Big W Barbie Toys October 2019

You can get free books for kids at Big W. Barbie is celebrating the 60th year. They have some exclusive toys, special products, and new items in similar toy catalogues. Barbie is not the only brand with dolls. Find collectible toys, too. LOL Surprise! products are available on pg 3. Winter disco chalet is an online-only product. The price of the product is $399 this week. Dollhouse will be a $50 saving. Big W barbie dream house and more products are available in the first part.

Collectible toys including Lol Surprise:

Pet toys are getting more popular these days. There are plenty of brands with popular pet toys. One of them is Pets Alive. I think such toys are helping kids expand their imaginative world and inspire them to think outside of the box. My suggestion is that if you want to buy 10 toys for your kid during a year, make each one of them from different categories. Buy LEGO sets but also buy dollhouse. There is no reason you don’t buy a Hot Wheels race track. Also, action toys are nice motivation for kids to go outside. Diversity and variety are mostly useful things in childhood.

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