BCF Catalogue Gazebo Sale 31 Mar – 26 Apr 2020

BCF Catalogue Gazebo Sale 31 Mar - 26 Apr 2020Wanderer gazebos, portable tables, coolers, and other things to keep in your garden are available on BCF Catalogue. These products are on sale probably because of Autumn coming. You can buy heavy duty gazebos 35% off. 6x3m Gazebo will cost $499.99. But the club price is $324.99. Wanderer Classic 3x3m Gazebo is another product on the same page. It’s going to be $99.99 and that’s a $80 saving. To support your comfort, some accessories are also in the product range of BCF Catalogue Gazebo Sale 31 Mar – 26 Apr. Fridge/Freezer products are on the next page. If you are going for a trip into nature or your second house, these might come in handy. BCF is an expert on retailing these things. Popular brands, variety of portable freezers, and more are available on pg 5.

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