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There are many different mobile plans in Australia and if you are not satisfied with what you have you might want to read about ALDI Mobile services. It is a whole different thing that ALDI offers for customers. Using their website, you can buy a plan or a SIM Card. Popular plans of spintel, iinet, Tangerine and other operators might be attractive. Despite ALDI Mobile plans to offer a good price there are better ones. You can see plans and services on New 5G plans are offered with different focus points. ALDI Mobile plans might vary according to your needs.

Why Switch to ALDI Mobile?

ALDI uses Telstra whole sale mobile network coverage which means they can cover over 98.8% of the Australian population. You can check your coverage here. A bigger part of the map is covered with 4G. The coverage map is the same Telstra shows on their website. If you want to check out which phones have 5G check out which shows the latest phones.

Also, you can keep your number. They even protect you against number thieves with a unique verification code.

They offer data rollover, too. If your plan expires but you didn’t consume all your internet data, the remained data will be rolled over when you recharge your plan. That is not something every operator offers which is important to know. For example, Moose mobile offers 100GB of data which is huge for $28.80/m for the first year and it does offer rollover up to 200GB. Like Moose Mobile you don’t have to lock-in for the contract for a year. You can cancel or recharge every month with ALDI Mobile. The different thing at ALDI Mobile is you have unlimited rollover.

The plan will auto recharge and they will send you a notification, too, for completion or failure. A payment method with Visa, Mastercard or Paypal is required if you want this service.

Use the ALDI mobile app to manage your account, see your balance and add more data. You can set up auto charge there. Overall, it is a very relaxing mobile service you can use. I think the biggest perks are the unlimited rollover and mighty coverage across Australian states.

We discussed some of the reasons why you might want to switch to ALDI Mobile but to compare I suggest you read this article on which has the up-to-date best mobile plans from various providers. There are plans as cheap as $14/m.

Although some of the things that ALDI Mobile offers seem attractive, it doesn’t mean there are no negative reviews. In fact, on there are quite a few negative comments and its rating is under 2.5 over 5 stars from a total of over 2000 reviews.

ALDI Mobile Plans

If you are going to buy a prepaid plan, ALDI mobile plans remain to be more affordable compared to most provides. So much so, you can buy a plan as cheap as $19/m with unlimited data rollover. That includes unlimited calls and SMS to Aussie numbers.

You can buy 4 different types of plans at ALDI Mobile. They are mobile plans, data plans, family plans, and pay as you go plans. If you buy data plans, calls and SMS are not included but you will have a lot of internet. You have double data and 5G with family plans. Perhaps you don’t want to lock-in even for a month. Then you can go with “Pay as you go” plan. Go to mobile plans page to get up-to-date information on all plans.

Mobile Plans

They include data and unlimited calls, SMS.

ALDI Mobile Plans

Data Plans

They don’t include calls and SMS. But you have data that will expire in 1 year.

ALDI Mobile Data PlansFamily Plans

If you are going to buy for you and your spouse, you can go with ALDI Mobile Family Plans that offer shared data. For example, $55 family plan has 50GB shared data for 2 services.

ALDI Mobile Family Plans

Pay As You Go – ALDI SIM Card

There is also this ALDI Mobile Plan for those who don’t want to pay for unused services. Pay only $5 to get ALDI Sim card. Let’s say you get this and after a while you started to use your phone more. Then you can switch to a mobile plan at any time. Easily buy the ALDI prepaid sim card on

ALDI Mobile Pay As You Go

It would be unnecessary to write about the details of these plans here because ALDI already has a great website covering all the details and essential information for you.

Compare ALDI Mobile To Other Services

Looking for an even cheaper option? Check out the mobile plans page. ALDI Mobile plans are not the best in the market. You can find even cheaper ones. I am not sure about their coverage and reliability but TPG Large offers as cheap as a $15/m plan for 45GB Data. That is even better than spintel’s $14/m plan for 25GB Data. Both offer no lock-in contract. Even cheaper plans are available in their article. Australia is a great place to live if you want to buy a mobile plan for as cheap as $10 per month. However, those cheap prices are only available for the first few months.

Phone Plans for Rural Areas

Rural areas might be different but some people on this Reddit post suggested the Telstra network. And some comments suggested ALDI mobile. Check out that post here. The rule of thumb might be checking the coverage if you are going to use the plan in rural areas, especially in a big country like Australia.

Good to know: there sometimes is a good deal on mobile plans or phones on ALDI Catalogue. You might want to check out their special buys every week on our page. As for ALDI’s coverage, I gave you the link above the coverage map.

How Does the Coverage Work?

Mobile coverage is facilitated by a network of cellular towers, also known as base stations or cell towers, strategically positioned throughout a region. These towers are connected to the MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators) network infrastructure and are responsible for transmitting and receiving wireless signals to and from mobile devices.

Various factors can affect mobile coverage, including geographic features (e.g., mountains, buildings), atmospheric conditions, interference from other electronic devices, and network congestion during peak usage times. Additionally, the frequency bands used by MNOs can impact coverage and signal penetration, with lower frequencies often providing better coverage over longer distances and through obstacles.

Check out the map. source:

Telstra - ALDI Mobile Plan Coverage

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