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BCF means boating, camping, and fishing and if you are an enthusiast of outdoor sports you can see tremendous amounts of savings on your favourite types of equipment for your sports activities. BCF Catalogue is viewable on this page. Read the posts about the deals on fishing equipment like fishing rods or camping tents. Many more categories including watersports, clothing for sports, and outdoor activities can be found in the catalogues.

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BCF can drop the prices seriously. With the latest catalogues, we can easily spot discounts on high-quality outdoor products. They have many good brands like Shimano, Daiwa, Penn Spinfisher, Savage Gear and many more. Moreover, you can find products for your 4WD and Caravans. Air compressors, electrical products, navigation and more parts of your vehicle can be cheaper this week on the latest BCF Catalogue. Usually, they include all three sports they are mostly retailing the products of. Even the smallest equipment can be a good save for you. Save on everything you will buy for your journeys. Another aspect of shopping at BCF is the Epic Club membership which can offer extra deals. Catalogues can also include such discounts for customers of BCF.

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BCF Catalogue Camping 7 - 24 Mar 2019

Use portable chairs, Wanderer tents, airbeds, sleeping bags, and more high-quality products during your journey. BCF provides a wide product range of portable chairs. Go to pg 3 for cool chairs that are comfortable and fairly priced. Create a cosy place to sleep and relax in nature. Professional advises by BCF will make this shopping easy for you. Save $300 on Wanderer 10P Goliath tent. Its price is now $249 only. Find Gazebos, sculptor shelter, sleeping bags, and discounts on all of them. Frostbite iceboxes, Gasmate adventurer single burner BBQ, and like-class items are among the new deals from BCF Catalogue. You can also find caravan covers in the catalogue. One of the highlights from this catalogue is the Wanderer tourer extreme 430 tent.

Fishing has its place, too. The finest of fishing rods, fishquest combos, swimbaits, also electronic products to assist you during your sport. Watersnake Ambus 65lb electric motor is only $649 at BCF. That's a Club price. Many more products are available in the catalogue. Browse the catalogue pages to see all of them. Follow our Facebook page or subscribe to the newsletter to get updates whenever a new one comes up.

BCF 3-Day Sale | Last Catalogue Deals

3-day sale offers are some price drops on outdoor gazebos, camping, marine radios, boating, fishing, apparels, and more. Get 20-50% off deals on these products. OzTrail deluxe gazebo and pavillion are among the bestsellers. Save $100 on Gazebo and save $180 on the pavillion. You can find lanterns, headlights, torch, and other kinds of light sources in the camping deals. Marine radios are also on sale. Buy GME GX700W VHF marine radio for only $224.99. These are the prices for club members. Join the club to get better prices than regular. Oils, batteries, Bluetooth speakers for boating are in the 3-day-sale range. The most important and highlighted offers of the fishing sale are the combo products. Penn defiance II surf combo, Abu Garcia pro max baitcaster combo is way cheaper than they normally are. Click on the image for the last catalogue. The deals below are not from this

You can also find a great range of apparels for outdoor activities in the BCF 3-day sale. A clearance sale of apparels such as slides, tees, aqua shoes, shorts, and many more clothing items are in the clearance sale. It's a very profitable sale and soon we'll also be browsing the new BCF Catalogue. Check out these top products:

  • OzTrail Deluxe Gazebo 3x3m $199 - club price
  • OzTrail Deluxe Pavillion 6x3m $419
  • Wanderer Kids' Tent Light Blue $14.99
  • Wanderer Hyperion Lantern $37.49


  • Century Deep Cycle N70T Battery $255.99
  • Gulf Outboard Oil 2 Stroke 4L $34.99
  • GME GX700W VHF Marine Radio $224.99 - club price
  • GME GX800W Handheld VHF Radio $229.99 - club price


  • Penn Prevail Surf Rod $199.20
  • Abu Garcia Veritas 3.0 Baitcaster Combo 5ft9in 4- $183.20 - club price
  • Penn Spinfisher Surf Combo $126.75 -club price
  • Penn Levelwind GT 340 Overhead Combo 5ft 6in 1 $161.25 - club price


  • Quiksilver Men's Amphibian Adjust Slide $29
  • Quiksilver men's simple tee $29
  • Crocs men's Modi sport slide $39
  • Quiksilver Kids' Syncro Reef Walker Aqua Shoes $19

BCF Catalogue Kayaks 11 Feb - 3 Mar 2019

Browse the club prices of kayaks, tow, knee, ski, wake, and more products on the latest BCF Catalogue. See the 30% discount on All SUP's kayaks. Glide fishing kayaks will cost $549 for club members. See all regular and club prices on pg 9. BCF sale of electronic fishing equipment is available on pg 10. Echomaps, GPS fishfinders, batteries, seats are all in the new product range of BCF. Don't forget to see seats, holders, carpets and more products on pg 11. Ark jockey wheels will cost 20% lower with BCF Club price. Browse the catalogue for tents, too. If you like camping in nature, hanging out with friends and enjoying a couple of days far from the city, you might want to check out the latest deals on high-quality tents.

Club prices - Kayaks and more products:

Club prices - Fishing electronics:

In the latter pages of the BCF Catalogue, camping and touring sale is available. These are awesome products, and club members can find a really big deal on all of them. Moreover, you can subscribe to our site to get emails, notifications from your browser. Alternatively, follow our Facebook page to get these in your feed.

BCF Catalogue Deals 11 Feb - 3 Mar 2019 | Fishing Rods

Exciting discounts on outdoor sports from BCF Catalogue that ends on 3 March are still available. You can browse great epic club member deals, too. Find top brands like Shimano, Jarvis Walker, Abu Garcia and Ugly Stik with 15-25% discount. Fishing rods are particularly important discounts from the catalogue. See them on pg 2-3 where club prices and deals that are better than half prices are featured discounts. BCF Catalogue is regularly updated digital publishing which shows interesting items for enthusiasts of outdoor activities like camping and fishing. These catalogues combine essentials and stable items. If you want to see the best offers by BCF on fishing rods of these popular brands, you can check out pg 2-5 which also covers tackle bags. All you need for a peaceful morning to fish can be purchased at BCF for fair values this month. Moreover, the catalogue has hooks, tackle kits, baits, great brands of outdoor clothing, surfing gear and more professional products. These are perfect products for those who love to hang out in nature.

These are some of the deals from fishing rods: