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In this page, you will be able to browse Anaconda Catalogue which is online publishing by Anaconda stores that retail sports products in Australia. They regularly publish catalogues with deals on essential equipment of popular outdoor sports. For instance, customers seek camping, hiking, biking, fishing and more products on the online catalogues. Therefore, you always have a wide range of products which you might probably be enthusiastic about if you are a fan of these outdoor activities. Anaconda can offer seasonal deals like summer sales since the number of people who go camping in summer is higher. Moreover, they offer a membership that is a way to save more on these products. Check out all catalogues including the current one in this page. Lowest price guarantee and high availability of this store can make outdoor activities even more fun with discounts.

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Anaconda Catalogue 4 - 15 Jul 2022

Anaconda Catalogue offers new deals on snow gear. Pay less for everything. Top brands of snow equipment, winter wear, jackets, and more are available in this catalogue. You can even save half on some products. In the front page, you have Cape, Cederberg, and more brands. Also, products like camp chairs are gonna be on sale until 15 Jul 2022. don't forget to buy durable shoes for tougher terrains. Hiker shoes are available on pg 4. Another thing you might wanna see is the product range of tent Read More...

Anaconda Catalogue Kayaks Jan 2020

Anaconda Catalogue Kayaks Jan 2020Enjoy the most beautiful waters of the world with some quality gear by Anaconda. Just visit pg 10 for the best kayak deals. 25-30% off paddles, pfds, kayak accessories this week. This is one of the best places to find a good deal on kayaks. You can also find club exclusive deals:

Tow tubes, beach chairs, shelters, inflatable products, and many more camping or kayaking products are available on the Anaconda Catalogue. Don't miss out these savings on your favorite activities.

Anaconda Catalogue Stocktake Sale 8 Jan - 27 Jan 2020

I don't know if this is a good time to set up a tent in the woods but Anaconda Catalogue has a nice stocktake sale where you can find tents, bikes, outdoor clothing, fishing products, etc. In fact, in case of the evacuation or an emergency run, these products may come in handy. Imagine you packed everything to leave the city or wherever you live. If some tents and sleeping bags are in your 4x4 car these will definitely be your lifesavers. Big backpacks are also available for 40% off prices. This is a great chance to stock up some of these items. There are also GPS and handheld navigation products. First aid kit is 20% off. Most products are useful in these days. Use Anaconda Catalogue not for your vacation this time but as a caution to the risk of leaving to go somewhere. Those portable fridges can also be helpful. You can stock up some food in there and portable products can use the power source of your car.

Maybe you want to leave the country for a few weeks for India or similar exotic place. If you do that, take some outdoor products with you. Generally speaking, this catalogue can be a good guide in many ways. Both saving your money and guiding you for what to buy to protect yourself in case of an emergency. Better safe than sorry.

Check out these items of Anaconda Catalogue Stocktake Sale:

Wanderer Magnitude 3v Dome Tent BCF, Anaconda Dec 2019

Dome tent is one of the popular items of outdoor stores like Anaconda and BCF. Naturally, people seek such products because it's time to go out. The first product of 3V Dome Tents is the Wanderer Magnitude 3v Dome Tent which is now on sale at BCF. You can browse the BCF Catalogue for such deals. Similarly, Anaconda Catalogue has good deals on tents, too. Not the same product is available at Anaconda but a very simile one is on sale. That one is called OZTrail Genesis 3V tent priced at $69.99. Both of them are on sale.

Wanderer Magnitude 3V Dome Tent - BCF - $87.99

You can buy the 3v Dome Tent here.  But firstly, let's see what it offers:

  • comfortable for 3 persons.
  • reliable sun protection
  • 5.1kg
  • large windows and ventilation
  • power cord management system
  • image source:

Wanderer Magnitude 3V Dome Tent Wanderer Magnitude 3V Dome Tent

It's a cool product for sure. And it's on sale right now. If you have only one little kid, this product might be suitable for you. But if you are looking for a cheaper one. Check out Anaconda deal on OZtrail Genesis 3V tent. The price of that tent is $69.99 right now. 

OZtrail Genesis 3V Tent:

  • D-Doors
  • carry bag
  • 3-person capacity
  • 3.9 kg
  • storage sack

Still, looking for alternatives? I have found the same product on Super Retail Commercial's site. But you get it via enquiry. I think if you have a business of retail, you can get this product on, too. One of their partners is BCF. And apparently, BCF got that product from them. You can find similar products on, too. Currently, Wanderer Magnitude 3V Dome Tent appears as sold out on it.

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