Big W Catalogue Bedroom Furniture 9 – 22 August 2018

A coffee table completes the most comfortable part of your home. This has a storage underneath and black metal frame that match its wooden surface perfectly. Besides, Big W Catalogue home sale can offer you bookcase, perfect storage for other stuff and more on pg 2-3. Sheet sets, blockout eyelet curtains and more. Those blockout curtains are an absolute solution if you like to sleep in day. The sleep is inefficient when you are exposed to sunlight even through your curtains. Buy a black blockout curtain to cover wherever you sleep.

Bedroom products like comforter sets, sheet sets, pillows and more are available on pg 4-5.

Tontine pillows are the classic of all bedroom sales in these catalogues. Big W sells Tontine pillows at affordable prices on pg 6. Check out all these items to improve the quality of your sleep and daily life.

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