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Big W Catalogue is a good source of home products with price drops this week. Quilt cover, cushions, decorative accessories, and more including heaters for occasional tough conditions of winter nights. All are on sale at lower costs. Also, Big W prepared a list which shows premium quality pillows for different sleepers. Some like it cool, some like wool pillows. Hard and soft ones, special crafts and the quality to the limits.
I think it is important to beware of these items. Therefore, I would like to list the good products from the selection of Big W Catalogue. Although this is a good time to shop, I always warn customers about upcoming deals. However, in my opinion, this catalogue generates a sufficient pool of ideas for buyers of home items.

Find more quilts, heaters and other products on pg 9-11. You will realise that a lot of advantages are waiting for you in stores of Big W.


Feeling of a brand new home product is a pleasing one. In fact, you always need to renew things regarding health issues. Especially your bedroom, particularly when things are not taken care of very well.

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