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Coles Catalogue Personal Care 8 – 14 Aug 2018

Non-food part of the latest Coles Catalogue has a wonderful product range. You can find definitely useful things like Nivea deep clean shaving gel of 200mL that will cost only $4! Save a sweet $2 on that single item. Another one is Gillette Mach 3 razor kit. Gillette has been a definitive brand in razor industry and I am sure everyone will love that deal by Coles! This amazing Gillette product will be only $6.50! So it will be a cool $2.99 profit for all Coles customers! Do you want to hear more from this category? Well, of course there are more products like Lynx, Redwin sorbolene moisturiser of 1L and Blackmores odourless fish oil 1000mg capsules of 200pack. That last one is a ½ price deal! It’s not over yet;


More personal care, baby products, and health care products are available on pg 30-31 of the catalogue. I believe there is a favourite item of yours there for a nice price. If you are seeking a particular product, leave us a comment or subscribe to the category on our Facebook page where we share the important moments, posts, future catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Deals 8 – 14 Aug 2018 | Half Prices

Coles half prices are for everyone who is looking for a good deal on food and supermarket items. belVita, Lindt Lindor, Oreo cookies, Campbell’s, La Espanola Extra Virgin olive oil are all half-price deals. Nescafe Cappucino, M&M’s, Connoisseur ice cream, Pepsi Max 24 pack are half-price products that are viewable on the cover page. Tortillas, Passage to India, Suimin noodles and more like-class practical food or pantry products can be seen on pg 2-3. The replenishing of your food source is renewed with the updates regarding these half-price products. Cadbury favourites, dairy milk and more, Arnott’s Jatz, shapes, V energy drink and much more.

Powerade sports drink of 1L bottle will cost only $2.65 at Coles. Buy Golden Circle juice and Coke for everyday prices. See the prices on pg 7. Coles Little Shop items for $30 purchase of participating products. That’s a still valid deal at Coles. John West tuna, Vege chips, Green’s pancake shake, baking mix and more pantry products on pg 9. Find all the favourite canned and packaged food products at lower prices at Coles.

Find some breakfast food including cereals, coffee, peanut butter, ice cream and more on pg 14-15. New products like Lean Cuisine balanced serve meal, Magnum white almond and more products. Don’t forget to see these items that are on sale with the best prices by Coles.

Man size McCain food is on sale. Butter chicken, southern style chicken are two on-sale products. BirdsEye packaged food is also one of these from the subcategory. Half-price deals on Pacific West salt & squid and Pacific West cocktail spring rolls are available on pg 16-17.

Go to pg 19-20 for deli-bakery and more canned food. Heinz Beanz or sphagetti 3 pack is a new product. Buy it for only $5! That’s everyday price range on pg 19. Arnott’s mini cakes will be $4. Buy Aussie Made sourdough for $5.50! Campbell’s, MasterFoods, Dolmio and more down down deals.

Coles Catalogue Deals 1 – 7 Aug 2018 | Half Prices

Coles Little Shop is going on in the catalogues, too. John West Tuna, Chobani yoghurt, Nestle Kit Kat, Up&Go breakfast liquid are half prices on the cover page of Coles Catalogue. Visit pg 3 for Lipton ice tea, Lindt creation and more snacks or candies can be purchased at a half price. Go to pg 4 for Coke, Powerade sports drink, V8, Golden Circle, The Natural party mix, Doritos chips that will be on sale. Doritos chips and Smith’s chips will cost $5 for 2. Arnott’s TimTam, V Energy is also available discount products on pg 5. Snacks and more chocolate or candy prices are on pg 6-7. Cadbury dairy milk, Dream Oreo are new products at Coles. Go to pg 9 for more half prices:

Cobram olive oil, Old El Paso tortillas, John West canned tuna fish, Nestle Condensed milk, Campbell’s chicken real stock, Continental Pasta & sauce, Heinz Classic soup, are the pantry products from Coles Catalogue 1 – 7 Aug. SPC Baked or sphagetti, Cadbury cooking baking chips, Bega peanut butter, Bonne Maman jam on sale. Get Moccona premium mixes for only $4.50! You can get Cadbury drinking chocolate for only $4! Save $2.50 on Betty Crocker cake mix that is priced at $2.60!

More half prices:

Get your favourites at half prices at Coles Catalogue or in stores of the retailer. Nature’s Way, Lo carb and extra nutritional food products for your breakfast and lunch can be found on pg 16-17. Feed your body with quality food and protein-rich products at lower costs.

Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza will cost $7.60 for 370g. Visit pg 18-19 for frozen food and packaged meals. These are simple meals you can think of them as your dinner. Birds Eye deli chips, Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables, Pacific West flathead fillets, On the Menu meal, Sara Lee dessert and more. Dairy is a category of products like Jalna Greek yoghurt, Dare flavoured milk, Activia, and Vaalia. Ready Chef meals are on sale at Coles stores. Save $3 on this product. Recipe of French-Style roast chicken with gravy is available on pg 24. Lamb cutlets will be $30/kg at Coles.

Visit pg 26-27 for the fresh fruits and vegetables. Strawberries, Mandarins, Australian Green kiwifruit, baby beetroot, baby broccoli bunch, brussels sprouts, soup starter, and more are available on pg 26-27.

Coles Catalogue Personal Care 25 – 31 July, 2018

Another comprehensive product range by the category of Coles Catalogue Personal Care 25 – 31 July 2018. Berocca Effervescent, Cenovis once daily women’s multi capsules, and more pharmacy products are available on pg 28. If you have a sore throat, check out the products on bottom of the same page. Betadine products with honey and lemon flavor will help you recover quickly. Go to pg 29 for hair care. Hair colours, Natural World shampoo and half-price deals are featured.
Moreover, dental products like those of Oral-B, and razors of Gillette, Venus are available on pg 30-31. The special pricing of Coles makes it easy to shop these items. Make your shopping list for the personal care needs of the week and go to Coles for these prices.

In this catalogue you can also find chemicals for cleaning, pet products, kitchen products and more. Follow our Facebook page for more deals and the future Coles Catalogues.

Coles Catalogue Deals Jul 25 – 31, 2018 | Half Prices, Grocery

Coles Little shop deals are going on. Check out the new Coles Catalogue for deals like half prices on the first page. Carman’s nut bars, Twinings breakfas tea, and more are half price deals on that page. Earn items for your purchases of many products that are participating items to the Little Shop sale. Cadbury Dairy milk, Freddo, Arnott’s, eclipse and more candies and snacks are on sale on pg 3. Browse the half-price sale on pg 4-5. L’OR, Campbell’s are featured products. Buy TimTam or Wagon Wheels for only $5! Schweppes soda water and lemon-lime will cost only $2.90! To see Coles Little shop items please go to pg 2.

Snacks and beverage are an important category of all Coles Catalogues. Browse some good deals on the beverage on pg 6-7. Down Down deal on Dolmio Lasagne bechamel and thick tomato. These practical food and pantry products are on sale and it really drops down the cost of weekly living. spc Aussie made beans and spaghetti will be $.90! Wholesome falafel chips is half price.

Buy, Scan and Win with Coles Little Shop deals. Pesto sauce and Maggi 2 min. noodles are participating food products to this deal. Visit pg 13 for coffee sales. Nescafe Blend 43, LeSnak, Nestle Milo, Uncle Tobys corn flakes, cereals and other breakfast products are available on pg 14. Buy LeSnak for only $5. Vitasoy rice milk or soy milk will cost $1.50. Those are some popular milk products preferred by vegetarians.

Half Price Deals:

Recipe of healhty chicken chow mein is readable on pg 20. Ingredients and methods and some of the necessary proudcts. Chicken breast fillets are $9/kg at Coles after Wednesday. More meat products and chicken can be seen on pg 21. Fresh products including kiwifruit, potatoes, apples, and deli meat products are available on pg 22-23. Buy Big M chocolate milk for only $4. Farmers Union Greek style yoghurt will cost only $5! Lurpak, pro-activ and like-class dairy products are also on sale.

More half prices:

Furthermore, find pharmacy, personal care, cleaning products, baby products and more on this catalogue. Follow our Facebook page for more deals from Coles.