ALDI Special Buys 3 – 6 Apr 2024

ALDI welcomes the new season with some interesting special buys including an electric bike. The new catalogue showcases the electric bike on the first page. Considering the average e-bike prices ALDI’s offer is an attractive one. See the electric bike on pages 10-11.

ALDI Grocery Special Buys 3 April 2024

The new catalogue covers bulky grocery – pantry products including Coca-Cola, Moccona coffee, pickles, and more. See them on page 2-3. You might want to stock up some snacks or buy Nutella at ALDI’s irresistible price of $9.99. Nutella’s 900g jar can be seen on page 3.

Women’s Clothing Specials 3 April 2024

New season brings its trendy women’s clothing to ALDI Catalogue. You can use this catalogue to buy some casual clothing. Pants, Blazers, Knit Top, Padded Vest, and more products are featured items.

Elder Care Special Buys 3 April 2024

If you are taking care of your sweet parents in their trying times, ALDI is here to help you. They have some helpful products that will help older folks in their daily life. Walking stick, shopping trolley, wheelchair, and more products are available in the new catalogue. You can see them on page 6 – 9.

Electric Bike and Biking Accessories 6 April 2024

Electric bikes are more popular than ever especially in crowded cities with troubling public transport or unbearable traffic. If you work at a place that is too short to drive but too long to walk, they are perfect transport solutions. Also, they are so much fun. ALDI Catalogue has a unique offer next week on 6 April. Buy electric urban bike at ALDI for $1199. Other biking products for safety and experience can also be interesting. See them on page 9 – 11.

ALDI Catalogue Electric Bike Special Buys 6 Apr 2024

Gardening Specials 6 April 2024

The other part of the special buys on 6th of April is the gardening and garden accessories. Make it beautiful and take care of it at a budget. ALDI Special Buys include flower steps, hanging basket, decorative planters, tea cup planter, and more items. Petrol chainsaw and similar power tools are also in the product range.

ALDI Catalogue Chainsaw 6 April 2024

Other Products

See everyday specials in the end of this catalogue. ALDI Special Buys 3 – 9 April 2024 is not the only deal from the latest catalogue. You can find products like coffee sachets, instant coffee, paper towels, and more items at lower costs than most places.

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