will see a lot of meat products. They are available heavily on pg 2-3 and pg 5. Recipe of Roast turkey with cherry BBQ sauce is also in the content of this online sale.

Meat Products of Coles

For Christmas, there is one thing important everyone cares about. That’s of course the food choice. On pg 2-5 there is a nice selection of meat, turkeys, chicken and ham variety. Take a look at the best prices on the list.

Luv A Duck fresh whole duck $10.50 kg pg 2
Coles turkey whole medium 3.8 kg $29 ea – Au Grown pg 3
Hunter Valley turkey whole medium 3.8 kg $38 pg 5

See more products on the preview page.

Deli, Bakery and Cheese As Sides and Treats

Surprise your guests with the tricks by Coles. These are specials consisting of cheese variety, sausages, croissants and like-class products you may use as side food on your table. Surely sweets have an important role in this busisness. I especially recommend pg 6 from this catalogue for such purpose.

Australian raw Black Tiger Prawns Thawed $23.00 kg – save $5 kg pg 6
Salmon Skin On Portions $24.00 kg
Raw Banana Prawns Thawed $18.00 kg – save $4 kg
Tassal sliced smoked salmon 300g $11 – save $4

Coles matured Christmas pudding 700g $7 pg 7
Coles pavlova 500g $8 – save $3.75

Nudie nothing but 100% juice $5 – save $1.59 pg 8
Tasmanian cheese 250g $8 – save $3.25 pg 9
Red Rock deli chips 3/$10 – save $3.77

Christmas Gifts and Chocolate Boxes

Find awesome gift wraps, crackers, gift tags and half price chocolate treats of Cadbury, Mars on pg 10-11. You can also check out pg 12 for flower bouquets.Christmas Gifts and Chocolate Boxes

Coles gift wrap 15 m $3
Coles novelty gift tags, or bottle bag – $2 – 20 pk
Coles Festive Crackers 10 Pack $5.00

Cadbury Favourites Tin 700g – half price – $15
Cadbury Christmas Bauble 126g $4.00
Mars Maltesers 360g $5.00 ea

Also Ferrero Rocher, Lindt chocolates are possible to find at Coles stores.

Santa’s Helper Bouquet $25 pg 12
Christmas delight bouquet $30
Christmas joy bouquet $20 ea
Star Bright Bouquet $10 ea

Snacks, Party Size Beverage and Chips

You will need lots of these products in holidays and parties. Coke, Sprite, chips, Pringles, Arnott’s, and some chocolate bars can be really helpful for you celebrating the new year. See awesome prices on pg 18-19 for these products. Lovely half prices for favourite snacks and beverage are available on pg 20-21.Snacks, Party Size Beverage and Chips 20

Cadbury Medium Bars 30g-60g – half price – $1 ea pg 20
Peckish Rice Crackers 100g $1.10 ea
Grainwaves chips 175g $1.85
Real Iced Tea Co. 1.25 L $1.90

Frantelle Spring Water 24x600mL – half price – $5.75 pg 21
Powerade sports drink – half price – $1.70
Golden Circle fruit drink 1L – half price – $1.07
Pepsi, Solo, Sunkist etc. 1.25L – half price – $1.15

There are also pantry products in half prices. Check these products consisting of sauces, olive oil and some conserved food on pg 24-25. If you like everyday prices of Coles, there are some for pantry food on pg 27.

Convenient Food Half Prices on pg 28-29:

Peters Light & Creamy 1.8 L $3.44 ea
Ice Cream Mars – 4-6pk – $3.99 ea
SFC Chicken breast tenders – $4.60
Pacific west cocktail spring rolls 1kg $5.77 pg 29

More from this catalogue:

– Half Prices of household, soap and more.
DVD movies with half prices.
– Half price snacks and unreal deals.

Keep shopping at Coles and reading our posts to beware of the best sales for Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

Coles Catalogue Latest Christmas Deals 2016 | 14 – 20 December

As many other grocery catalogues this Coles Catalogue has made a lot of deals for Christmas holiday.Coles Catalogue Latest Christmas Deals 2016 You have the opportunity to buy your favourite quality for half prices but more important thing is of the wide range of turkey meals, which will be available on 19th December, chicken variety, party deli food, sweets and half price snacks or beverage. Top brands of chocolate boxes like Lindt, Cadbury are mostly what you will see inside this catalogue. On pg 14-15, 16-17 and pg 42 you will find the half price snacks of Coles Catalogue Latest Christmas Deals 2016 which is valid on 14 – 20 December 2016.

Highlighted Deals by Coles Catalogue Christmas

If you want to impress people with your delicious food, this is the place where you can pay less and get quality. Festive food products from deli and meat departments of Coles stores have been advertised by this catalogue. This is a bundle to visualize the basic needs on sale with single shot.

Seafood and deli meat can be browsed on pg 2-3 as a good example. Two nice deals by Coles on cover page:

Australian cooked black tiger prawns $25 kg
Australian cheeries $16.90 kg

Notes from this catalogue:

Turkeys will be available on 19th December – see them on pg 5.
– Recipe of ultimate vanilla bean fudge is readable on pg 11.
– You can support Aussie kids and youth with cancer by buying $2 card or donating at registers of Coles.
All products on pg 12-13 have been half priced – generally snacks and beverage.

Seafood of Coles Christmas

Prefer light options for the dinner. Seafood is an excellent one for such purpose. Don’t miss these by Coles on pg 2.

Fresh ASC Salmon on portions $24 kg
Imported Barramundi fillets thawed $13 kg
MSC Raw banana prawns thawed $18 kg

Chicken and Turkeys for Christmas

Natural Australian grown chicken, meat and turkeys are available on pg 5-7. Turkeys will be available on 19th Dec. With that said, these are for main course. Sides must consist of products from deli. They have the purpose for this. Check out pg 8-9 for Christmas deli meat and sides. See the top prices for these products:

Turkey Whole Medium 3.8kg $29.00 ea pg 5
Hunter Valley Turkey Whole Medium 3.8kg $38.00 ea

RSPCA Approved Whole Chicken $4.00 kg pg 6
Luv A Duck Fresh Whole Duck $10.50 kg
Steggles Frozen Turkey Breast Roast 1kg $17.00 ea
Steggles Frozen Turkey Medium Buffet 3.8kg $36.00 ea – save $4

Oliving Twiggy Sticks – half price – $15.00 kg pg 8
Elco Dodoni Feta $18.00 kg
Lilydale Free Range Hot Roast Chicken $10.00 ea – save $3

Berri 100% Au Grown juice 2L $4 – save $2 pg 9
Castello Half Moon Cheese 150g $5.00 ea – save $2.39
Red Rock Deli Dips 150g 3 for $10.00

Save with new deals on sweets and Christmas cakes on pg 10, read the recipe of fudge on pg 11, and check out half price snacks on pg 12-13.