ALDI Special Buys Catalogue 16 – 22 Mar 2016

ALDI Special Buys Catalogue 16 - 22 Mar 2016

There are a lot of possibilities which will prepare your home for the new season in ALDI store. It is time to prepare yourselves for having colder days. You can find amazing items which can make your days a lot cleaner with Work Zone High Pressure Washer 2200W. There is any tougher dirt which can resist this amazing cleaners. It would be perfect idea for every homes. You can find it in ALDI stores and can make your days even better. And it costs only $139 for this week! Do not miss this amazing idea which could be really good idea for everyone. When we clean our home with vacuum, it just cleans the surface, however if we will clean it with Work Zona High Pressure Washer, our surface will be definitely cleaned with its amazing pressure system. You can also find perfect solutions for your garden. Everyone wants to have a garden with better conditions. You can find Assorted Packet Bulbs for your improvement of your home are available. There are perfect solutions for your garden also. Enjoy with your moments of gardening. In ALDI stores, you can find amazing opportunities which would make your days even better with perfect suggestions for your home.


It is the time for wearing very warm because of autumn conditions. Days with tee is already ended. Now you must find an amazing ideas which could be really good for your daily pleasure in ALDI stores special sales. Kids can be sensitive because of these seasonal changes. It would be really important to keep them steady and stable, due to the cold. You can find Kids Anorak Jacket which will make them feel really comfortable and warm, with ALDI’s special offers for them. You can enjoy with amazing ideas in this week, which are themed as a preparation of the autumn. Kids Anorak Jacket is only $19,99 in stores!

11 thoughts on “ALDI Special Buys Catalogue 16 – 22 Mar 2016”

  1. Hi Daniel, thankyou for your website, I use it all the time, as we don’t always get catalogue delivered here. But should there be new catalogues out today for coles and woolworhs? Thankyou

  2. Doris Baliviera

    Hi, Do you do, shop on line, I need things from your catalouge, but I dont drive and I need , to shop from home. if you do, shop on line, how do I get started. . Thanking you. Doris.

  3. annie Brookes

    hello, I am wanting to get two of the wardrobes that are in the catalogue for Saturday 7th May. I am wondering if I could get them on the Friday night before hand and will they be available in regional stores such as Wonthaggi

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