Woolworths Food Sale Catalogue 2 – 8 Dec 2015

CATCH WOOLWORTHS’S FOOD SALE Woolworths Food Sale Catalogue 2 - 8 Dec 2015

If you are in rush, Woolworths has good offers for you. I can suggest you to cook some instant food, like Sun Rice Jasmine and Brown Rice. It is healthy food  and also you can do instantly for your kids and for your friends immediately. They will love its taste, and it is also in a half price in Woolworths! There are also some varieties special for you. As the instant food lover, noodles became popular nowadays, you can just put hot water and enjoy your meal just in couple minutes. It is also tasty with its sauces and healthy ingredients. In Woolworths, 12 packs Maggi 2 Minute Chicken Noodles are available in Woolworths!

If you want to create your own meal with your own taste, you can cook the most known Italian food , Spaghetti! It is the favorite food for everyone from the kids till elderly people. Even it looks simple to cook, it is important to choose the best quality one. In Woolworths, the best pasta, San Remo Pasta is available! But we all know, pasta is not that tasty without sauce or extras on it. Have you tried tuna with pasta? It is perfect! In Woolworths you can buy Green Seas Tuna is available, in a half price!

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