ALDI Special Buys 13 – 16 March 2024

The special buys have been updated and the next week’s deals are already in the ALDI Catalogue which is a versatile tool people love to explore every week. There are featured deals on the first page of the new catalogue. People are also talking about the frozen smoothie pack. They brought it back and people love it. Buy it for only $3 for its 450g pack. Check these specials on the cover page of ALDI Special Buys 13 – 16 March 2024:

  • Dairy Fine Chocolate Bunny – $1.69 each, $1.54 per 100g (On Sale Saturday 13 March)
  • Assorted Packet Seeds – $1.29 each
  • Canvas Storage Bags – $19.99


  • Solar Mat 200W – $229 (On Sale Saturday 16 March)
  • Queen Air Mattress – $59.99
  • Titan Booster Seat with Storage Compartments – $39.99
  • Byron Bay Camp Chair $29.99

ALDI Easter Specials 13 March

Use ALDI Catalogue to see unique deals on Easter treats including Easter bunny, premium eggs, mug set, and more products. The classic treat of Easter is the hot cross buns in Australia. ALDI offers Brioche Hot Cross Buns 6pk for only $4.49.

ALDI Easter Specials 13 March

  • Moser Roth Premium Eggs 150g, in various flavors including Peanut Brittle or Salted Caramel, for $6.99
  • Trolli Easter Tub, 600g, for $7.99
  • Dairy Fine Milk Chocolate Bunny 110g, for $1.69
  • Dairy Fine White Chocolate Caramel Crunch 150g, for $3.49

Shop mug sets, toys, and more Easter products:

  • Egg and Mug Set 60g $7.99
  • Egg Bag 15pk/75g $5.99
  • Kid’s Licensed Egg and Mug Set 60g $5.99
  • Kid’s Licensed Mealtime Sets 40g $8.99

Check these new specials, too:

  • Choceur Dark, White or Milk Chocolate Sitting Bunny 100g – $2.99
  • Life Savers Fruit Tingles Bunny 170g – $4.49
  • Iced Easter Cookie Mix 450g – $3.99

Also, you can find the Easter bakery including hot cross buns on the new catalogue:

  • New and exclusive Easter Sprinkles Assortment 130g for $2.99. Choose from Bunny or Carrots.
  • Gluten Free Easter Cupcake Mix 450g for $3.99. Choose between 2 delicious flavours: Chocolate Caramel or Gold Caramel.
  • Brioche Swirl 500g for $7.99. With vanilla flavoured filling and chocolate chips.
  • Brioche Hot Cross Buns 6pk/240g for $4.49. With raisins, candied fruits and spices.
  • Easter Cookies 175g for $3.99.
  • Grandma Gretel’s Gingerbread 30g for $1.69.
  • Mac’s Choc Chip Bikkie Bites 180g for $3.99.

You can also find costumes, bunny ears, craft accessories, and more products in the Easter section of the ALDI special buys.

  • Easter Hats or Bunny Ears $1.99
  • Infant or Children’s Easter PI Set $11.99
  • Adult’s Easter PJ Set $14.99
  • Easter Hunting Basket $5.99
  • Easter Crafting Activities $3.99
  • Easter Craft Accessories Packs $2.99

The season also requires a little redecoration and crafting at home. Check out what ALDI has for you in the Easter crafting and home d├ęcor section in the new catalogue:

  • Easter Tree or Wreath $16.99
  • Easter Hanging Decorations $4.99
  • Easter Plaster Painting Kit $3.99
  • Hanging Wooden Decorations 4pk, Felt Ornaments 2pk, Porcelain 1pk or Hanging Eggs 9pk $7.14
  • Easter Squishees $12.99
  • Easter Decorations $54.99
  • Hatch & Grow Toys $4.99
  • Easter Picture Books $4.99

ALDI Gardening Specials 13 March 2024

Easter is not the only special category you have in the new catalogue. During the Easter season, people will go for an adventure and ALDI is aware of that. Alongside the outdoor products, they also offer gardening specials. Here are the new special buys:

ALDI Gardening Specials 13 March 2024

  • Pro-Flex Garden Hose 15m for $29.99
  • Garden Gloves with Claws or Garden Knee Pads for $7.99
  • 8-Pattern Spray Nozzle for $5.99
  • Premium Garden Gloves for $8.99
  • Walk-In Greenhouse for $49.99

They also offer plants, trees, citrus that will beautify your place. Check out the ALDI Catalogue for these:

  • Gardenline Fruit and Citrus Fertiliser Pellets 25kg for $7.99
  • Gardenline All Purpose Fertiliser 6kg for $19.99
  • Kalanchoe Assorted Colours for $7.99
  • Dwarf Citrus 5L for $39.99 – comes in Grapefruit, Lemonade, Lime, Orange, Mandarin or Lemon.
  • Assorted Packet Seeds for $1.29 – Flowers, Vegetables or Herbs
  • Ferns 90mm for $4.99 – Assorted varieties
  • Tuff Indoor Mix for $12.99 – Magic Bean, Parlour Palm, Zanzibar or Dracaena
  • Fruiting Trees 140mm for $14.99 – Mulberry, Fig, Pomegranate or Olive
  • Passionfruit for $6.99
  • Citrus Twin Pack for $19.99 – Includes lemon and lime
  • Mushroom Growing Kits for $29.99 – White Oyster, Chocolate Oyster or Lion’s Mane
  • Assorted Packet Bulbs for $7.99 – Daffodil, Dutch Iris, Jonquil, Ranunculus, Freesia, Tulip Mix and more
  • Fruit and Citrus Spray 750ml for $7.99

ALDI Special Buys For Your Car 16th March 2024

Don’t forget to see this part where you can spot products that will make your car cleaner, more organised. Floor mats, car seats, and similar products are featured offers. Check these out:

ALDI Special Buys For Your Car 16th March 2024

  • Elevated Dog Booster Seat with Storage Compartments $39.99
  • Carpet Car Floor Mats 4pk $11.99
  • Ratchet Wrench or Spanner Set $19.99
  • High Pressure Attachment $14.99
  • Under Bonnet Worklight $39.99
  • Assorted Car Organisers $9.99
  • Steering Wheel Cover $8.99
  • Car Seat Covers Set $29.99
  • Car Boot Anti-Slip Mat $9.99
  • Cargo Net Assortment $22.99

ALDI Camper Special Buys 16th March 2024

Another thing ALDI brought back is the famous OneZ Sleeping Bag! People loved it before and they are talking about it again. It is a great chance to buy those sleeping bags for only $49.99! These products are even mentioned in the news. Alongside them, there are many camping and outdoor products.

ALDI Camper Special Buys 16th March 2024

  • Instant Up 4 Person Tent $149
  • Premium Tent Pegs $9.99
  • Water Repellent Picnic Rug $29.99
  • Heavy Duty Tarp 3.6m x 5.55m for $29.99
  • Camp Rope 40m for $9.99
  • Byron Bay Camp Chair for $29.99
  • Tarp Pole for $9.99
  • Camping Tools for $9.99 (includes camp axe, folding shovel or tent peg hammer)
  • Dual Zone Portable Fridge Freezer 73L for $499

Enjoy the nature without compromising on your comfort. Various products like air mattress, camp quilt are available for unique Aldi prices:

  • Winter Sleeping Bag $24.99
  • Camp Quilt $69.99
  • Queen Air Mattress $59.99
  • Canvas Storage Bags $19.99
  • Cast Iron Cookware $19.99
  • Collapsible Accessories $12.99

Equip yourself with these tools. You can even find batteries, solar mats, and more products.

  • 100Ah Lithium-lon Battery $449
  • Solar Mat 200W $229
  • Portable Power Station 600W $399
  • Light with Bug Zapper $14.99
  • Assorted Camping Lanterns $9.99
  • Powered Battery BOX $49.99
  • Camping First Aid Kit 64pc $34.99
  • Spotting Scope with Stand $79.99
  • Night Vision Device $159
  • LED Lighting Kit or Awning Light Kit $49.99
  • wildlife Camera $149

Here are the famous OneZ sleeping bags and the remaining special buys from the camping section in the ALDI Catalogue.

  • Adult’s 3-in-1 Jacket $59.99
  • Adult’s Snuggle Hoodie $34.99
  • Sleeping Bag OneZ $49.99
  • Adult’s Hiking Socks 2pk $11.99

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