ALDI Special Buys 17 – 20 Apr 2024

The new ALDI Catalogue is here with special buys of Greek food, Lacura beauty products, laundry care products, tech, and sportswear. The latest catalogue starts with the introduction of the deal for a big screen TV. That is a 50″ 126cm TV for your living room at an affordable ALDI price. You can find the tasty food of Greece in the catalogue. See more pages to encounter Lacura cosmetics like Collagen Pro. If you need better organization and efficiency doing your laundry, you might find the product range in the catalogue very useful. There are also travel products like luggage, leather bags, backpacks, and more. Read this post to learn more about the ALDI Special Buys 17 – 20 Apr 2024.

Greek Food Specials

It is Spring in the Northern hemisphere. Greece is one of the best places to spend summer. Traditional Greek foods including seafood like sardines are featured deals at Aldi this week. Find tzatziki, gyros, souvlaki, lemon herbs, and more Greek foods in the new catalogue. Visit Aldi Catalogue to see all pages of the catalogue.

ALDI Greek Food 17th April 2024

Lacura Cosmetics

Lacura cosmetics is ALDI-owned brand and they manufacture the products in Europe, too. No need to spend a fortune on cosmetic items or skincare. Use Aldi Catalogue for the special buys. You will be able to find face creams, moisturisers, and more in this week’s catalogue.

Laundry Products

It is not unusual to find laundry care products in a special buys catalogue at Aldi. In fact, if you follow their catalogues, you will realise it is part of their tradition every year. You can buy dryers or washers, laundry baskets, airers, steamers, and more.

TV and Tech Sale 20 April 2024

Next week will be fun for everybody who likes to watch TV and spend time in their living room. Your favourite streaming services will play on 50″ TV you can buy at Aldi. It runs on WebOS and displays 4K video. You can also buy Philips sound system for only $169.

Aldi Travel Supplies – Luggage Specials 20 Apr 2024

If you need backpacks, luggage, or other travel supplies, you might want to check out your local Aldi stores for these special buys next week. Aldi Special Buys 17 – 20 April 2024 included the products below.

Aldi Luggage and Travel Supplies


Clothing Specials 20 Apr 2024

Men’s winter wear is here. Find jackets, vests, jeans, pants, shoes, and more products in this week’s Aldi Catalogue. They have underwear and socks, too.

Aldi Clothing Specials 20 Apr 2024