ALDI Special Buys 24 – 27 Apr 2024

You can see ALDI Special Buys on ALDI Catalogue. The new one offers nice specials on kitchen products. Bring your kitchen some modern tools to make your cooking more precise and more delicious.

Personal Care Specials 24 Apr 2024

The special buys also include hair care products. Aldi’s special buys will make it cheaper to buy hair dryer, hair volume styler, hair food treatments, gummies, and more. You can get more details on

Women’s Sportswear Specials 24 Apr 2024

Keep it warm when you are working out. Women’s sportswear is going to be on sale at Aldi next week. Joggers, fitness socks, tops, shorts, and more.

Art & Craft 24 Apr 2024

If you are involved in a hobby like watercolour painting or art in general, Aldi can be an alternative place where you can buy your supplies or essentials at much lower costs. Specials like art maker kits, adult colouring books, scrapbook paper or album, cutting accessories, and more are featured products.

Pet Products 24 Apr 2024

If you have a dog or a cat in your house, this part of the Aldi Special Buys Catalogue can be interesting. You may find self-heating dog beds and clothing for dogs in the new ALDI Catalogue.

Home Products 27 April 2024

Also, there is a range of electric blankets, heated clothes airers, and more home products in this week’s sale. If you feel a bit chilly in winter you may consider buying De’longhi’s ceramic capsule heater for only $64.99 at Aldi.

Mother’s Day Gifts 27 April 2024

Interesting and fun gifts are currently present in the ALDI Catalogue. Vintage turntables, smart watch, mini karaoke BT speaker, multifunction lights, and more are gift ideas by Aldi for Mother’s Day.

Aldi Mother's Day 27 Apr 2024

More Deals by the Catalogue

Among the advertised offers, there are ALDI Mobile plans, grocery products, breakfast specials, DairyFine chocolate, and more. See them at the end of the catalogue.

Compare these specials to others on the Sales & Specials page.