Woolworths Food Specials Catalogue 9 – 15 Dec 2015

GREATEST FOOD SALE BY WOOLWORTHS Woolworths Food Specials Catalogue 9 - 15 Dec 2015

In Woolworths, there are alternative ways to enjoy some Christmas treats, special for you! If you are planning your Christmas food in an alternative way, there are a lot of options waiting for you in Woolworths special for you ! Ingham frozen turkey is tasty way to eat your Christmas dinner, it will make your dinner enjoyable! Woolworths offers you a tasty Christmas dinner with frozen ready to roast turkey in a special price, just be in a hurry! If you want to eat sea food for this Christmas, you can check Steward Fish In Sauce, it would be really tasty and healthy Christmas food for you! It is always better to have healthy dinner, think about it! If you are a beer lover, and can not drink it without some snacks, McCain beer Batter is available in Woolworths! It would be perfect company with your beer and you can enjoy that nights with those two! In Woolworths, every human being can find something for themselves in a good price in a good size or in a good taste!

  • Enjoy with those alternative Christmas Dinner suggestions!

After talking about your special , tasty and healthy Christmas dinner times, you would think about some desserts after these dinner to chill you up in healthy way! Desserts that you can eat after main Christmas dinner are waiting for you in Woolworths! It would be perfectly alternative Christmas Dinner for you and your family, you can enjoy with those perfectly tasty ice creams, and frozen fruit mixtures are always fresh in Woolworths, and waiting for you!

  • Perfect desserts are waiting for you after dinner!

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