35 Bonus Coles Builders Pokémon Edition – Ends on 26/3

A new set of collectables is available at your favourite grocery store. Coles weekly specials have been updated for this week’s catalogue and you can spot the new Coles builders this week. See all the free 35 Coles builders you can get for your purchases at Coles. The deal will end on the 26th of March. Get 1 free builder for your $30 purchase at Coles.

Coles Builders – Pokémon Characters

You can discover 35 Pokémons on page 6&7 of the new Coles Catalogue. Pikachu is of course the featured one as the most known Pokémon but there are also Squirtle, which is my favorite, Bulbausaur, Charmender and 31 more.

How To Get Pokémon Coles Builders?

All you have to do is to spend $30 on participating products in-store or online. Check out the latest catalogue specials and you can see the products. View all participating products and brands on coles.com.au. The products are already on sale.


35 Bonus Coles Builders Pokémon - Ends on 26/3

Don’t forget to see this week’s Half-Price comparison for Coles & Woolworths. There might be deals that will give you these Pokémon friends.

Coles Builders – Pokémon Collector’s Guide

Download the guide here. You can check all the Pokémons there if you discovered them. There might rare ones. If you are a true collector, you might like the rare ones. I have seen so many times on forums or on Reddit that every time Coles or Woolworths have collectables they include some of the rare pieces there.

Coles Builders Pokémon Collector's Guide 2 Coles Builders - Pokémon Collector's Guide 

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