BCF Catalogue Kayaks 11 Feb – 3 Mar 2019

Browse the club prices of kayaks, tow, knee, ski, wake, and more products on the latest BCF Catalogue. See the 30% discount on All SUP’s kayaks. Glide fishing kayaks will cost $549 for club members. See all regular and club prices on pg 9. BCF sale of electronic fishing equipment is available on pg 10. Echomaps, GPS fishfinders, batteries, seats are all in the new product range of BCF. Don’t forget to see seats, holders, carpets and more products on pg 11. Ark jockey wheels will cost 20% lower with BCF Club price. Browse the catalogue for tents, too. If you like camping in nature, hanging out with friends and enjoying a couple of days far from the city, you might want to check out the latest deals on high-quality tents.

Club prices – Kayaks and more products:

Club prices – Fishing electronics:

In the latter pages of the BCF Catalogue, camping and touring sale is available. These are awesome products, and club members can find a really big deal on all of them. Moreover, you can subscribe to our site to get emails, notifications from your browser. Alternatively, follow our Facebook page to get these in your feed.

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